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Boy Robot

Glamorizing Corporate Lifestyle CD

"It had to happen. Imagine two successful solo artists, Michael Zorn and Hans Möller (used to be a member of the highly successful swedish project Boulderdash), just happening to meet at work in Berlin and realising that they share not only an interest in music, but, more specifically, a love for that particular tinge of electronic music that finds itself surrounded by a dubby effervescance. The 10 tracks on board manage to encapsulate and disect a pool of sub-generic ideas that scarcely make an appearance on a single body of work, perfectly fusing the musical signatures that each artist has perfected over the course of the last few years. From an unfolding rigid digital riddim that Mr Zorn structures so well, a cascae of twilight melodies weaving itself in and out of the ride to a ballearic vibe that seems deliciously out of place, like a tranquilised, late night version of post-rave blues. If you're familiar with the work of both of them, you will be instantly aware of the magic at play. Over the last couple of years, Zorn has aquired a reputation for deep technoid tracks, focusing on complex rhythms. Möller fits perfectly into that image, adding his own vision of percussive structure and melodies, playing the melodica and the kalimba imbuing the whole album with a more acoustic edge."
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