Happy Mother's Day! We have a sweet link to the latest KDViations: the programming guide of KDVS in Davis, CA (a lovely radio station where Dan and Heather used to host a weekly show). The latest issue has a swell article by Ian Cameron titled The Ghost of Shoegaze Past, and features tidbits from Dan and Susan, as well as several Clairecords artists. You can read it here!
Apologies for much silence the past few months. The economy may have us in a funk, but we are still here. Here's some back issues of some newsletters: January '09, February '09, March '09, and April '09 are now available for your reading enjoyment. A suitable amount of material for printing, binding, and putting next to the crapper!

In other big news, our friends The Daysleepers have a very exciting promotion for the next two weeks on their album Drowned in a Sea of Sound, as it will be part of iTunes' "Next Big Thing" feature from (approximately) May 10th - 23rd (give or take a few days on either end). We'll attempt to post pertinent details as they become available.

Lastly, in other hot news, Autodrone was featured in the hot-off-the-presses Urb Magazine for their annual Hot 100 feature. You can check the issue in its entirety online here.

November / December newsletter is up with all the low down on our big, big end of year sale! Get 'em while they're hot!
Happy Post-Election day! We've got some hot new releases out (stage right) and a new newsletter up with the goings on in the Clairelaxy.

Also bands and fans, please bare with us as we expand certain aspects of the site to accommodate the influx of goodness we've been kicking out. Some change to the architecture is in order, so we're rounding up the doozers and trying to keep the fraggles at bay...

Clairecords/CMJ page

Our mission to mess with Texas long completed, we at Clairecords are about to show the Big Apple what time it is. Yep, you read that right. Not one, not two, but FIVE of our bands in one place at one time! Throw your underwear at them! Treat us to alcoholic libations of every stripe! Spend every penny of your hard-earned cash padding your music library at our merch table! It’s on like Donkey Kong, and we couldn’t be more excited. Did we mention complimentary vodka and sparks? We’re of the ardent belief that you can’t go wrong with free booze and pyrotechnic devices, and our long-awaited CMJ debut will be no exception.


Lit Lounge
93 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003
(212) 777-7987

8:00 park avenue music by hearts + horses 8:40 Averkiou 9:20 Ifwhen 10:00 Autodrone 10:40 The Brother Kite (Times may be subject to change)

The husband and wife team of Wes Steed and Jeannette (Juju) Faith first came together as PARK AVENUE MUSIC in 1997 to produce something that would make them feel alive. Over a decade later, they’ve morphed into HEARTS + HORSES, and added a cellist, programming and homemade modular synthesizers to create textural beds of rhythm and noise. The duo’s last outing, park avenue music by hearts + horses, arrived April 8. Connect with Wes and Juju at www.heartshorses.com.

Inspired by everyone from Ride and Guided By Voices to Teenage Fanclub and Wire, Gainesville, FL’s AVERKIOU is one of the most intriguing new bands to emerge from the depths of the turgid Southeast, and their recent appearance at Athens PopFest attracted more than a few new devotees. AVERKIOU will deliver their debut recording, Throwing Sparks, Nov. 11. Get acquainted with the band at myspace.com/averkiou.

You very likely remember Big Apple melody makers IFWHEN from their startling We Will Gently Destroy You, which we regaled you with last November. More recently, they issued their long-awaited split 12-inch collaboration with Dälek via our Claire’s Echo vinyl offshoot. Catch up with IFWHEN at www.ifwhen.com

New York’s AUTODRONE will issue their Clairecords debut, Strike a Match, on Nov. 11, and it’s already attracting attention more than two months before its release. As Delusions of Adequacy’s Jon Gordon wrote, “Right from the imposing combination of thudding drumbeat and guitar blizzard that is the intro to first and title track ‘Strike A Match,’ it is quite obvious that this NY quartet are a force to reckon with.” Meet the band at myspace.com/autodrone .

THE BROTHER KITE is in the midst of working on their third studio full-length, which they hope to release sometime next year. Track the as-yet-untitled album’s progress via their Myspace outpost, located at myspace.com/thebrotherkite. In the meantime, a crystal-clear copy of their new acoustic split 7-inch with Plumerai is waiting for you at tonevendor.com .

So there you go. We can’t wait, and we know you can’t either. In the meantime, why not visit our spiffy new CMJ page at http://www.clairecords.com/cmj/ for downloadable audio files and additional details?

New newsletter is up.

Also we'd like to welcome these bands to our roster! Averkiou, Autodrone, Guitar and Raymond Scott Woolson.

May's newsletter is out.
New release from Pia Fraus, the Daysleepers debut and a limited vinyl/cdr release of the brother kite's waiting for the time to be right are now available through tonevendor.
March/April newsletter is up for your viewing pleasure.
Happy Super Tuesday! Read all about it here.
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Lock up your liquor cabinets, stock up on earplugs and hide your distortion pedals, because Clairecords will be making another rip-roarin’ appearance at South By Southwest! It’ll be our second go at the liquored-up, laquered-down, tinnitus-plagued sonic bacchanalia that is the annual South By Southwest festival and conference, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.


Secret Shine’s next outing of shoegaze shock-and-awe, ‘All of the Stars’, will be hitting a music emporium near you April 4; it’s their first full-length since 1993’s ‘Untouched.’ Labelmates Tears Run Rings (whose debut for our esteemed label, ‘Always, Sometimes, Seldom, Never,’ also arrives April 4) will accompany the Shinees on a rare tour canvassing the great American Midwest. Secret Shine will be making an acoustic appearance at End of an Ear and join labelmates The Brother Kite at our official showcase

SECRET SHINE appearances below:

03/13/08 End of an Ear (2:00 pm in-store)
2209 South First Street
(512) 462-6008
Don’t forget to stick around for Shining and the Radar Bros.!)

03/13/08 Habana Calle 6 (9:00pm; SXSW showcase)
709 E. Sixth Street
(512) 443-4752
w/ Jenny Hoyston's Paradise Island and Bellafea (both Southern Records folk), Gold Standard Laboratories noiseniks Anavan and the Portuguese foursome Bildmeister.


The Pride of Providence (that’s THE BROTHER KITE to you) are planning to head back to the studio later this month to break ground on their third studio LP and follow-up to 2006’ ‘Waiting for the Time to Be Right,’ which Pitchfork graced with an impressive 7.6 rating. Read Northeast Performer’s sordid expose on the band here: performer mag

THE BROTHER KITE (and most importantly, where to find them at SXSW):

03/13/08 Habana Calle 6 (8:00pm; SXSW showcase)
709 E. Sixth Street
(512) 443-4752
w/ Jenny Hoyston's Paradise Island and Bellafea (both Southern Records folk), Gold Standard Laboratories noiseniks Anavan and the Portuguese foursome Bildmeister.

03/15/08 The Music Gym & Lounge (3pm; Outdoor Stage)
815 East 6th Street
w/ Plumerai, Tia Carrera, The Koreans, The Unbearables + more
music gym lounge

So there it is. We can’t wait, and we know you can’t either. Enjoy your stay in the capital city of the Lone Star state, eat at Cisco’s, respect the locals, avoid the Marisco Grill unless unspeakable gastronomic toil is your idea of a good time, tip your friendly bartenders, remember where a.) your badge b.) your room key and c.) your pants are at all times, and remember: What happens in Austin stays in Austin!

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