Date: February 17th 2012

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Incredible volume of top-notch stuff is in this week, including loads of essential restocks.

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A CRAZE-Such Bliss CD (Fastcut-$16.99)
Japanese import. "Back in 1983/84, Paul Weller’s Respond label was shunned by all but a few die-hard fans who astutely perceived the label as a logical extension of the ex-Jam frontman’s adventures with The Style Council. During Respond’s second incarnation, the label tasted minor success with both Tracie and The Questions. Its brightest hopes, however, were arguably A Craze, a duo formed by Chris Free (previously with punk band The Users) with singer Lucy Loquette. A Craze’s only single, the serene, Weller-produced Wearing Your Jumper (backed by the haunting She Is So), attracted positive reviews; their only additional recording, Keeping The Boys Amused, graced a Respond sampler LP, Love The Reason.
A Craze have remained a best-kept secret ever since. Such Bliss finally unravels their full story with 15 recordings, including their Respond 45 (but bizarrely not that sampler track), alongside a raft of demos, abandoned recordings and two brand new songs. Within the CD’s stylish design, A Craze are correctly compared to Everything But The Girl, Weekend and Carmel. To these ears, Too Tight (a jazzy reworking of their single) also provokes comparisons with Swing Out Sister, while One Voice One Soul would sit comfortably alongside The Maisonettes’ Heartache Avenue. Blissful." - Record Collector

AIR-Le Voyage Dans La Lune CD (Astralwerks-$17.99)
Score for the restored version of the classic 1902 silent film by Georges Melies. Features vocals from AU REVOIR SIMONE & Victoria Legrand (BEACH HOUSE)

BEACH FOSSILS-What A Pleasure EP CD (Captured Tracks-$8.99)
Following the critically acclaimed self-titled debut, Beach Fossils returns with the beautifully crafted EP, "What a Pleasure". In this brilliant new release Dustin Payseur shares songwriting duties with bassist John Peña which makes for their most dynamic songs yet. Also, on the "Out in the Way" Payseur teams up with the talented Jack Tatum of Wild Nothing for a song that reveals both artists' visions in a way that the world has yet to hear. "What a Pleasure" is full of clean, simple guitar lines that build up to melancholic endings. The mature sound and cleaner production value on "What a Pleasure" presents glimpses of where Beach Fossils have been and where they aim to go.

BEACH FOSSILS-s/t CD (Captured Tracks-$12.99)
Beach Fossils offers warm and inviting melodies that evoke the haunted sounds of another era: straightforward guitar riffs, a kaleidoscope of psychedelic rhythms, and distant, faded vocals all come together to make the perfect soundtrack to an endless summer afternoon. In May of 2009, their debut LP Beach Fossils met with favorable reviews and became known for its jangly, single note guitar style, dusted with summer-fueled romance. Payseur takes influence from music, poetry, art and philosophers (Don Cherry, Ravi Shankar, Rumi, Lao-Tzu and Jean Cocteau), having an equal and crucial impact on his work.

BLOUSE-s/t CD (Captured Tracks-$12.99)
"Blouse is based out of a warehouse in Portland, Oregon. This self-titled debut LP will show Blouse in a new light and to a larger audience. The album is more of an unveiling as each song rolls out the map of new territory that Blouse is claiming, this new wavy sound that is all their own. Hiltons' powerfully alluring voice guides this experience in a dream-like manner. Blouse has hit their stride with this release and will have listeners beckoning' for more."

DEARDARKHEAD-Oceanside 1991-1993 CD (Captured Tracks-$11.99)
Deardarkhead takes its name from an anonymously written Irish poem of the 18th century "Cean Dubh Dilis", about a beautiful girl with black hair. They formed in 1988 on the banks of New Jersey. Over the years DDH has played with the likes of The Lilys, The Psychedelic Furs and Supergrass. This release, Oceanside: 1991-1993, will have something new for loyal fans as well as new ears. Their sound is a blend of post-punk guitar experimentalism as well as a heavy atmospheric dreampop aura. This release is completely remastered, some tracks previously unreleased as well as tracks never before on vinyl.

GRIMES-Visions CD (4AD-$12.99)
Grimes is the moniker of Canadian producer, singer and artist Claire Boucher. She approaches music in a way that is both sensually pleasurable and exploratory; sonic experimentalism run through a 'pop' filter. The music is youthfully schizophrenic and searching, a voyage into the yet undefined territory of post-internet, re-spiritualized sound. Grimes strongly values a physical and communal experience of music (it's danceability), experimental vocalization, and psychedelia. Grimes is self-indulgence, devastation and ecstasy. humanity, spirituality, escapism, identity, reality.

KURYAKIN-A New Day CD (Fastcut-$16.99)
Japanese import. Swedish duo Kuryakin have a new album titled A New Day. From the album, the same titled opening track “A New Day” is a breezy indie pop gem with simple pop harmonies and jangling guitars. Along with all of the great twee pop artists to have come out of Sweden, Kuryakin join their ranks with their new album.

MARK LANEGAN BAND-Blues Funeral CD (4AD-$11.99)
Blues Funeral is the first Mark Lanegan Band album since 2004's Bubblegum. It was recorded in Hollywood, California by Alain Johannes at his 11ad studio. The music was played by Johannes and Jack Irons with appearances from Greg Dulli, Josh Homme et al. Mark Lanegan has sung with Screaming Trees, Queens Of the Stone Age, The Twilight Singers, The Gutter Twins, Soulsavers and Isobel Campbell.

PERFUME GENIUS-Put Your Back N 2 It CD (Matador-$11.99)
Perfume Genius is Mike Hadreas, a Seattle songwriter whose jarring 2010 debut album, Learning, was called "an album of rare, redemptive beauty, one of the most uniquely endearing and quietly forceful debut albums of recent years". His new album, Put Your Back N 2 It, is much more universal, addressing intimacy, power, family, secrecy, and hope not just through his impressionistic lyrics, but the music itself, which is as lush as Learning was stark. Recorded by Drew Morgan and John Goodmanson, this sonically beautiful, more approachable album will connect with more people directly.

SAD DAY FOR PUPPETS-Shift Another Color CD (Fastcut-$11.99)
Japan-only seven-track compilation of one-off singles, B-sides and re-recordings from Sad Day For Puppets, most of which appear on CD for the first time. "Shift Another Color is more than just a tying up of loose ends for completists, it also acts as a great introduction for those new to SDFP's sparkling melodies and squalling shoegaze guitars – matching the quality of their two studio albums thus far, whilst also being a concise seven tracks. Last year's stand alone single Again opens proceedings in grand fashion. Few bands could afford to not include a song of such calibre on a studio album, and the same can be said of 2009's double A-side When You Tell Me That You Love Me/Withering Petals And Dust, the former of which appears twice here; the heartbreakingly tender original version and the blistering, surging rework. Three previous EP tracks are also given the walls-of-guitar makeover. Set Alight is the most successful, the injection of sonic steroids boosting what was alre
ady one of their finest moments, whilst Big Waves is also improved by a less drastic facelift, retaining the fragility of the original. Less successful is the beefed-up remake of Hush which loses some of the soul and sweetness of its 2008 predecessor. On the whole any criticism of 'Shift Another Color' is nitpicking, there isn't any filler here and the compilation of these recordings is useful and worthwhile rather than a fan-exploiting cash-in. It also marks a transition for the band, the lullaby-like melodies remain intact but are being increasingly coated with layers of guitar which are more than worthy of comparisons to the likes of My Bloody Valentine or Dinosaur Jr. SDFP are gradually evolving, honing their sound, and the fact that they're still relatively unknown is criminal. Bring on the next album." - Sounds XP

SHEARWATER-Animal Joy CD (Sub Pop-$12.99)
Sub Pop is proud to present Shearwater's Animal Joy, our first album by the band and their eighth overall. Led by Jonathan Meiburg, and featuring drummer Thor Harris, and bassist Kimberly Burke, Shearwater has been a favorite at Sub Pop HQ for years. On Animal Joy, Meiburg ditches the expansive approach of his recent records, particularly the epic trilogy of Palo Santo, Rook and The Golden Archipelago, to create a record that seems shockingly direct, immediate and intensely personal. He's no stranger to lush, crafted recordings, but this one sounds like no prior Shearwater incarnation.

SOFT METALS-s/t CD (Captured Tracks-$12.99)
"Of the billion-odd synth-pop groups coming out of the US right now, Soft Metals are undoubtedly among the most accomplished.
The Portland duo of Patricia Hall and Ian Hicks will release their self-titled debut album on July 19 via Brooklyn’s Captured Tracks, home to Blank Dogs, Wild Nothing, Led Er Est et al. Formed in 2009, they claim to be variously influenced by "early industrial music, minimal synth, 1980s Chicago house, synth pop, and italo disco", and it’s fair to say that traces of all these underground sounds can be detected in their svelte synth-pop productions.
But what makes them stand out from the myriad other biters of these sounds is their punchy, purposeful songwriting, their flab-free arrangements and the crystalline vocals of Hall, which come over like a heavily reverbed, robotized descendent of Young Marble Giants’ Alison Statton. This is proper electronic pop music, coolly (retro)futuristic but sweepingly romantic, and highly recommended to fans of John Foxx, early Human League and modern day standard-bearers like Xeno & Oaklander and John Maus." -FACT Magazine

SUEDE CROCODILES-Stop the Rain CD (Fastcut-$16.99)
Collection of all recorded material from this 1983 indiepop lost-classic band. Previously compiled on LP by Accident Records, but now available on CD with different cover art. Japanese import.

WILD NOTHING-Gemini CD (Captured Tracks-$11.99)
Wild Nothing, is the solo-project of Jack Tatum whose music is inspired by a longtime love affair with nostalgia. His debut full length album, Gemini, is full of dreamy, carefree synth-pop songs that linger with an inexplicable sense of regret.
Prior to embarking on this recent solo-project Tatum sang and played guitar with the Abe Vigodaish tropical punk band Facepaint and the singer/songwriter project Jack and The Whale. In the summer of 2009 The Virginia tech-college student decided to embark on his first creative-solo project playing bass, guitar, synthesizer and drums while recording in his home-studio. He soon emerged with a unique brand of dreamy pop-songs influenced by bands like, My Bloody Valentine, Shop Assistants, Go-Betweens and Cocteau Twins. In 2009 he delivered a memorable cover of the Kate Bush song Cloudbusting, making it clear that Wild Nothing transcended the lo-fi pop-mold. On his debut album, Gemini, Tatum's frail vocals come warped in an oozing neon haze. Carefully orchestrated synth-pop arrangements, trebly guitar riffs and tattered drum machines blend together to create an intriguing,texturally rich glo-pop album that could come only from the young at heart.

WILD NOTHING-Golden Haze EP CD (Captured Tracks-$8.99)
"Over the last year, young Jack Tatum's taken Wild Nothing from the realm of lo-fi Marr-guitared dream-pop bedroom caresses to that of the full band—touring with Neon Indian, playing our neighborhood numerous times, receiving just propers for the touching '80s appropriations of the debut LP Gemini, and releasing a three-song stopgap titled Evertide. A new EP's on the way via Mike Sniper's Captured Tracks label—the tracklist varies depending on format, but the title and title track are constant, not to mention fitting."—Sterogum

WINDY AND CARL-We Wil Always Be CD (Kranky-$12.99)
PITCHFORK 7.4! The first new recordings from Windy & Carl in more than 3 years. "The band might be on their umpteenth release by now, but in their longevity they have never sacrificed quality control, & they have honed their style to a zenith most artists never touch. Sure there might be many newcomers & pretenders, but like so many things in life, sometimes it's best to get the real thing." - Other Music.


ASOBI SEKSU-Transparence 10" (Polyvinyl-$9.99)
Transparence is a limited edition four-song 10" featuring two unreleased songs from the same Gigantic Studios sessions during which Asobi Seksu recorded its 2009 Polyvinyl debut LP, Hush. The lead track "Transparence" is taken from this release, but appears here with a new introduction. The 10" also features a remix of "Transparence" by the hypnotic percussive group Aa.

BEACH FOSSILS-What A Pleasure EP 12" (Captured Tracks-$10.99)
See CD description above!

BEACH FOSSILS-s/t LP (Captured Tracks-$14.99)
See CD description above!

BEACH FOSSILS-Face It 7" (Captured Tracks-$5.99)
Phase two of Beach Fossils starts here. Gone is the "lo-fi" and the comparisons that go with it. More expansive sounds, John Pena and Katie Garcia on guest vocals, keyboard, electronic drums.... Consider it a taster of things to come.

BLACK MARBLE-Weight Against The Door 12" (Hardly Art-$10.99)
Black Marble is one of the latest and greatest additions to the Brooklyn synthwave lexicon, and Weight Against the Door is their debut release, which manages to be bleak, punk, electronic, and uplifting all at once.

CATWALK-One by Words 7" (Captured Tracks-$5.99)
Catwalk's 4th 7" (2nd on C/T) is the beautiful "One By Words." Washed in echoed guitar and propelled by a pulsating bassline, "One By Words" is an instant classic. "Home" is another winner and will be exclusive to this 7". Look for the debut Catwalk LP later this year as well as a short tour with Pains of Being Pure At Heart on the West Coast.

CLOUD NOTHINGS-s/t LP (Carpark-$13.99)
The self-titled Cloud Nothings album shines through with a crispness and boldness that main man Dylan Baldi has always envisioned. The songs now sound as they do live: full of energy, precision, and catchy bits. Dylan plays all the instruments on the album, but this time without the lo-fi scuzz. The excitement and emotion are practically jumping off the grooves.

COCTEAU TWINS-Stars and Topsoil: A Collection 1982-1990 2xLP (4AD-$19.99)
Available for the first time on vinyl, Stars and Topsoil Cocteau Twins retrospective is the first ever collection of the best of their 4AD years. Following their ascent from alternative novices to universally acclaimed artists, Stars and Topsoil is a true testament to one of the most original bands to emerge in the last two decades. Over a career at 4AD that spanned six albums and seven eps, Cocteau Twins retained an intriguing uniqueness of style that defied comparison. This chronological collection is a fitting reminder of why Cocteau Twins are so important.

DEARDARKHEAD-Oceanside 1991-1993 LP (Captured Tracks-$14.99)
See CD description above!

DEERHOOF-Milkman LP (Polyvinyl-$14.99)
Comes with a digital download code! On banana-colored vinyl; limited to 1,000 copies! Features new mixes and sequencing not found on the original LP. The starting point for Milk Man was a cartoon character created by Japanese artist Ken Kagami, a longtime friend of Deerhoof vocalist Satomi Matsuzaki. In contrast to the earnest guitar rock that predominated on their previous album Apple O', Milk Man featured a broad palette of orchestral colors, echoes of music theater and camp, polished and gaudy arrangements, Stravinskian harmonies, and a more stylized, anonymous playing style resulting partly from recording most of the instruments at separate times rather than playing together as a band, and partly from many of the arrangements being created in a computer.

DEERHOOF-Reveille 180g LP (Polyvinyl-$16.99)
Deerhoof's Reveille is being reissued on 180-gram blue vinyl. California's Deerhoof full-length is a beautiful mixture of Sonic Youth, Unwound, no wave and Yoko Ono. Deerhoof years ago were originally an avant garde band, and have now progressed into an highly original and musically challenging pop band. Recommended. Hand screened covers.

DEERHOOF-Friend Opportunity 180g LP (polyvinyl-$14.99)
In 2007, having toured with Radiohead, the Roots, and Wilco, Deerhoof released Friend Opportunity. The album is the first to feature guitarist John Dietrich and features the same line-up as appears on their recently released brand new album Deerhoof vs. Evil. Having sold out numerous pressings, Friend Opportunity is again being repressed as a limited edition run of 1000 copies on limited 180-gram orange vinyl.

DNTEL-Life is Full of Possibilities 2xLP (Sub Pop-$20.99)
Los Angeles resident Jimmy Tamborello records, releases and occasionally performs music under the name Dntel. Back in 2001, the Dntel album Life Is Full of Possibilities was originally released by the Plug Research label, and because they’ve always secretly wished they’d put it out back then, Sub Pop is releasing an expanded, re-mastered version of the album to mark its ten-year anniversary.
Life Is Full of Possibilities features collaborations with a number of guest artists, one of which, with Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard (on “(This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan”), led to the formation of The Postal Service. Because Give Up, the 2003 album by The Postal Service, to date the group’s only full-length release, is Sub Pop’s second best-selling album of all time, this is worth noting. Also worth noting: Life Is Full of Possibilities was very well-received at the time of its original release, earning a 9.3 rave review from Pitchfork, and the following from the BBC: “Few electronic musicians out there have come close to the strength of the songwriting contained within this delicately produced CD.”
The double-LP version will spread the re-mastered original 10-track album across two pieces of vinyl at 45 33 rpm, with the bonus material included in the download that comes with the record. This will be the first time that Life Is Full of Possibilities has ever appeared on vinyl.

FLAMING LIPS-Transmissions From The Satellite Heart LP (Warner Bros.-$20.99)
The addition of guitarist Ronald Jones and drummer Steven Drozd recharges the Lips' batteries for the superb Transmissions from the Satellite Heart, another prismatic delicacy which continues the group's drift toward pop nirvana. In typical fashion, the record's left-field hit, the freakshow sing-along "She Don't Use Jelly," bears little resemblance to the album as a whole; the remainder of Transmissions is much more sonically and structurally ambitious — the towering "Moth in the Incubator" keeps generating new layers of noise before erupting into an amphetamine waltz, "Pilot Can at the Queer of God" divebombs with kamikaze recklessness, and the slow-burning "Oh My Pregnant Head" is as mind-expanding as its title.

FLAMING LIPS-Soft Bulletin 2xLP (Warner Bros-$26.99)
Their follow-up to the experimental four-disc Zaireeka, The Soft Bulletin is an emotional, lush, often symphonic pop masterpiece with distinct melodies amidst the swirl of textures and tones. Yet for all its headphone friendly innovations, the music is still amazingly accessible, never sacrificing popcraft in the name of radical experimentation.

FLAMING LIPS-Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots LP (Warner Bros.-$20.99)
After the symphonic majesty of The Soft Bulletin, the Flaming Lips return with Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, a sublime fusion of Bulletin's newfound emotional directness, the old-school playfulness of Transmissions from the Satellite Heart, and, more importantly, exciting new expressions of the group's sentimental, experimental sound.

FUCKED UP-Year of the Tiger 12" (Matador-$8.99)
Since 2006, Fucked Up have been releasing an annual 12" single on each Chinese New Year. Year Of The Tiger is an anthemic progressive rock masterpiece featuring guests Jim Jarmusch, Annie-Claude Deschenes and Austra. The 15-minute long track features the band's familiar layers of guitar and roaring vocals, taken to a new level with the addition of piano, Jarmusch's dark recitations and Deschenes's gorgeous crescendos, in this menacing but uplifting story about the predation of predators. $1 from the sale of each record donated to the Save The Tiger fund.

GOTAN PROJECT-La Revancha Del Tango 2xLP (XL-$19.99)
Now available for the first time on vinyl La Revancha Del Tango Gotan Project's classic hit album. The debut by this Paris based trio is a relaxed blend of tango dance rhythms and Argentinean instrumentation. The group was brought together by their passion to combine sound with image and to marry electronic and acoustic music. They built on their house, dub, and hip-hop influenced productions by adding two of Argentina's finest tango musicians, the musical result being supremely distinctive, incorporating bandonion (a form of accordion), violin, and vocals.

GRIMES-Visions LP (4AD-$13.99)
See CD description above!

THE KILLS-Blood Pressures LP (Domino-$15.99)
The Kills - Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart - are back with a new studio album, Blood Pressures, the highly anticipated follow-up to their critically acclaimed third album, Midnight Boom. Blood Pressures finds The Kills with their swagger and sass intact, but with a new thoughtfulness and depth - even a tinge of wistfulness and vulnerability - to their always compelling songwriting. As one of the most vital, striking bands recording today, The Kills' vividly unique "rock" is at once effortless, edgy and timeless. For the sessions that became Blood Pressures, Jamie and Alison returned to Key Club Studios in Michigan where they reunited with Midnight Boom engineers Bill Skibbe and Jessica Ruffins. Produced by Jamie Hince, the album was mixed in London by Tom Elmhirst. With their basic sound intact - searing guitars, driving rhythms and sexually charged lyrical savvy - the eleven tracks on Blood Pressures find The Kills embracing a fuller sound and becoming more adventurous in t
he studio, while the lyrics are honest, heartfelt and sometimes just plain heartbreaking. Departing from the sparse, angular sound of Midnight Boom, the duo explores complex textures on Blood Pressures. There is heavier instrumentation and layered, huge-sounding harmonies. Alison and Jamie play all the instruments on the album, including piano and mellotron.

LILACS AND CHAMPAGNE-s/t LP (Mexican Summer-$14.99)
As the producing-team behind’Grails, Alex Hall and Emil Amos have hybridized and warped various culture’s versions of psych music over the past decade. With their new project Lilacs and Champagne, they’ve created another umbrella under which to tweak hip-hop, tape-collage and the darkest creases of 70's film-soundtracks with their lysergic and perverse style of head-music. The project’s name and imagery evoke a strange thrift-store mystery LP you might come across, unsure if you’ve discovered an exotic dub record, a flowery Bacharach AM radio classic or something by an obscure duo of Swedish avant-techno producers.
The record began under the influence of Madlib’s production style….which had suggested that writing songs using an Akai MPC sampler would force the two to stretch their legs and explode any expectations created by records they’ve made in the past. But rather than sampling the funk and soul canon of traditional hip hop, they pulled from disparate sources such as Polish private press hippie records, indistinguishable radio noise or the chopped and reversed sounds of Jayne Mansfield’s head being decapitated. Layers of instruments and found sound were then painted over the original samples until entirely new directions were created and taken to their logical conclusion… creating something simultaneously alien and familiar… something like the sound of Nurse with Wound collaborating with J-Dilla.

LONEY DEAR-Hall Music LP (Polyvinyl-$14.99)
After his last time touring the United States in support of 2009's Dear John, Emil Svanängen returned home to Sweden and began to play shows with chamber orchestras throughout the country. As such, he was forced to revisit his earlier material -- re-writing and re-arranging these older songs for performance on a grander scale. This experience had an indelible influence on the writing and recording of the appropriately titled Hall Music, an expansive record that finds Svanängen closer to creating the type of orchestral music he has always sought to bring to life on stage (whether he's actually playing with an orchestra or not).
Above all, Hall Music is a study in merging contrasts, an album of impossible pairings. The pacing is simultaneously fast and slow, with gently weaving harmonic structures propelled forward by quickly moving notes. The instrumentation is orchestral and synthesized; organic and invented. A church bell paired effortlessly with horns and an analog keyboard. Though at first listen it occupies your ears for just over a half-hour, it is an all-consuming sonic affair. It is intimate music that effortlessly fills vast, empty spaces -- in your head, in your room, in your life -- with a grip so delicate yet unyielding that you can't (and don't want to) escape it. Drawing from both of the emotional states it joins together -- joy and darkness, Hall Music creates its own unique expanse -- one you'll surely want to re-visit again and again.

M83-Dead Cities, Red Seas, Lost Ghosts 2xLP+CD (Mute-$20.99)
Comes with CD version of the album! At last! The domestic release of this groundbreaking record. M83 touches upon all genres, from electronica to pop to ambient. Their distinct sound emerged after just one album, and it was both modern and melancholic. The group makes machines seem human, by endowing them with a mysterious and innocent character, one that mirrors the personality of the two band members, Anthony Gonzalez and Nicolas Fromageau. This album is more ambitious than its predecessor, complex yet accessible (thanks to its melodic effectiveness), and possesses a more assertive sound. Anthony and Nicolas have raised the bar -- without foregoing their exceptional sense of melody or losing their ability to communicate sound in a fresh new way. While critics may still occasionally evoke Boards of Canada or My Bloody Valentine, most discuss M83 and the band's two musicians as artists in complete control of their technical tools who create timeless melodies with universal em
otions. Let yourself be swept away...resistance is futile.
This domestic vinyl release of "Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts" features the bonus track, "Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts," unavailable on the import.

M83-Before the Dawn Heals Us 2xLP (Mute-$20.99)
Before the Dawn Heals Us is M83's powerful follow up to Dead Cities, Red Seas and Lost Ghosts, this is an album that Kevin Shields himself would be proud to call his own. Before the Dawn Heals Us radiates with walls of electronic drones, big rock beats and hauntingly beautiful vocals which seem to fly along-side everything seamlessly. Just in his early twenties, Anthony Gonzalez continues to create music with incredible maturity and a vision, which at this time seems to go unparalleled. "If the group's cinematic qualities are what audiences embraced, consider the new Before The Dawn Heals Us a young indie filmmaker's first Hollywood blockbuster." - Magnet

MAGNETIC FIELDS-Andrew in Drag 7" (Merge-$5.99)
Includes digital download card, limited to 1,000 copies. The Magnetic Fields return to Merge! "Andrew in Drag," the A-side of this limited edition vinyl seven-inch is taken from the Magnetic Fields' upcoming Love Under the Sea, due out on Merge Records in March 2012. The B-side, "When Next in Love I Fall," is a non-album track.

MEMORY TAPES-Player Piano LP (Carpark-$13.99)
Player Piano is the second full length from Davye Hawk's Memory Tapes. It was, like its predecessor, the highly acclaimed Seek Magic, recorded at Dayve's home studio in rural New Jersey, where he juggles looking after his young daughter and being a musician. While Seek Magic was quite an electronic sounding record with lots of dance music tropes, Player Piano is all about the melody.

MINKS-Araby 7" (Captured Tracks-$5.99)
Previously released on cassette tape, the Minks' single "Araby" is seeing it's proper release on vinyl 7" along with the glistening B-side "Little Fawn".
In April of 2010 Captured Tracks released a 7" single by an unknown New York band called MINKS. On the date of release, few people knew any information about the musicians behind the music. Most writers and listeners assumed that it was a one man bedroom music project, like many other artists on the label, and were confused even more when six musicians appeared on stage to perform songs at the first MINKS concert. The first single, titled "Funeral Song" was quickly praised by music journalists and publications like Pitchfork, Stereogum, and Fader. Fader said that it sounded like "If Robert Smith gave birth to a baby, and the baby was actually a cassette of Cure demos that had a lot more staying power than actual Cure demos." Seasons changed, and MINKS returned with a follow up 7? single titled "Ophelia," which continued to shadow people's minds with curious thoughts and open ears. The uniqueness of these early singles showed the ability to balance the feelings of joy and sad
ness, as well as a door to past and present worlds. For these songs were less about the songs themselves, but the ability to make you feel a certain emotion when listening to them. No element alone would stand out, but as a whole, the swirling waves of sound which Pitchfork would describe as "all texture and drift," would drive you away to a nostalgic place in your mind.

NIRVANA-Bleach LP (Sub Pop-$14.99)
Continuing their legacy of reminding people Nirvana had a record before Nevermind, Sub Pop Records presents a non-deluxe, affordably-priced, single-LP version of Bleach, Nirvana’s debut album. Originally released in June of 1989, Bleach was re-mastered, deluxed up and reissued in November of 2009. That version of the Bleach LP is two pieces of 180-gram white vinyl with a 16-page booklet. It’s really nice. It’s also pricey. This sturdy single-LP version of Bleach contains the full re-mastered album, as found on that Bleach: Deluxe Edition, and a pretty printed inner sleeve, for a much lower price.

OF MONTREAL-Bedside Drama: A Petite Tragedy 180g LP (Polyvinyl-$13.99)
Pressed on high-quality 180gram vinyl! Originally released in 1998, Of Montreal's second full-length album features uncredited appearances by members of Neutral Milk Hotel and The Late B.P. Helium. The album was the first in which Of Montreal built characters around concepts. Although not as developed as later Of Montreal concept albums, The Bedside Drama: A Petite Tragedy is infused with Vaudevillian elements that foreshadowed Of Montreal's break-out albums The Gay Parade and Coquelicot Asleep in the Poppies.

ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER-Replica LP (Software-$14.99)
Replica is an electronic song cycle based around audio procured from TV ad compilations. These sample-based meditations are as lyrical as they are ecological, featuring re- purposed "ghost vocals" which serve as narration for Lopatin's signature amorphous, ambient passages. Lopatin's Juno-60 is still prominent, but Returnal's placid, synthetic surroundings are accelerated through darker, more unpredictable terrains via Lopatin's use of samplers, analog filtering, tape-op, piano, plate reverb and sub-bass. The result is a heightened sense of music as part and parcel of an overall sonic terrain.

PERFUME GENIUS-Put Your Back N 2 It LP (Matador-$13.99)
See CD description above!

REAL ESTATE-Reality 12" (Mexican Summer-$14.99)
Hand-numbered out of 1000, on clear vinyl! Real Estate's Martin Courtney (songwriter, vocals, guitar), Alex Beeker (bass) and Matthew Mondanile (guitar; also of Ducktails and Predator Vision) all hail from suburban New Jersey and their songs evoke the soft bliss of giving your formative, teenage years enough time to waste and beer upon which to glug. Joined now by suburban Massachusetts' Etienne Duguay on drums, the fact that Real Estate only ever sound like a gaggle of grown-up teenage pals is testament to the ease of carving out your own niche in a town that's the same as countless others across America.

SHEARWATER-Animal Joy LP (Sub Pop-$15.99)
See CD description above!

SHOULD-A Folding Sieve LP (Captured Tracks-$14.99)
Should’s shoegaze classic A Folding Sieve was originally released in 1995 under the name shiFt by the Austin-based record label N D. Words on Music re-released the album in 2002 with double the number of tracks as the original album. These new songs included covers of the Jean Paul Sartre Experience song “Own Two Feet” and the 18th Dye song “Merger” as well as unreleased songs recorded between 1995 and 1996. The Captured Tracks LP release of A Folding Sieve will include the original release’s tracks as well as “Faded” and “Own Two Feet”. The CD will include previously unreleased material, as well as with the digital download available on our site and the digital download card you'll receive with your LP.

SOFT METALS-The Cold World Melts 12" (Captured Tracks-$11.99)
Here's the debut vinyl from the Portland duo Soft Metals. Formed in 2009, the band have been playing a ton of shows on the West Coast and garnering new fans with every stop. Their music is tight, romantic, electronic pop with influences from a variety of dance and post-punk sub-genres. First 500 on White Wax.

SOFT METALS-s/t LP (Captured Tracks-$14.99)
See CD description above!

THE SOFT MOON-Total Decay EP 12" (Captured Tracks-$11.99)
Follow up to The Soft Moon's critically acclaimed self-titled LP! "The Soft Moon's impressive, immersive self-titled debut appeared courtesy of Captured Tracks at the end of 2010-- a time when folks were more concerned with Holidays than post-apocalyptic industrial-pop-- so it managed to escape some of the "best of" lists it should've haunted. The San Francisco trio, led by founder Luis Vasquez and featuring an ancillary member who does flickering live visuals that'd make sense with Bauhaus the band and/or the movement, is returning with an EP, Total Decay, out on Halloween, again via Captured Tracks. The title track's a swirling, heaving trip, one more deeply entrenched in nihilistic bleakness than previous material. " -Pitchfork

TAMARYN-The Waves LP (Mexican Summer-$14.99)
Comes with a digital download! Following a spate of EPs and singles comes the debut album by Tamaryn, entitled The Waves. After collaborating with producer Rex John Shelverton (ex-Vue/The Audience/Portraits of Past), Tamaryn left New York and settled in Rex's hometown of San Francisco to record their first full-length. Whereas Tamaryn's earlier material was rooted in traditional goth-psych overtones, The Waves represents an incredible step forward in terms of her approach. These nine songs combine driving pop and lush balladry with layered, guitar-driven ethereal atmospheres, against which Tamaryn's voice, languid and restrained, melts against its surface. The Waves is a masterful collision of hypnotic psychedelia and bittersweet dream pop.

VERONICA FALLS-Beachy Head 7" (Captured Tracks-$5.99)
"Veronica Falls have written a pop song about everybody’s favourite place to top themselves and it is really really good. I mean, never has singing along to a graphical location where peepul choose to end it all seemed quite such top larks. This is indie of a very particular, very British, timeless and guileless sort, and it's also enough to remind a person why they plumped for plaid over pop in the first place. Terrific." -Drowned in Sound

VIVIAN GIRLS-Share the Joy LP (Polyvinyl-$15.99)
On their third album (and Polyvinyl debut) Share the Joy, Brooklyn's Vivian Girls continue to sharpen and refine their transcendent mix of garage thrash, girl-group warmth and infectious pop hooksmanship. The trio's vibrant blend of guitar noise and melodic sweetness has already made Vivian Girls one of America's most celebrated and influential young bands, and has helped to spark a wave of similarly-inclined female-fronted acts that've followed in their wake. The ten-song Share the Joy finds the threesome - guitarist/vocalist Cassie Ramone, bassist/vocalist Kickball Katy and new drummer Fiona Campbell - continuing to evolve and expand, building on the D.I.Y. achievements of their 2008 debut Vivian Girls and its 2009 follow-up Everything Goes Wrong, while delivering their most memorable songs and most focused performances yet. Their new tunes successfully venture into challenging new musical and lyrical territory, reflecting the band members' developing instrumental rapport a
nd their far-reaching musical influences, while retaining the raw immediacy that originally endeared the group to its fans. "It's cleaner and more hi-fi than the previous records," Cassie says of Share the Joy, which the band recorded at Rear House, the home studio run by Jarvis Taveniere (of the Brooklyn combo Woods), who engineered the album. "The sound is more open, more free. I think that this album really shows our strengths as musicians, and shows us melding together musically. It's more psychedelic and less shoegaze. There's also a lot of organ on it, which is new for us."
Share the Joy's musical and emotional depth is reflected on "The Other Girls" and "Light in Your Eyes," each of which clocks in at over six minutes. The former tune manages to encompass hammering hardcore, Beach Boys-esque melodic bliss, Neil Young/Nirvana-inflected guitar frenzy and ethereal harmonic drone, while the latter closes the album on a triumphant note of surging sonic uplift. Elsewhere, "Dance If You Wanna" and "Take It As It Comes" rank with the band's most intoxicating pop confections, while "Lake House" and "Vanishing of Time" maintain a thoughtful, introspective tone that may come as a surprise to those who'd had Vivian Girls pegged as a lo-fi garage outfit. The new songs' openhearted diversity justifies Share the Joy's unironic title. Cassie borrowed it from a tune by Burt Bacharach, one of her biggest songwriting influences, which appeared on Bacharach and Hal David's ill-fated '70s musical version of Lost Horizon. "I was reading a book about him and I notic
ed the title 'Share the Joy,' and the blurb about the song said that it had 'one of his most haunting melodies,'" Cassie explains. "I immediately thought that was so interesting - a deeply haunting song called 'Share the Joy.' I hunted the song down and listened to it and totally fell in love . . . Share the Joy has the most diverse batch of songs of any of our albums," Cassie observes. "I feel like these songs are more expansive; a lot of the themes and lyrics are less direct than other albums. These songs focus a lot on the themes of alienation, reconciliation, identity, and trying to figure out what really matters in life. It's a dark album, but unlike our first two albums, it has a happy ending . . . Our music continues to get more and more defined and developed, but it's never going to be completely polished," Cassie asserts; adding, "A thing I like about our band is that we seem to mean different things to different people. Another thing I'm proud of is that, while a lot of people may have initially heard about us through internet buzz and things like that, I think our audience likes our music because it's honest and because we mean it. I think that people can pick up on that."

WIDOWSPEAK-Gun Shy 7" (Captured Tracks-$5.99)
Widowspeak are back with their 2nd single "Gun Shy." The dusky A-Side can be considered a one-song introduction the band, with it's nods to Morricone via Television verse and more direct pop-inflected (bust still hazey) chorus, it throws the gauntlet for what you'll be hearing on their debut LP in August. Live favorite Chris Isaak cover "Wicked Game" is added as an exclusive B-Side.

WIDOWSPEAK-Harsh Realm 7" (Captured Tracks-$5.99)
Widowspeak is a trio from Brooklyn by way of Tacoma and Chicago, comprised of Molly Hamilton (vocals, guitar), Michael Stasiak (drums), and Rob Thomas (guitar). Stasiak and Hamilton both grew up in the dreary Pacific Northwest, and were part of the same small music community; both also ended up making the transcontinental move to New York after high school. In the spring of 2010, the two started working out Hamilton's song ideas in her railroad apartment living room, and Stasiak invited Thomas, a Chicago ex-pat he'd met in college, to a practice. His additions to the songs were bizarre and frenetic and exactly what the band needed. They gave it a name she'd picked out years before, and Widowspeak was born. Using primarily the 1950's and 1990's as stylistic jumping-off points, the band writes a combination of eerie ballads and swampy mid-tempo pop. The tension between Hamilton's dreamy melodies and Thomas's angular, psych-influenced lead guitar creates a visceral energy that p
ermeates each of the young band's songs. Although initially a sparse setup, with Stasiak on a half kit, the band has since expanded their sound and even incorporated bass into new material.

WIDOWSPEAK-s/t LP (Captured Tracks-$14.99)
The album, recorded at Rear House with Jarvis Taveniere of Woods, documents Widowspeak’s inaugural year. In a relaxed studio setting songs born from those first jittery practices could breathe. The trio expanded their modest instrumentation while retaining a sparse aesthetic. The resulting record offers an eerie ambience, at times channeling 1950's jukebox pop, at others, 1960’s psychedelia. While garnering comparisons to slow-moving 1990's acts such as Mazzy Star or Cat Power, Widowspeak have defined a sound that's earnestly nostalgic, and increasingly confident. Even so, these are songs about heartache. They are songs about homesickness, about longing for pine forests, reckless youth, and dark nights in strange cities.

WINDY AND CARL-We Wil Always Be 2xLP (Kranky-$16.99)
See CD description above!


BAND OF HORSES-Cease to Begin LP
BAND OF HORSES-Everything All the Time LP
BEST COAST-Crazy for You LP
BLACK KEYS-Magic Potion LP
BLOUSE-Shadow 7"
CARISSA'S WEIRD-Songs About Leaving LP
DEERHUNTER-Cryptograms/Fluorescent Grey 2xLP
DEERHUNTER-Microcastle/Weird Era 2xLP
DUM DUM GIRLS-Only in Dreams LP
FLEET FOXES-Helplessness Blues 2xLP
FRUIT BATS-Spelled in Bones CD/LP
FUGAZI-Repeater LP
FUGAZI-Red Medicine LP
FUGAZI-Seven Songs 12"
GIRLS-Father Son Holy Ghost LP
TIM HECKER-Harmony in Ultraviolet LP
TIM HECKER-Imaginary Country LP
HOWLER-America Give Up CD/LP
HUNX AND HIS PUNX-Too Young to Be in Love LP
INTERPOL-Bright Lights LP (120g and 180g editions)
INTERPOL-Antics 120g LP
IRON AND WINE-Our Endless Numbered Days LP
J MASCIS-Several Shades of Why LP
MOGWAI-Earth Division 12"
MOGWAI-Hardcore Will Never Die LP
MUDHONEY-Touch Me I'm Sick 7"
NIRVANA-Bleach Deluxe 2xLP
OS MUTANTES-A Divinia Comedia... LP
PEACHES-The Teaches of Peaches LP
PORTISHEAD-Chase the Tear 12"
POSTAL SERVICE-We Will Become Silhouettes 12"
RIDE-Nowhere 180g LP
SHINS-Chutes Too Narrow LP
SHINS-Oh Inverted World LP
SHINS-Wincing the Night Away LP
SIGUR ROS-Med Sud i Eyrum vid Spilum 180g 2xLP
STILL CORNERS-Creatures of an Hour CD
VELVET UNDERGROUND-Many version of their classic 3 LPs, including regular weight, 180g, and colored vinyl
KURT VILE-Smoke Ring for my Halo LP
VOXTROT-Your Biggest Fan 7"
YO LA TENGO-I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One 2xLP

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