:: a brief history lesson ::
Clairecords was always a dream of mine, which I didn't really think to put into action until early 1996. I thought of how great it would be to release a compilation of my favorite bands - simple, yes. But when you really, REALLY think about this and you haven't before, it seems so brilliant. I mean, you're putting out the best possible comp. the world will have ever seen, you know? So I sent out those letters in January/February of 1997. And to my vast surprise, I only got one (very polite) decline. Not too shabby! And if you are keeping track, you know that Solutions and Remedies didn't come out until Summer, 1998! So yes, it does take quite a long time to arrange a compilation with many bands.

I'm rambling here, aren't I? Sorry about that. Flash back to 1996 if you will. This is where the heart of clairecords, in theory, begins. My friend Josh and I had decided to start up an internet mailorder. But what to call this? Well, he had released a record of his own bands, and called his label Leon! Records (after his cat), and I always wanted a label called Clairecords. Why? Well...I really don't know. I just think the name Claire has to be the greatest name ever invented. And that's about it. Afterward, Andrew Mahogany mentioned that "Clair" means "clear" in French..."clear records"...nice! Oh, by the way, the mailorder was called Claire de Leon! (See links page)

That's about all for the history of clairecords...it's ever evolving of course. I'll probably type more here in the future, but for now, this should suffice. If you have a question about the label, of course give me an e-mail!

Compiled by Dan of CDL fame

Clairecords is distributed worldwide by:

NAIL (www.naildistribution.com)
toneVENDOR (www.tonevendor.com/distro)
Revolver (www.midheaven.com)
Carrot Top / CTD, Ltd. (www.ctdltd.com)
Darla (www.darla.com)