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Weekly update list for Tonevendor Mailorder. We will inform you of all items that have come in stock during the past week. Updates generally go out each Friday morning. Also may be used occasionally for special anouncements (such as sales, reminding you we are on vacation, etc.)

Privacy Policy:

Please note that Tonevendor never has, does not, and never will, sell or distribute any email address or personal information about any of our customers. We are not jerks. We love you. And we think that spam and any sort of stuff that wastes your time is just disgusting.


  1. Tonevendor Update for 06/21/2013
    Sent June 21st 2013

    (Mailing list info at the end of this message.) Happy first day of summer! Yes, you are correct - we are rolling out the first official Tonevendor Mailing List update since we have opened our new shop in St. Augustine, FL. It's beautiful here in downtown...

  2. Tonevendor Update for 04/12/2013
    Sent April 12th 2013

    (Mailing list info at the end of this message.) Howdy, folks. I know, you are like "...whaaaaat?? Tonevendor still exists??" - well, of course we do! Things have just been so crazy for the last year, that we haven't had time to keep up with the weekly u...

  3. Tonevendor Update for 03/26/2012
    Sent March 26th 2012

    (Mailing list info at the end of this message.) Wow, you haven't heard from us in a month!! That must mean we have been sitting around doing nothing, right? Haha! Nothing further from the truth - just check out all the bountiful booty below. Cheers! Dan ...

  4. Tonevendor Update for 02/24/2012
    Sent February 24th 2012

    (Mailing list info at the end of this message.) Hey everyone, It's spring again! And you know what that means. Besides being time for Biz Markie to fall in love, it's also time for the SAVANNAH RECORD FAIR! It will be taking place at the Student Center o...

  5. Tonevendor Update for 02/17/2012
    Sent February 17th 2012

    (Mailing list info at the end of this message.) Hi Folks, Incredible volume of top-notch stuff is in this week, including loads of essential restocks. Get on board, step inside.... Dan ** ATTENTION RECORD SHOPS! THIS UPDATE LIS...

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