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School of Ettiquette CD

This cool San Francisco all-girl band manufactures a seductive blend of pop/new-wave ala early CURE, SLEATER KINNEY, SIOUXSIE & the BANSHEES and JOY DIVISION, while remaining true to its punk-rock roots. Formed in 2001, BOYSKOUT began when singer/guitarist LESLIE SATTERFIELD (also an independent movie director who's responsible for the band's videos) and drummer CARRIE WALKER MILLS were offered a show opening for The NEED. Three weeks later BOYSKOUT was making a speedy ascent into the SF music scene; singer/keyboard player CHINA LAJCZOK and bassist HANNAH REIFF would later join in. The band has shared bills with SHONEN KNIFE, BABYLAND, The EVENING, The HUSBANDS, PATSY, TEGAN & SARA, GLASS CANDY & The SHATTERED THEATRE, The VANISHING, PANSY DIVISION, The CUTS, The KILLERS, and VERONICA LIPGLOSS to just name a few. Their songs range from tight dark pop ditties --rock 'n roll goes dancing-- to synth-driven ballads and eerily compelling tales of self-expression. "School Of Etiquette" is a truly great debut not to be missed.
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