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Audio Noir CD

Octavius has strived to perfect his stunning amalgam of hip hop, electronic and avant-rock music in the San Francisco underground over the past four years. This dedication has culminated in his Mush full-length release Audio Noir. Serving as somewhat of a departure from the beats and noise frenzy that ignited a buzz around his 2001 work with 4AM, the new release looks to establish Octavius as a purveyor of even more elaborate territories of sound. Experimental freak-outs collide with classic song structures, tension and attitude give way to raw vulnerability, and Octavius's vocal and production techniques are employed to unnerving effect. Audio Noir adds previously missing darkness and edge to the Mush catalog in a way that overwhelms, thrills, and astonishes in equal measure. Octavius is the highly acclaimed hip hop / electronic project masterminded by vocalist / programmer William Marshall. Working under various incarnations, Octavius has released two limited issue EPs and a single, leading to his Mush debut, Audio Noir. His approach to developing sound employs augmented samples, live instruments, and software-based editing techniques, allowing the creation of music limited only by his imagination. An accomplished live performer, Octavius adds live keyboards, guitars, and drums as needed to elevate his sound. His music ranges from subtle ambience to explosive rage; decidedly far-reaching and brimming with tension, it is impossible to ignore its sense of urgency.
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