Date: April 12th 2013

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Howdy, folks.

I know, you are like "...whaaaaat?? Tonevendor still exists??" - well, of course we do! Things have just been so crazy for the last year, that we haven't had time to keep up with the weekly updates. But those of you who are astute, loyal customers will know that our website is kept fresh with new arrivals all the time, so visiting that has been your best bet for instant satisfaction. That said, we have lots of exciting news to share:

1) Tonevendor is opening another retail shop! Last time we had a retail store was from 2003-2005 in Sacramento, CA. Now, we are opening up on the other coast -- the store will be located at 81D King Street in beautiful, downtown historic St. Augustine, Florida - the nation's oldest city. Opening weekend will be Memorial Day weekend, and we are truly excited. We hope you will have a chance to come visit us in person!

2) We have regained control of our mysterious Facebook page. If you are not connected to us on Facebook, you will soon be missing out on lots of good updates and news! We haven't been using it too much yet, but that will all change once the shop opens, as we will undoubtedly be posting regular daily or semi-daily updates on stock inventory, shop happenings, contests, news, and more. Please click the ol' "like" button at our Facebook page. Need a link? There it is at the bottom, but are all those numbers at the end really necessary? Apparently so. If it don't work for you, you know how to search, right? Good.

3) We'd like your feedback on this email update list. I plan to scale it back to keep things simple - a once-weekly update with a simple list of new and restock items for that week. No lengthy descriptions, no bells, no whistles - just a basic text list to browse. Do you think this is good or bad? Would you prefer to see cover images? Links to click to immediately add items to your cart? Do you need those product descriptions? Let us know.

4) Records! Lots of 'em. But what about CDs, you say? Well, we get those too, occasionally, but to be honest, it's just tough to tell how many - if any - CDs we will sell anymore. That said, if you are one of those who prefer the CD format, and have been disappointed by our shift to vinyl, please give us some feedback too. We ALWAYS do special orders, and preorders as well. If there's something coming up that you want us to get for you, the best way is to let us know! Then we can get it for you fairly quickly, you can buy from us, and we will all be very happy.

I guess that's about it. I hope you are as excited as we are that things will be back in full gear again very soon. Thanks for being there for us, and with us.

Team Tonevendor

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