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The Summer of the Lion, The Summer of the Lamb CD

After three brilliantly melodic full-length records, a handful of seven-inch releases, several tours crisscrossing them through the forty-eight mainland states, showcasing their talents on stages in and outside of Tokyo, receiving both written praise and a compilation appearance in CMJ, even having a record shop in Japan name itself after frontman, Eric Rottmayer's solo project, Metronome, Tiara is proud to announce the upcoming November release of their latest recording sessions, their newest and best album to date, The Summer of the Lion, the Summer of the Lamb. Tiara began in 1995. The band formed in order to play the songs that Eric Rottmayer had been recording on his four-track cassette recorder. With a few friends, including guitarist and future bassist Brian Freshour, Freshour's brother Craig (who would leave a few years later) and the steady rhythms of Brian Moore, Tiara recorded a debut record, Calling the Whales which was released on Hub City Records, out of Maryland. After stints of opening for such national acts as Modest Mouse and 764-HERO Matt Leaver signed on to play second guitar, keys, vocals, and to eventually split songwriting duties with Rottmayer. Tiara's second full-length, Again Cast In, was released on Columbus, Ohio's Anyway Records in 2000. At this time, the band befriended Silver Scooter from Austin, TX, and the two combined forces to set out on a 3 week tour that would take them through Texas, California, up to Washington state and back to the Mid-West. While in Texas, Tiara was approached by Osamu Nakai of Noo Records who offered to license their next two records and bring them to Tokyo to introduce them to their newly found Japanese fans. With the newly found money and excitement, the band built their own studio to record their third album, Titletron. Released in 2002 on Grand Theft Autumn (Parasol Records) out of Champaign, IL, this album allowed them the chance to again tour the East Coast and southern states. Titletron was positively reviewed in the CMJ trade journal, and a song was included on the CMJ monthly compilation CD. After recording several new songs at Diamond Mine Studios with Engineer Jason White last autumn, Tiara lost Matt Leaver who decided to leave the band to pursue life in NYC. Eric Kang of the Emerald Down joined the band and brought his amazing guitar tone along with him. With Kang in tow, Tiara laid to tape the newest collection of songs within the confines of their own home studio. In July 2003, the band headed into Relay Recording with Engineer Jon Fintel to put the finishing touches to the collection and to record one last song, the infectious "Drawings". Their fourth full length balances the intimate feel of songs like "Something Good To Come" with the sonic charge of tracks like "Day By Day".
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