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Wannadies, The

Before & After CD

Finally a domestic release for The Wannadies' new album! Originally released in 2002 in Sweden, and 2003 in the UK, 'Before & After' is the 6th proper album by The Wannadies from Skellefteċ, Sweden - a band rightly credited for launching the Swedish alternative rock scene. A real treasure in the Swedish pop/rock scene on par with the country's most popular bands (Soundtrack Of Our Lives, The Cardigans, Kent, The Caesars), the quintet's closest American analog would be the Pixies, only The Wannadies have continued to release terrific records throughout the years! 'Before & After' is an album in two parts, starts out with the "early evening ramp up" and ends with the "wee hours chill out". NME writes:"Another sunburst of perfect slinky pop... It's a throwback to 1996. To a world of glamorous indie pop... The Wannadies remind us of what used to be - and what could be again. Pop doesn't have to be an anodyne experience. Sometimes it should bite your head off. It's nothing you haven't heard before, it's just sheer exhilarating pop music." As if an awesome album wasn't enough...this CD is enhanced with four videos: "Skin", "Piss on You", and "Little By Little" (a dance-umentary featuring Maurice Colon aka Adam Buxton from the BBC-TV's "The Adam and Joe Show"), plus another "Little By Little" (band & friends), additional bonus material: Wannadies desktop wallpaper, biography, photographs, etc.
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