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Yah Mos

Undefeated CD

THE YAH MOS Undefeated LP/CD is here. This began in 1995-'96, twenty releases ago, when THE YAH MOS (members of OUT HUD and !!!) met secretly with Gern Blandsten and agreed to do a record. Winning every live competition against JAWBREAKER, SPITBOY, MANUMISSION, ANTIOCH ARROW, NATIVE NOD, CURRENT, to name a few, they decided to put their title on the line. With this, their last recorded material before they all died of mysterious circumstances, they prove that they own the title of Undefeated It is rumored that all the bands they destroyed live conspired against them ending in their curious and gruesome deaths. It is obvious that with THE YAH MOS out of the picture the floor would be open to other acts. THE YAH MOS weren't an act, they were a machine. Sunny Sindicut Records recognized their power in 1993 and released the Right On 7' record. Realizing that it was sink or swim, kill or be killed, Recess Records formed an alliance with THE YAH MOS in 1994 and released the second YAH MOS 7" record. But not until now did the people, you people, have the chance to experience what some have tried to keep buried for so long. This record is amazing.
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