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Cool as Ice: The Be Music Dojo Productions CD

LTM are proud to present COOL AS ICE, a compilation of stone classic old school 80's electro and dance cuts produced by Be Music, the tag used by all four members of New Order. The set will be available both on CD and as a limited DJ friendly double vinyl set. Largely produced between 1983 and 1984 for release on Factory Records and Factory Benelux, the full tracklist runs thus: 52nd STREET CAN'T AFFORD (TO LET YOU GO) 6.50 SECTION 25 LOOKING FROM A HILLTOP 8.07 * MARCEL KING REACH FOR LOVE 5.25 * QUANDO QUANGO LOVE TEMPO 6.58 52nd STREET COOL AS ICE 7.25 * PAUL HAIG THE ONLY TRUTH 7.02 * QUANDO QUANGO ATOM ROCK 6.42 * NYAM NYAM FATE/HATE 8.03 LIFE TELL ME 3.04 THICK PIGEON BABCOCK + WILCOX 3.43 SECTION 25 BEATING HEART 5.02 BE MUSIC THEME 3.04 Please note that those tracks marked with an asterisk* were co-produced by Be Music (Bernard Sumner) and DoJo (Donald Johnson, of A Certain Ratio). Nyam Nyam and the Be Music Theme were produced by Peter Hook, and Life and Thick Pigeon by Steve Morris and Gillian Gilbert. Several of these tracks, including Love Tempo, Looking From a Hilltop and Cool As Ice remain influential club classics, and have been extensively sampled and bootlegged. Several years before the great house explosion, with their own Hacienda club still empty every single night, yet way (too far?) ahead of their time, four guys and a girl from Manchester produced a whole bunch of pure sonic magic which made waves worldwide. Listen to these crucial cuts by 52nd Street, Quando Quango, Section 25, Paul Haig and the late Marcel King, and marvel that the civil list has not yet rewarded their endeavours. The album has been digitally remastered and runs for 74 minutes. The vinyl version will be limited to just 1000 copies.
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