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Pernice Brothers

Overcome by Happiness CD

The ironic title gives no clue to the overwhelmingly melancholic tone of this disc (the title track's lyric is; "You don't feel so overcome by happiness.") Yet, for a release on Sub-Pop, who must bear the onus of spearheading the grunge movement, this record is a surprising tidal wave of pop. That's "pop" as in "songs you must sing along with the very first time you hear them." Sleepy pop. Dreamy pop. So dreamy, in fact, that some of the songs, like dew on the lawn, threaten to evaporate into the air ("Sick Of You.") The Pernice Brothers are backed up by an orchestra and led by Joe Pernice's breathy, wistful vocals. And some of these hooks will stay with you long after the disc has stopped spinning. So dive into something soft and fluffy, but please listen responsibly; due to the sequencing of the most sedate songs at the end of the record, it is ill advised to operate heavy machinery while listening to this disc.
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