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We Hate the President 7"

Narnack is first to release xbxrx in its new incarnation! xbxrx relocated from New Orleans leaving behind Mr. Quinton and joining the many fine Bay Area rockers. xbxrx is for punks who can't control their hips or their mouths. It's manic motion mayhem and for fans of the ridiculous. Chicago legend, Weasel Walter of Flying Luttenbachers is playing drums with bloody palm fury. xbxrx now incorporate Paul Costuros from Total Shutdown (on Thurston Moore's label Ecstatic Peace, KID 606's label Tigerbeat 6 and Ben the Janitor's label Load Records) and Murder Murder. xbxrx retain that southern fried fucked upness with a positive spin. It's social revolution na na na...with the Brothers of Love Chris Touchton (KIT, De Hawnay Troof) and Steve Touchton (Snowsuit, Lil Pocketknife) you'll walk away with love in yr heart and blood in yr nose...Goodbye Georgie Porgie. Limited Run of one-sided Clear Red Vinyl.
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