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Nagisa Ni Te

Songs for a Simple Moment CD

"Songs For A Simple Moment was conceived as a retrospective of the music of Shinji Shibayama and the two great groups he has lead - The Hallelujahs (1985/88), and since 1992, Nagisa Ni te, a co-venture with his partner, Masako Takeda. These two projects, alongside Shibayama's sterling work for the legendary Osaka based label ORG (Maher Shalal Hash flaz, Naoki Zushi) place him absolutely at the vanguard of a type of Japanese Music which is sometimes referred to as folk-psyche. The Shibayama (and Takeda) variation is particularly beautiful, characterised by honesty and emotional nakedness, and by complex melodic structures and fragile vocals, which often give away to incredible soaring guitar solos. In Japan, Nagisa Ni te's music is on the ascendence and a new album, Feel, has just been released. At a time when interest in the Japanese underground is at an all-time High, Geographic are proud to present the stunning music of Nagisa Ni te, an extremely collectable Japanese psyche-folk group. Nagisa Ni te's music is as pure as a secret water spring; enchanted, free-flowing and beautiful. So placing them isn't easy, but what they share with groups like (their friends and collaborators) Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Belle & Sebastian and God Speed You Black Emperor!, is a purity of intent which makes their out-of-nowhere music suddenly seem really important. To take those comparisons further, melodically, you could say Nagisa Ni te are often as memorable as songs on the first two Belle & Sebastian albums, while their uncompromised pursuit of truth, and their love of heavy sounds, relates to Maher and God Speed You Black Emperor! (whose 'leader', Efrim, is a fan). The LP version of this retrospective is on double vinyl in a beautiful gatefold sleeve."
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