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Third Rail

ID Music LP

In 1967, master of Bubblegum Joey Levine had started writing with Artie("Under The Boardwalk") and Kris Resnick....a collaboration that was to produce practically every song in the Bubblegum genre.....but the spirit of the age, they produced their masterwork....The 3rd Rail "Id Music" An orchestral psychedelic adventure into denunciation of the advertising fuelled culture of 1960's of the most pointed barbs "Run, Run, Run" was incredibly a hit single....known by everyone as a highlight of Lenny Kaye's seminal "Nuggets" album, and leads off this redone and intensified Revola classic. The sound of Superpop advertising jingles biting the hand that fed them....featuring the full album, single mixes, and the impossibly rare follow up singles, which just got more and more wicked, though in theory, still impossibly commercial! This is one of the most unusual protest records of the 1960's, attacking the enemy from the inside with it's own weapons....and doing it better!....and a beautiful sounding record to boot!
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