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Binary Dolls

Seesaw Sunday Nights CD

Binary Dolls is a three person band from Portland, kicking out wicked, danceable tunes, with well- researched and fact-checked lyrics. Nick Jaina pounds out hearty notes on his Fender-Rhodes keyboard while singing and playing bass pedals and trumpet, wild-haired and sociable drummer Paul Alcott has energy that can't be contained by his lithe body, and guitarist Matt Dabrowiak scrapes at the outer-reaches of melody. Binary Dolls revel in the struggle of music: the struggle between player and instrument, between talent and pretension, between band and genre. Seesaw Sunday Nights is their first album, a hushed ten song study of violence. Organs, trumpets, and drum machines battle with radio samples on this delicate recording. "Nick Jaina's strong suit is his lyrics. They come in torrents, a scattershot of images that target his subject matter in an oblique, impressionist fashion. No, he's not a candidate to write the great American novel, but he does paint intriguing word pictures--laced with the darker hues of death, drunkenness and ennui." -- Sacramento News & Review "Binary Dolls deserve applause for making conscious strides towards switching up the standard, palatable elements of pop music." --Portland Mercury
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