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The Boy Has Gone Away CD

Limited edition digipak pressing of 1500! The new single from aberdeen brings them back to life with three new songs to rescue your broken heart! Featuring two new songs: The straight up guitar pop of 'the boy has gone away' followed by the moody melencholy of 'miss you now you're gone' with (written mostly by johnny who brought us 'cities & cities & buses' and the upbeat ' sunny in california ' sunny in california ') is is rounded out by an oversung cover of the Field Mice classic 'emma's house' by john. The difference between this and the last album is it's less about perfection and more about aberdeen just trying to do our part to keep pop music exciting. Released just 5 months from when they set out to record in March, it's a quicky by aberdeen standards indeed! Says john aberdeen: "The single is not in any preperation for any new album, it's just us getting back to what we know and do best. Singles. The by and large of it was recorded and mixed straight off the board the old fashion way, and gets us to a little bit more of an 'immediate' sound. It was recorded during beth's last visit after an extended stay for SXSW as a sort of experiment in maintaining a recording schedule in a band divided by a continent! It is the first in a probably two part series that will see us doing the next one in an entirely different fashion: mostly home digital recording flying dats across to the UK for beth to record in another studio, being mixed there, here or both, depending on who's involved..."
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