Date: February 6th 2012

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Hey all,

The good stuff just keeps rolling in. Uber-classic titles back in stock, alongside some more great jams from last year, in stock for the first time. The as-promised bounty from Captured Tracks should be here shortly, as well as new and restocks from Team Matador - details next time!



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M83-Hurry Up, We're Dreaming 2xCD (Mute-$20.99)
Three years in the making, this sixth album from M83 (aka Anthony Gonzalez) is one of Autumn 2011's most highly anticipated releases. Grandiose in scale, Hurry Up, We're Dreaming is inspired by Smashing Pumpkin's revered double disc Melancholy & The Infinite Sadness.
Produced by Justin Meldal-Johnsen and including contributions from Brad Laner (Medicine) on guitar, Saturdays=Youth vocalist Morgan Kibby, and guest vocalist Zola Jesus, Hurry Up, We're Dreaming (featuring first single "Midnight City"), is a double-album journey that takes us to the horizon and introduces us to new landscapes. About awakening, craving, and conquering, Hurry Up, We're Dreaming pushes into new vocal territory for M83. Here we see Anthony Gonzalez test out different ways of singing, ranging from a spectral breathy whisper to a howling scream.
Soaring and scraping up against the sky while sharing each uncharted frontier with new collaborators is what M83 does best.


ALLO DARLIN'-s/t LP (Fortuna Pop-$19.99)
For fans of: the Magnetic Fields, Camera Obscura, Hefner, Kimya Dawson, Jens Lekman, The Lucksmiths, The Wave Pictures. Allo Darlin' is the music of Australian-born, London-based songwriter Elizabeth Morris, and runs the spectrum from joyous, breezy, punky, jump-around pop with fabulous harmonies to sparse ukulele and steel guitar heartbreakers.

BATTLES-Gloss Drop 2xLP (Warp-$20.99)
Gatefold vinyl with poster. "It is true that Gloss Drop is a bewitching, entrancing album that defies both categorization and easy analysis. Just as Mirrored was a massive leap on from the early EPs that first got them noticed, this is truly another seismic shift, propelling them once more into uncharted territory. It is a sheer sense of fun, unpredictability and inventiveness that sets Battles apart from every other contemporary group. Drummer John Stanier sums this up succinctly: 'I don't think challenging, new music has to be super serious all the time. That's really boring to me and pushing boundaries should not be boring.' While other acts are content to deal in revivalism or stasis, Battles are still looking for far-off boundaries to study and then demolish, searching for new and exotic styles to mesh together. Stanier concludes: 'When we're writing songs, no one in this group has ever said 'Wait, we've gone too far. This isn't a Battles song.' Because what is a Battles
song? We don't know. All I know is that there are no parameters and no boundaries. That is the whole point and has been since day one.'" Includes poster. Featuring guest appearances by: Matias Aguayo, Gary Numan, Kazu Makino and Yamantaka Eye.

JORGE BEN-Forca Bruta 180g LP (4 Men With Beards-$17.99)
"Originally released in 1970, Fôrça Bruta is an absolute classic from one of Brazil's most consistently great artists. Despite being embraced by the tropicalia movement (with Caetano Veloso and Gal Costa both covering his songs) there are no psychedelic meanderings to be found within these grooves -- this set is pure samba-soul. Jorge Ben is backed here by the innovative Trio Mocotó who never overplay and allow his soulful vocal delivery and samba guitar to be the centerpieces." 180 gram vinyl.

DON CHERRY-Complete Communion LP (Blue Note-$9.99)
Originally released in 1965, Don Cherry's first album for Blue Note featured Leandro "Gato" Barbieri (tenor sax), Henry Grimes (bass) and Edward Blackwell (drums). "...all the musicians free-associated off of each theme, engaging in intense, abstract dialogues before moving on to the next." --All Music Guide

JOHN COLTRANE-Giant Steps 45rpm 2x180gLP Box (Atlantic-$54.99)
A landmark, genre-defining album, Giant Steps has been hailed as John Coltrane's finest work. Coltrane and his bandmates create compelling, frenzied, and beautiful sonic landscapes which helped revolutionize jazz. Released in January 1960, Giant Steps was John's first album devoted entirely to his own compositions and confirmed his command of tenor saxophone as well as his emerging skill as a composer. This deluxe, limited edition 2LP comes packaged in a numbered, collectible slipcase which is a visual replica of the original tape box.

ROSCOE HOLCOMB-The High Lonesome Sound LP (Smithsonian Folkways-$16.99)
"Originally released in 1965, this is Holcomb's first full album for Folkways. The man for whom the term The High Lonesome Sound was coined certainly shows why here. This is Appalachian folk music, both beautiful and harsh, harrowing and tender. Essential recordings from this Kentucky native lovingly reissued in a perfect replica of the original Folkways jacket and including a reproduction of the original information booklet."

DANIEL JOHNSTON-Yip Jump Music LP (High Wire-$14.99)
Legendary original 1983 Stress Records cassette from Austin outsider singer/songwriter who's had work covered by and/or influenced NIRVANA, YO LA TENGO, tons of others. Incl. his hits "Chord Organ Blues," "The Beatles," "Speeding Motorcycle," "Sorry Entertainer," "Rocket Ship" & "Casper the Friendly Ghost".

THE LA'S-s/t 180g LP (Plain-$16.99)
Originally released in 1990 on the Go! Discs label, The La's self-titled debut is a tasty nugget of classic British pop (Kinks, Small Faces) matched with the post-punk jangle of groups like the Smiths and XTC. Predating the second British invasion by a number of years, this, the sole album by the La's features the classic "There She Goes" along with eleven other slices of pop goodness. Back in print on vinyl for the first time since its original release.

LOW-I Could Live in Hope 180g LP (Plain-$20.99)
"Originally released (only on CD) by Vernon Yard Recordings in 1994, I Could Live In Hope is the debut release from Minnesota's slo-core pioneers. Produced by the legendary Kramer, Low's first recordings show a band emerging fully formed with a sound that they carry on to this day. On vinyl for the very first time." On 180 gram vinyl.

LOW-Long Division 180g LP (Plain-$16.99)
LOWER PRICE!! 2nd album originally released on Virgin Records' Vernon Yard imprint in 1995. These Minnesota slowcore legends established themselves as critical darlings w/ their striking vocal harmonies, slow tempos & minimalist song structures.

MAZZY STAR-Among My Swan 180g LP (Plain-$16.99)
"Mazzy Star's third and final album, originally released in 1996, is a perfect finale to the band's career, another fine work of hushed folk-rock and gentle psychedelia. The atmospheric guitar of David Roback and the hauntingly gorgeous vocals of Hope Sandoval are complimented here with help from William Reed of The Jesus & Mary Chain among others." 180 gram vinyl housed in a full-color printed inner sleeve.

NEW ORDER-Movement 180g LP (Rhino-$17.99)
MOVEMENT, their 1981 debut, finds the group exploring the future after Joy Division with darkly melodic stand-outs including "Truth," "Denial" and "Dreams Never End." This is the first step in the transition from the tragically ended Joy Division into New Order, and the first glimpse of the band that would redefine dance and rock music.

NEW ORDER-Power Corruption & Lies 180g LP (Rhino-$17.99)
New Order came into its own on POWER, CORRUPTION & LIES ('83), a breakthrough disc that Rolling Stonecalled, "a remarkable declaration of independence." Features the signature tracks "Age Of Consent," "Blue Monday," and "Your Silent Face." Their second album moved them past the cathartic debut that still dealt with finding their post-Joy Division identitiy. Coming into their own as an exciting hybrid of dance and rock, this 1983 classic solidified their sound.

PULP-This is Hardcore 180g 2xLP (Plain-$24.99)
Super deluxe 180gm 2LP vinyl in gatefold sleeve! Originally released in 1998, this was at once the artistic pinnacle of 90s Brit-pop, & the genre's comedown record, marking the end of an era w/ its ruminations on growing old (JARVIS COCKER wrote & recorded the album at the age of 33, which may also explain the album's Jesus fixation), fearful, & bitter. Drawing influence from Bowie & Roxy Music, rather than the Stones & Beatles, here he crafted one of the darkest yet anthemic albums of all time. An absolute masterpiece .

ELLIOTT SMITH-Roman Candle 180g LP (Kill Rock Stars-$16.99)
Kill Rock Stars is proud to re-issue Roman Candle, Elliott Smith's first solo album, originally released on Portland's Cavity Search Records in 1994. Roman Candle is now re-mastered for the re-release by Roger Seibel (SAE) and Larry Crane, editor of Tape Op Magazine and archivist for Elliott's family. Originally released in very limited LP quantity, this is the first time that Roman Candle is widely available on both standard and 180 gram vinyl.
'Elliott Smith began his career like most aspiring musicians in the Northwestern states: putting in the requisite hours in a grunge band. Being a team player, however, is not Smith's forte. After those buzzy shows in the bars of Portland, OR, he would retreat backstage with his acoustic guitar and whisper his own quiet songs to himself. This album is his first attempt to record those songs, and they capture that feeling perfectly: a loner retreating from the noisy tension of life with others, finding solace in musical solitude. Roman Candle was, in fact, recorded in solitude on a four-track in a basement. Smith played all the instruments himself. He has said that he's always surprised when people call his songs "sad," because playing them always made him happy. You can hear that reclusive joy in the light bounce of the melodies and hushed harmonies (which recall Simon & Garfunkel). But his lyrics are haunted by the downbeat, drug-addled life from which he was retreating. For
all their cryptic cleverness, there is a restless unhappiness in his fragmented stories of alienated urbanites. After that description, a reference to the definitive folk loner, Nick Drake, is inevitable. Smith's whispery vocals and able fingerpicking deserve the comparison. The highlight of Roman Candle is the title track. The quietly driving acoustic guitars and threatening bass create a disturbing portrait of a human time bomb, barely containing a seething and simmering undercurrent of bitterness. The rest of the album, by comparison, is pure sunlight.' - All Music Guide

ELLIOTT SMITH-From A Basement On a Hill 180g 2xLP (Kill Rock Stars-$17.99)
Elliott Smith has been a patron saint of the indie scene since his days helming Portland heroes Heatmiser. As a solo artist, Smith led a revolution of home four-trackers, from Beck to Cat Power, out of the bedroom and into the studio, where Smith's fondness for Beatlesque melody led to some of the most beautifully orchestrated pop of the last decade. From a Basement on the Hill is Smith's final recording and finds Smith returning to an edgier, guitar-driven sound, alongside his trademark heart-rending balladry. From a Basement on the Hill was originally released on October 19, 2004 on ANTI- Records and is now proudly re-issued by Kill Rock Stars - now home of all of Elliott's indie releases. Elliott had been working on the record at the time of his death. Elliott's family hired producer Rob Schanpf (Either/Or, XO, Figure 8) and Joanna Bolme to mix and produce the album. The LP is available again on both standard and 180 gram vinyl.

SPACEMEN 3-Perfect Prescription 180g LP (Fire-$17.99)
This is the album on which they perfected their woozy, psychedelic drone-pop, moving beyond mere tribute to their influences into a world all their own. A concept record about a drug trip, from the euphoric high of album opener "Take Me To The Other Side," to the drowsy, disturbed finish of "Call The Doctor," this is, arguably, the band's finest moment & the album that best represents the creative collaboration of main members SONIC BOOM & JASON PIERCE

SPACEMEN 3-Walkin' With Jesus 180g 12" (Fire-$14.99)
First 12-inch single for Glass Records released in 1986. Contains the early version of "Walkin' With Jesus (Sound Of Confusion)", the full 17-minute monster rampage through the 13th Floor Elevators' "Rollercoaster" & the original "Feel So Good"

SPACEMEN 3-Transparent Radiation EP 180g 12" (Fire-$14.99)
"Second 12" single for Glass Records released in 1987. Contains 'Transparent Radiation', the complete and original version of 'Ecstasy Symphony', 'Transparent Radiation (Flashback)', the unedited version of 'Things'll Never Be The Same' and the 10-minute lengthy remake of the MC5's 'Starship'."

SPACEMEN 3-Take Me to the Other Side 180g 12" (Fire-$14.99)
"Third 12" single for Glass Records released in 1988. Contains 'Take Me To The Other Side' along with The Perfect Prescription out-take unfinished instrumental (late nite homage to Stax Records' heyday) 'Soul 1' and 'That's Just Fine'."

SPIRITUALIZED-Pure Phase 2xLP (Plain-$22.99)
2nd album, from 1995. A more symphonic sound as well as a dreamy rock grandeur. Think Brian Wilson & La Monte Young recording together. More than just psychedelic, it's celestial

TELEVISION PERSONALITIES-And Don't The Kids Just Love It 180g LP (Fire-$16.99)
"The first full-length release from the UK's Television Personalities was originally released in 1981. And Don't The Kids Just Love It is lo-fi, minimalist, and quirky pop, post-punk, psychedelia, and folk from one of the era's most idiosyncratic songwriters. Featuring such classic tracks as 'I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives' and 'A Picture of Dorian Gray,' this is one of the greatest and strangest debut records ever."

TELEVISION PERSONALITIES-Mummy You're Not Watching Me LP (Fire-$16.99)
"The second full length from Television Personalities, also released in 1981, is more psychedelic than the first, but still with plenty of dry and acerbic wit. Featuring the classic title track and the acid rock drone of 'David Hockney's Diaries,' a style and sound that Daniel Treacy would explore further on subsequent records. Eccentric post-punk and pop from one the UK's most original bands."

TYCHO-Dive 2xLP (Ghostly International-$19.99)
Scott Hansen, better known as TYCHO & as graphic artist ISO50, spent nearly a decade since his last effort before dropping "Dive" on an unsuspecting public. It pays tribute to Tycho's prismatic past but spends most of it's time pointing to the project"s not-too-distant future. All versions come in slightly different variations of art!

WEEN-God Ween Satan 180g 2xLP (Plain-$20.99)
"Originally released on Twin/Tone in 1990, God Ween Satan was the first album from the eclectic and eccentric duo of Dean and Gene Ween. Twenty-six songs covering nearly as many genres: metal, rock, soul, folk, pop, experimental, and more are covered all with the brilliant mix of humor and pop prowess that only Ween have been able to achieve."

ZOMBIES-Odyssey and Oracle LP (Big Beat - $22.99)
'Odessey and Oracle was one of the flukiest (and best) albums of the 1960s, and one of the most enduring long-players to come out of the entire British psychedelic boom, mixing trippy melodies, ornate choruses, and lush Mellotron sounds with a solid hard rock base. But it was overlooked completely in England and barely got out in America (with a big push by Al Kooper, who was then a Columbia Records producer); and it was neglected in the U.S. until the single "Time of the Season," culled from the album, topped the charts nearly two years after it was recorded, by which time the group was long disbanded. Ironically, at the time of its recording in the summer of 1967, permanency was not much on the minds of the band members. Odessey and Oracle was intended as a final statement, a bold last hurrah, having worked hard for three years only to see the quality of their gigs decline as the hits stopped coming. The results are consistently pleasing, surprising, and challenging: "Hung
Up on a Dream" and "Changes" are some of the most powerful psychedelic pop/rock ever heard out of England, with a solid rhythm section, a hot Mellotron sound, and chiming, hard guitar, as well as highly melodic piano. "Changes" also benefits from radiant singing. "This Will Be Our Year" makes use of trumpets (one of the very few instances of real overdubbing) in a manner reminiscent of "Penny Lane"; and then there's "Time of the Season," the most well-known song in their output and a white soul classic. Not all of the album is that inspired, but it's all consistently interesting and very good listening, and superior to most other psychedelic albums this side of the Beatles' best and Pink Floyd's early work.' - All Music Guide


BIKINI KILL-Pussy Whipped LP
ANDREW BIRD-Mysterious Production of Eggs LP
BLACK SHEEP-A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing LP
DOCK BOGGS-Legendary Banjo Player and Singer LP (NEW LOWER PRICE!)
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART-Clear Spot 180g LP, Safe as Milk LP, Lick My Decals Off Baby 180g LP
JOHN COLTRANE-A Love Supreme 180g LP
JOHN FAHEY-Blind Joe Death LP
FLEETING JOYS-Despondent Transponder LP
FUGAZI-Margin Walker 12"
VINCE GUARALDI TRIO-A Charlie Brown Christmas LP
LUSH-Desire Lines 12"
MAZZY STAR-She Hangs Brightly 180g LP (NEW LOWER PRICE!)
HARRY PARTCH-The World of Harry Partch 180g LP
RED HOUSE PAINTERS-Songs For a Blue Guitar 180g 2xLP
SONNY ROLLINS-Saxophone Colossus LP
JUDEE SILL-s/t 180g LP
SILVER APPLES-The Garden 180g 2xLP
ELLIOTT SMITH-Figure 8 180g LP
SPACEMEN 3-Sound of Confusion 180g LP (NEW LOWER PRICE!)
SPIRITUALIZED-Ladies and Gentlemen 180g 2xLP (NEW LOWER PRICE!)
UNREST-Imperial f.f.r.r. 180g LP
SCOTT WALKER-Scott 2 180g LP
SCOTT WALKER-Scott 3 180g LP
SCOTT WALKER-Scott 4 180g LP
WIRE-Pink Flag 180g LP
WIRE-Chairs Missing 180g LP

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