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Blue Orchids

The Greatest Hit CD

Following on from the success of our two Blue Orchids CDs earlier this year (The Sleeper, From Severe to Serene), LTM are pleased to announce a new studio album plus the first CD release of their classic album The Greatest Hit, which topped the indie charts in the UK on release in 1981. Formed by creative lynchpin Martin Bramah and Una Baines after the pair left The Fall in 1979, the Blue Orchids released a string of classic singles on the Rough Trade label, including Disney Boys, Work and the Agents of Change ep, as well as the classic album The Greatest Hit in 1981. The following year the group disbanded, but later returned with several classy singles and a second album, The Sleeper. The LTM edition includes all ten album tracks, together with nine bonus tracks taken from contemporary singles and eps. These include Work, Disney Boys, The Flood and the Long Night Out. Album highlights include Sun Connection, Dumb Magician, Low Profile, Bad Education and A Year With No Head. Also included is an ultra rare version of All Tomorrow's Parties, performed by Nico and produced by the legendary Martin Hannett. Between 1981 and 1982 the Blue Orchids frequently performed as Nico's backing band, and guitarist Rick Goldstraw and drummer Toby appear on this recording. Reviews: "A deceptive band whose songs have a way of stalking you" (Uncut, 3/03); "They have dated incredibly well. The grimy Dickensian pop of Work and laconically catchy Bad Education should surely have troubled the charts" (Q, 4/03); "Essentially what's rehearsed on The Greatest Hit is the 90s slacker ethos, the sheer thrill of their ramshackle trance-rock" (Uncut, 1/02); "One of the best albums we're likely to hear all year" (NME, 1981). This digitally remastered set runs for 74 minutes. The booklet includes detailed sleevenotes and the original album artwork. Online: Also available: From Severe to Serene (BBC Sessions) (LTMCD 2354) The Sleeper (LTMCD 2340) Mystic Bud (forthcoming) (LTMCD 2374).
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