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Your Neu Favourite Band CD

Narnack Records is squealing with joy to present X27's first full-length label release. Infamous within the Chicago underground, X27's trajectory and sound harkens early Sonic Youth. X27 employs unorthodox tunings and avoids common riffs. Luckily for Narnack Records, X27 moved their labs from Chicago to Brooklyn, New York. X27 is currently a three-piece headed by the dynamic duo of Chicago legends Rikkeh Suhtn on Electric Guitar and Boy Voice and Carmen X on Bass and Girl Voice. In the mid-nineties Rikkeh led the Chicago No-Wave pioneers Duotron into explorations of microtonal and polyrhythmic pop music that blurred idiot with brilliance. In X27, Rikkeh re-creates the prehistoric haunted swamp feel of his childhood homeland in Mississippi with catchy pop hooks. Carmen's twisted vocals and Sub-sonic tidal waves on bass drown the screams of childhood ghosts and rips a gash in the human psyche. Instinct takes over, time is obsolete...past present and future become one. Current drummer is simply known as Drummer X. X (Oran Cannfield of seminal, experimental band Caroliner, and avant- metal band Dig That Body Up It's Alive) pounds with more ferocity than a wooly mammoth running across cracking continents. Together, the three members of X27 spew caveman mojo with screeching sound-these orgasmic blasts ripping thru metallic skies boasting futuristic electric fear. X27 put their listeners in a primordial genius state of mind where they're reduced to single cell ooze, dividing and splitting and dividing again with each splintering note. X27's brutal assault weeds out the weak and only the strongest survive. Fans will crawl away from the speakers battered, bruised and naked but more alive than ever before.
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