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THE KING COBRA'S self-titled debut hisses, trills and grinds in an epic sweep, from prog to no wave to metal via found-sound artscape, through 6 songs of histrionic anti-gravity. Kwo's squalling guitar, Rachel Carns' portentious drums & Tara Jane O'Neil's precision bass descend like demon spawn from the cliffs, launching sonic assaults that are at once shocking and resonant. Add shape-shifting vocals, improbable timing, creepy organ and bold harmonic rejoinders, and you have the makings of an amazing first record. We here at Troubleman are extremely pleased and honored to release the debut by one of the best bands around these days! Bassist Tara Jane O'Neil is a former member of RODAN, RETSIN and THE SONORA PINE, as well as a revered solo artist and illustrator. Drummer Rachel Carns was previously in THE NEED and KICKING GIANT and has been an electric presence in independent music for nearly a decade. She is a graphic artist and a notable composer, penning the scores to groundbreaking rock opera The Transfused and Dr. Frockrocket.
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