Date: October 6th 2008

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Fall is here, and so are two long awaited re-stocks from Air Formation! Also issue #67 of Tape Op Magazine is here! Plus, the latest releases from Distant Noise, Fat Cat, Jagjaguwar, Drag City and more! Exclusives, more new titles and re-stocks in the update, and on the site.


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AIR FORMATION-S/T CD (Drive In-$4.99)
Very excellent shimmering and fuzzy shoegazing guitar sounds backed by a steady clean rhythm section, and accompanied by soft male vocals and possibly some keyboards in the mix too!

AIR FORMATION-Ends In Light CD (Drive In-$8.99)
A neat line in concise melody that lends structure to their monumental washes of sound (there we go again) and a voice-as-instrument vocal delivery that charms by being far better than it thinks it is. "ENDS IN LIGHT" is the sound of a band grown up way past the frontal assault of their eponymous 2000 debut. Carving out a space in their previously favoured wall of distortion and delay has allowed Air Formation to evolve a dazzling array of sonic texture and colour. The assurance that radiates from these songs' gleaming, perfectly crafted surfaces is matched 100% by a growing emotive depth.

CAUSE CO-MOTION!-I Lie Awake 7" (Slumberland-$6.99)
VINYL FORMAT. Following a series of increasingly rad singles on labels like What's Yr Rupture? and the band's own Can't Cope, caUSE co-MOTION! bring their patented reverb-happy pop to Slumberland and it just fits like a glove. Like their previous records, "I Lie Awake" is produced to crash-boom-bang perfection by Tim Barnes (Rogers Sisters, Sonic Youth). A blazing chaos of jangle, clatter, and thump - busted strings and broken hearts. Hummable tunes to scratch that TVPs/Pastels/Comet Gain itch, with more than a dash of 14 Iced Bears and Desperate Bicycles in there too. Three doses of pure DIY pop pleasure, straight from the garage to your ears, feet and heart.

DAWN CHORUS IGNITES-Glimmer CDEP (Distant Noise-$14.99)
Dawn Chorus Ignites have been really busy boys this year and the new material is coming thick and fast - 'Glimmer' on Distant Noise is one of two releases out this year... the much anticipated 'Signs' EP is also due for general release very soon. Mat and Ben created this project with a slightly different approach than that of their other release 'Signs'. Because they had the luxury of already know roughly what the artwork for the CD was going to be, they drew upon the style, colors and textures of the artwork and informed this in the creation of the music itself. So the result is a melodic sweeping symphony of guitar based ambient shoe-gaze music, which picks you up and takes you on a journey of elated relaxed disorientation with hints of melancholic sinisterness and leaves you with a feeling of inner calm. In other words it really is rather good!

LIECHTENSTEIN-Apathy 7" (Fraction Discs-$5.99)
After last year's debut success with "Stalking Skills" - and a frequent gigging around in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany and United Kingdom - Liechtenstein is finally back with a new 7" single! The title track "Apathy", which offers a contemplation of an alternative reality, is built upon plenty of beautifully arranged vocal harmonies and proves once again that between a sweet sounding pop song and a protest emerges a sparkling assembly. On the flipside you'll find the dymanic and stirring "Security By Design" where Liechtenstein this time has brightened the sound with a slightly Mexican sounding trumpet, almost like it was cut out from a Californian masterpiece anno 1968. Included is a code that allows you to download the songs in mp3 format.

OPPRESED BY THE LINE-Soft Focus CD (Drifting Falling-$11.99)
After three years in London, in which he released his debut, "The Cause of the Colour" on Club AC30, OBTL stands ready to release the follow up. "Soft Focus" is overall richer in texture and more thoroughly realized than its predecessor. "Soft Focus" is 10 tracks of mournful melodies and sonic bliss.

SLOW DANCING SOCIETY-Priest Lake Circa '88 CD (Hidden Shoal-$10.99)
Following on from the ice-sculpted cinematics of the critically praised The Slow and Steady Winter, Priest Lake Circa '88 is Drew Sullivan's finest work to date. In essence, it is the second part of a double album that began with The Slow and Steady Winter, acting as a long-distance conclusion to the double album's narrative arc. Priest Lake Circa '88 exudes restraint and repose, yet is so richly melodic and full. While the album draws its raw ideas from ambient music, post rock and even dream pop, it is masterfully crafted into something that could only ever find itself under the Slow Dancing Society moniker. Tracks such as the single 'A Warm Glow' typify the album and find Sullivan issuing forth waves of radiant synth drones and glistening guitars that ripple effortlessly across the sonic vista. As always, Sullivan manages to weave an intrinsically complex emotional spine through the track's near eight minutes. Priest Lake Circa '88 speaks of both departure and eventual ret
urn, and perhaps in its broadest sense the notion of "home". Above all, this is music to bathe in: warm, steamy and all-encompassing.

TAPE OP-Issue #67: Sept/Oct 2008 MAG (Tape Op-$5.00)
Issue #67 (Sept/Oct 2008) On the cover: T-Bone Burnett, Kevin Killen, Scott Solter, Tim Hatfield, Nino Moschella, Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, Bitone, Bob Heil. Also in this issue: Fix It Before The Mix, Reamping Drums, Crossword Puzzle and Gear and CD Reviews.


ALVA NOTO-Unitxt CD (Raster-Noton-$16.99)
After finishing the Transall Cycle in 2006 and introducing the Xerrox series in 2007, Alva Noto (Carsten Nicolai) makes a move back to his more rhythmic approach with Unitxt. Seen as a kind of continuation of the Transspray EP from 2004, Unitxt was recorded during Raster-Noton Japan tours in 2006 and 2007. Unit -- the initial working title of the album -- is the name of Club Unit in Tokyo. The way of composing the tracks in the grid of 120 bpm and out of different rhythmic units or modules recombined, as well as the mode of expression used for the text component of the recordings (developed in collaboration with the French sound poet Anne-James Chaton), changed the original title to Unitxt. Anne-James Chaton delivers the text/voice for the tracks "U_07" and "U_08-1." Track "U_07" is based on a portrait of Carsten Nicolai, where the text was generated from a simple instruction: just to read all notes, credit cards, invoices, business cards, etc., out of Nicolai's wallet. For "
U_8-1," Anne-James Chaton used numbers from the golden cut (or golden ratio), quoting a simple but endless row of numbers from the mathematical concept. After the first 10 tracks that are the core recordings of Unitxt, there are 15 more tracks generated from converting pure data from programs, jpgs or other digital files into sound material. These tracks could be considered as source code "solos" to be played on top of the first 10 tracks or to be regarded as sonic concept recordings.

ASTEROID NO.4-These Flowers Of Ours CD (The Committee To Keep Music Evil-$14.99)
Rooted deep in psychedelic music, specifically that of the 1960's and early 1990's British bands, A4 has never shied away from wearing their influences firmly on their sleeves. Dabbling in everything from Anglo-induced guitar pop to the "Cosmic American" sounds of vintage L.A. country-rock outfits, the band has never lost site of it's goals, which was to become themselves.

JOHN BAKER-The John Baker Tapes Volume 1: BBC Radiophonics CD (Trunk-$15.99)
Subtitled: Rare & Unreleased Workshop Recordings 1963-1969. This groundbreaking release represents the first major retrospective of any BBC Radiophonic composer. The legendary BBC Radiophonic Workshop, one of the sound effects units of the BBC, was created in 1958 to produce effects and new music for radio. Sounds for programs were created by using recordings of everyday sounds such as voices, bells, gravel and other raw materials for "radiophonic" manipulations, in which audio tape could be played back at different speeds, pitches, cut and joined, or processed. The Workshop's innovations in manipulative sound is akin to those used in musique concrète, and has had a profound influence on the evolution of modern electronic music. By the early 1960s, John Baker (1937-1997) had become permanent Radiophonic staff, and one-third of the holy trinity of composers (the other two being Delia Derbyshire and David Cain), working there throughout the golden 1960s and early 1970s. The 50
tracks on volume 1 of this set represent the major body of important work he produced there, and most tracks have remained unissued, until now. Together, these tracks give an incredible, diverse and magical insight into the man and his methods of working. Rare archive recordings here reveal his production techniques and highlight his innovative trademark sounds and humor. We have jingles, themes, stings, soundtracks and soundscapes from a wide variety of BBC TV, radio and public information broadcasts, as well as exceptionally rare cues from Radiophonic non-broadcast commissions. Highlights include the proto-techno opening for "Dial M For Murder," the electro-jazz intensities of "Vendetta," the plugged-in bossa nova of "Au Printemps," and the revealing "Woman's Hour (Reading Your Letters)" archive interview. All classic stuff. As mentioned before, most of these recordings have remained either lost or unissued until now -- this really is a rare treat and a significant release for followers and fans of vintage British electronics, electroacoustic work, and for buffs of the Delaware Road output. Many of these tracks were even thought lost until they were recently discovered in (his brother) Richard Baker's archive.

KARL BLAU-Nature's Got Away CD (K-$11.99)
Nature's Got Away made it to tape fresh off of a tour in Spring 2007 where Karl Blau traveled to Japan and performed with some of his biggest musical influences: namely Tori Kudo (Maher Shalal Hash Baz), Reiko Kudo, Nikaido Kazumi, the Moools, Tennis Coats, and Arrington DeDionyso (of K Records, Old Time Relijun). Written on the road and recorded at "home" at the beloved Dub Narcotic Studio by Karl Blau accompanied mainly by: Olympians-- Peter Dolan (Chin-Up Merryweather), and members of LAKE: Lindsay Shief, Eli Moore, Mark Morrison, Micah Davis-Wheeler, Andrew Dorsett, and Ashley Eriksson; with also Portland folks Nate Ashley and Greg Olin (Graves); and Seattle's Steve Moore (Earth, Sunn0)))))). Esoteric Blau says regarding this Nature's Got Away release: "Invoking the fates and listening deeply into the forces present-- the room, the instruments, the players, listening to the microphones, listening to the wood grain-- the director of a musical piece may find that the less h
eavy handed one can be, the more one can approach hands free and even getting out of the way of a 'happening.' And if you use your hands to guide you in the forest on a clouded night you will not forget this experience."

BLITZEN TRAPPER-Furr CD (Sub Pop-$12.99)
Like its predecessor, Furr was made largely in the group's studio at Sally Mack's School of Dance, which is housed in the aforementioned telegraph building near downtown Portland. This is a small T-shaped room with high ceilings, a couch, a hot-plate, and a mixing console. During reprieves from tour, songwriter and producer Eric Earley lived furtively in the studio, crashing on the couch, but rising with the sun or staying up into the nether hours when the other bands in the building quit and went home. It was during these quiet times that the new songs took shape, with rhythm sections printed hot to four-track and then layered and embellished and deconstructed or sometimes just left the way they were.

CASIOTONE FOR THE PAINFULLY ALONE-Town Topic CDEP (Secretly Canadian-$7.99)
The "Town Topic" EP is the soundtrack to video artist and photographer Laurel Nakadate's debut feature film, "Stay The Same Never Change." Laurel commissioned CASIOTONE FOR THE PAINFULLY ALONE'S Owen Ashworth to proved all of the music for "Stay The Same Never Change", right down to the character's ring tones. The "Town Topic" EP consists of thirteen short instrumental pieces, book-ended by tow vocal tracks that were recorded specifically for the film. This EP also collects tracks from two limited, vinyl-only EPs (the "Town Topic" 7", released by OIB Records in Brighton, England, and STSNC Instrumentals 7", released by People In A Position To Know Recordings, Inc. in Olympia, WA), plus one bonus track, the previously unreleased "Lesley Gore on the Tami Show (instrumental)."

CHARALAMBIDES-Branches CD (Wholly Other-$12.99)
"A rare document of a brief arc in Charalambides' 17 year (and counting) trajectory, somewhere between the extreme spatial attenuation of the long gone Crucial Blast CDR Being As Is and the gentle intergalactic trio sway of the kranky disk Unknown Spin -- and quite distance from both the exclamatory exhalations of Joy Shapes and the layered songcraft of Likeness. These are spartan duets of formalistic near-symmetry, a reminder that there was a time when Charalambides swung as close to the axis of Incus and FMP as to that of Takoma and ESP. Christina (voice) and Tom Carter (guitar) improvise non-textual melodic lines around a locus of mirror clarity, occasionally overlapping various strands using two DAT machines and a mixing board, in a nod to the pre ProTools digital scrap heap. Originally issued as a Peter King lathe cut LP on Eclipse Records in an edition of 100 in 2000, the reissue of this extreme rarity is remastered from a superior source for maximum clarity. Inkblot ar
twork courtesy of Heather Leigh Murray. The whole package is dedicated to Bruce Connor (R.I.P.). The reissue at hand is an edition of 500, with fold-over printed sleeves in the style of Electricity Ghosts."

CHILDREN OF THE WAVE-Carapace CD (Sensory Projects-$16.99)
Children Of The Wave present 'Carapace', their debut album, filled with experiments in pop, ethnic-melds, near-country, acoustics, found sounds, field recordings, and cinematic abstractions of the most textural inclination.

DEAN & BRITTA-L'Avventura CD (Double Feature-$13.99)
Originally released in 2003, but unavailable for two years now due to label issues, L'Avventura was conceived as a side project for Luna bandmates (now husband & wife) Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips. Produced by legend Tony Visconti, the album is a mix of duets, originals and covers (songs by Opal, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Madonna, The Doors, and Silver Jews). Includes 4 remixed tracks by Sonic Boom, originally released on the Sonic Souvenirs EP.

DIPLO-I Like Turtles Mix CD (Mad Greasy-$9.99)
An absolutely insane party mix from Diplo, hopping genres with absolute irreverence and disdain for conventional notions of what's good and bad. In amongst bangers by Mr. Vegas, M.I.A. and Diplo himself (all of whom crop up on multiple occasions), you'll find improbably coherent transitions from Nirvana to Marc Houle, Soulja Boy to Bat For Lashes and Justice to The White Stripes. He even manages to weave some Spoon in there without sounding too illogical about it. Somehow I Like Turtles manages to avoid the relentless cornball antics of the B-More mash-up school (although you'll find some of that secreted away in here somewhere), instead it maintains some semblance of artfulness and dignity while never getting all-out serious. Even at the mix's borderline-risible conclusion, you can still just about swallow Diplo's antics, and it's almost with a grim sense of inevitability that we encounter 'Do The Bartman' as a signing off number. "Yo." Says Bart Simpson, in that most immort
al of opening lines. "Hey, what's happening dude?" He continues. "I'm a guy with a rep for being rude."

ROBERT FORSTER-The Evangelist CD (Yep Roc-$14.99)
Robert Forster's first album in 11 years, The Evangelist finds the Go-Betweens co-founder as winsome and haunting as ever. Nearly two years after the death of Grant McLennan, his fellow Go-Between and writing partner of 30 years, Forster has produced an album that is both wildly progressive and haunted by the ghost of his artistic soul mate. "Demon Days," co-written with McLennan shortly before he died, is an all too telling spine tingling journey into oblivion. "Pandanus" and "Did She Overtake You?" are lively juggernauts that delightfully reprise the rhythmic tensions of Spring Hill Fair. "The Evangelist" is a wistful cousin to "He Lives My Life" (from The Friends of Rachel Worth) and "From Ghost Town" is a deeply personal and poignant farewell to a lost brother. Throughout, The Evangelist is a masterpiece of honesty and compassion. Forster himself describes The Evangelist this way, "I wasn't sure if I was ever going to make another record, but this summer it just materiali
zed. It's a direct record. I've written seven of the songs, and three are co-written with Grant. Adele and Glenn from The Go-Betweens are with me. It's not Oceans Apart 2 - it's something else, but with trails going into the past and I'm proud of it."

FRIGHTENED RABBIT-The Midnight Organ Fight CD (Fat Cat-$11.99)
Following just six months in tow of the 'Sing The Greys', 'Midnight Organ Fight' is nonethless a very different beast. A progression both in terms of songwriting and sonic depth, the majority of songs on their debut were written sporadically over a two year period, whereas 'Midnight...' was conceived over a much shorter period, with the band spending much longer in preparation for the recordings themselves. This renewed sense of focus shows in the detail and general completeness of the album, a transcendental pop record that rewards each further listen . Scott Rabbit concurs: 'I think it gives it a very tangible sense of a certain time in my life, allowing the album to feel like a rounded whole as opposed to a selection of songs'. An unconventional three-piece with a defined personality, and a gift for being able to nail a near perfect pop song, Frightened Rabbit convey candid tales of ordinary folk with a wry, acerbic wit via an eloquent, emotive, modern garage-pop aesthetic

GESCOM-ISS SA CD (Skam-$7.99)
"First release from Gescom since 1998. Four brand new tracks." Geiger-esque sleeve, braille sticker, no standard info provided.

GEMMA HAYES-The Hollow Of Morning CD (Second Motion-$14.99)
Six years, two albums, the highs of critical accolades and the lows of doubt and exhaustion have all led Dublin native, Gemma Hayes, to her third album, "Hollow of Morning." And with another roll of the dice, Hayes shows herself to have grown into an incredible songwriter and also a woman who has surveyed her career to date and decided to go her own way, independent in every sense. Co-produced by long-time cohort and collaborator David Odlum, who worked with Gemma on her Mercury-nominated debut, "Night on My Side," "Hollow of Morning" is a ten-track filigree of melody and subtle harmonic rhythms. It's a sparkling album awash with melody and poignant turns of phrase. An independent flare shot into the night sky that is both searching and illuminating. Guests include: Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine) and Paul Noonan (Bell XI).

GIDDY MOTORS-Do Easy CD (Fat Cat-$11.99)
'Do Easy' grabs you by the throat and doesn't stop shaking until it's good and ready. Honing half their album on their punishing US tour, the remaining tracks were completed by 2005, recorded in London over 4 weekends for just £900, by 21 year old Tobias Warwick-Jones, in a Greenwich Light-Industrial Unit. Giddy Motors have thrown a fit of powerful, violent music, which nevertheless retains the complexity and artistry of their debut. It's hard to believe that such a powerful sounding record has come out of such limited resources. 'Do Easy' sounds like a band hitting their collective stride.

DAVID GRUBBS-An Optimist Notes the Dusk CD (Drag City-$13.99)
An Optimist Notes The Dusk is for the most part a pronounced return to songwriting, and despite the occasional presence of drums and even a smattering of trumpet the album takes on the very solitary sound, largely confined to one man's voice and guitar. 'Gethsemani Night' extols the power of this setup very well. Grubbs' electric guitar goes beyond the role usually assigned by singer-songwriter formats. This sounds much freer and unrooted, drifting in a broken, melancholic fashion with occasional, submerged brass accompaniment. 'Holy Fool Music' marks the first instance of a 'full band' sound on the album, rocking out much like a slightly deformed Sonic Youth record before dissolving into something a little more pensive. The gentle guitar meditations on 'Storm Sequence' and 'Eyeglasses Of Kentucky' remind you that Grubbs has been known to fraternise with Loren Connors, evoking that more abstract side to Grubbs' work that's never too far from the surface before finally succumb
ing to it entirely on 'The Not So Distant', a twelve minute drone piece that sounds as lonely and as introspective as the tone harnessed on earlier tracks.

HOWLING HEX-Earth Junk CD (Drag City-$13.99)
All-new, all-different record. An electric country-pop hoedown for small ensemble (featuring circus organ), as minimal & repetitive as all rock & roll while creating a bit of curiosity and perplexity, Howling Hex are convinced that they owe the audience something of value for their money - Earth Junk! This album is a ramble in the dappled sunlight of the American southwest, twisted metallic folk-art in the ever-changing breeze, an offering to all nations.

I HEART LUNG-Interoceans CD (Asthmatic Kitty-$11.99)
On Interoceans, I Heart Lung blends first-take methods with Oblique Strategies: carefully composed, meticulously recorded pieces rooted in improvisation, revised and augmented over time. The results are a compelling vision of chaos and beauty as Chris Schlarb's electric guitar drones and Tom Steck's free-jazz drumming hold and flutter with shimmering acoustic guitars, soaring pedal steel and beautifully captured field recordings. When Kris Tiner's trumpet follows Nels Cline's electric sitar three minutes into "Interoceans II," it's like Don Cherry's loving spirit doting on universal music drones. Presented as a set of four long-form drone-based compositions, Interoceans hints both at the sonic palette and renegade spirit of ECM Records alumnus Steve Tibbetts and Ralph Towner and the measured studio edge of Talk Talk's Laughing Stock. While influenced by Fripp & Eno, Miles Davis, and Terry Riley, I Heart Lung possesses a healthy balance between tradition and the respectful cor
ruption thereof.

JACKIE-O MOTHERFUCKER-Freedomland CD (Very Friendly-$16.99)
This is a collection of live-recorded improvised material by Portland, Oregon's Jackie-O Motherfucker. Compiled by founding member Tom Greenwood, this music captures the sound of a reconfigured Jackie-O during the late summer of 2006, with vocalist Eva Salens (Inca Ore), Tom Greenwood, Danny Sasaki, and Nick Bindeman. Their first stop was at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, where the group were scheduled for their first appearance supporting the Dirty Three. There they would begin -- unrehearsed in this formation, and in front of a large audience. The plans to perform material from their newest release Flags of the Sacred Harp were scrapped, and the band launched into a free-form set of improvised, trance-inducing, punk-inspired, psychedelic rock, which became the framework of the new music they would develop together over the next few years. Freedomland is the document of this trip through America. The record consists of location recordings, captured live, and
mastered in the United Kingdom. The songs were created from the spirit of improvisation, and honed by performing nightly in dive bars, music halls, and art galleries across America. Salens' vocal delivery is raw and honest, the words flow from conversations, to streams-of-sub-conscious conjuring, and prayer. Guitars alternately soar into cloud-scapes, and battle like free-jazz saxophones, propelling the group into new terrain nightly, while the percussion of Danny Sasaki alternates between exploratory and dead-solid motoric. The collection was edited by Tom Greenwood, from dozens of live recordings, and captures a rare moment in the band's long and confusing history. As Greenwood himself describes, this is "truly the music of everyday life -- birthed each night in a new form, from musicians who put great faith in each other, under awesome strain at times, to project modern music, with soul."

JASPER TX-Black Sheep CD (Miasmah-$14.99)
This is the fifth full-length release by Swedish musician, Dag Rosenqvist aka Jasper TX. Black Sleep, in a way, feels like the album he has been building up to for some time now, as if all his previous experiences in creating haunting, oft-beautiful soundscapes have been harvested and fine-tuned. Originally conceived as one continuous track, Black Sleep is no random collection of songs -- it is one work, one statement. Ambitious as it may be, it's impossible to deny its resounding success. As is often the case with Jasper TX's music, the guitar plays a prominent role. This album sees every conceivable sound caressed and tortured from the instrument, from the romantic and direct chimes of "Pt. III" to the distant whisper of "Pt. IV." Rosenqvist states Oren Ambarchi, Johann Johannsson, Arvo Pärt and Tim Hecker amongst his influences -- something that gives some insight into the sound and scale of this release. Impossible to explain in simple terms, comparisons could also be mad
e to Deathprod, with sounds slowly emerging and disappearing into thick clouds of murky warmth. Black Sleep is also akin to a symphony -- its orchestra made from guitars, pianos and synthesizers instead of the usual strings and brass. This release is possibly one of Rosenqvist's darkest moments, its bleakness somewhat in tribute to the soundtracks and visual artistry of David Lynch's Mulholland Drive. This is music for rainy days spent indoors, looking out towards a vacant street while tracing the build up and release of condensation droplets. This release is a stand-out for the Miasmah label and will undoubtedly be remembered as Jasper TX's most concise and accomplished album to date.

JOY DIVISION-In The Studio With Martin Hannett CD (Dandelion-$19.99)
There's probably a reasonably good case to be made that the billing of this album should be Martin Hannett - In The Studio With Joy Division, such is the dominance of the producer's presence on these recordings. In truth, this is less an album and more like a series of indispensible studio offcuts and engineering experiments by Hannett, using Joy Division as his source material. Largely taken from sessions at Cargo Studios in Rochdale recorded between 1978 and 1979, these tracks are based around Joy Division classics like 'Atmosphere', 'Digital', 'Dead Souls', 'Glass' and 'Ice Age', though not always recognisably so. There's a lot of material based on ambience, warm-ups and equipment tests in addition to full mixes, all of which provides a precious insight into the working methods of Hannett and the band, one of the most iconic creative partnerships of the post-punk era.

LYMBYC SYSTEM-Love Your Abuser Remixed CD (Mush-$8.99)
These Tempe, AZ brothers draw inspiration from Tortoise, Explosions In The Sky, and Four Tet. Their compositions combine vintage keyboards, infectious melodies, analog effects, dynamic drumming, and intricate laptop programming to form melodic tracks that blur the borders between post-rock, indie rock, and folktronica. Here, they asked friends (The Album Leaf, The One AM Radio, Daedelus, This Will Destroy You, and Back Ted-N-Ted) to remix their Mush Records debut, "Love Your Abuser". Working simultaneously as a companion piece to the 2007 release and as a compelling new album on its own, "Love Your Abuser Remixed" is further testament to the duo's powerful presence in the instrumental music scene.

MALUCO-Right Time CD (Karaoke Kalk-$15.99)
This is the debut full-length release by Maluco, a collaborative project by international musicians Max Loderbauer, Pier Bucci and Argenis Brito. Maluco are sure to delight listeners with this summer-fresh release of atmospheric dub soundscapes with electronic pop appeal. Tracks like "Dreamer" carry you away to warm summer nights on the Mediterranean, and whether you are driven into instrumental intoxication ("Evandro") or seduced by Argenis' highly-accented yet excellent vocals ("Passport"), Maluco make you feel comfortable. Flowing rhythms and melodies unite various musical periods; "River" is a cover of the Brian Eno and John Cale song, good old-fashioned reggae is evident in "Sam" and there are country music influences hiding within "Doped." All in all, it's the softer sounds that take the foreground and stimulate your sensitive synapses. Argenis Brito was born in Venezuela and is the singer of Señor Coconut. He scored an international hit with Chilean-born Pier Bucci ("H
ay Consuelo"), and together they formed the duo Mambotur. Max Loderbauer is one-half of Chica And The Folder with Paula Schopf, works with Tom Thiel as Sun Electric, and formed NSI with Tobias Freund. These three dignitaries of electronic music have composed an acoustic experience that is drenched in sunshine. Right Time makes your wanderlust grow and day-to-day worries disappear. Maluco -- soothing summer sounds in a rush of electronics.

METAPHROG | MUM | HEY-Lois: Dreams Never Die COMIC BOOK+7" (Fat Cat-$11.99)
A limited blue-vinyl edition of this lovely artifact from Fat Cat, finally available. Berlin's wonderful Hey project has collaborated with Iceland's Mum and Metaphrog's comic creation 'Louis' for something a little bit special. First came the release of the fabulous cassette-only album 'Magnetophone', while Fat Cat now bring us this beautiful package featuring a 44 page color comic displaying a brand new Louis story, plus Hey's original 'Dreams Never Die' and a fabulous remix from Mum on 7" vinyl. You know how it is with Fat Cat releases - they just don't tend to stay in stock for very long. Double so with this collectors item - so don't sleep!

NAGISA NI TE-Yosuga CD (Jagjaguwar-$11.99)
The Japanese duo of Shinji Shibayama and Masako Takeda deliver an album that consists of both beautiful arrangements and soft melodies. Having perfected a certain simplicity with regard to songwriting, Nagisa Ni Te's subtle instrumental variations range from folky acoustic strumming to psychedelic guitar riffs, resulting in an amazing cross between progressive and folk rock. But once again it's both the simplicity of the music and the confidence with which the duo delivers these finely crafted compositions that are most compelling. Yosuga - the meaning of which refers to the source or grounds upon which the body and mind rely - is one of Nagisa Ni Te's finest efforts.

NO AGE-Weirdo Rippers CD (Fat Cat-$11.99)
Two young heavyweights from the LA Skate / Art / Punk underworld, No Age are comprised of Dean Spunt and Randy Randall, a super-talented noise pop two piece decided to release five ltd. vinyl only releases on a variety of DIY indie labels across the globe on the same day (namely UTR, Deleted Art, Teardrops, Youth Attack, and Dean's own PPM label), and their debut LP release, 'Weirdo Rippers', is a collection of recorded highlights taken from the aforementioned releases. Made available on CD for the first time, and serving as a concise introduction to the bands sound, the tracklist nevertheless follows a narrative of its own, with the songs traversing a wealth of sonic territory, and lending themselves to an album that clearly stands up in it's own right.

SEAN O'HAGAN | JEAN PIERRE MULLER-The Musical Paintings Vol. 1 BOOK+CD (Drag City-$16.99)
A 96-page book, 13 x 14.5 cm, with a CD containing the soundtrack of the two Musical Paintings as well as a virtual version of the Musical Wheel. There is also a limited edition with an original screen print by Jean Pierre Muller and a bonus track by Sean O'Hagan.

PICA BEATS-Beating Back The Claws of The Cold CD (Hardly Art-$10.99)
This record packs a wallop and displays The Pica Beats' ability to bend and blend all manner of genre. The hyper-literate storytelling conveys an otherworldly elegance, weaving effortlessly with the record's sonic spectrum. The sum of the parts is a poised, polished, and nimble collection of subtle indie pop.

MARTIN REV-Les Nymphes CD (File Thirteen-$13.99)
Instrumentalist in the legendary duo Suicide, Martin Rev is one of music's most influential artists (Springsteen ended his set with a Suicide song every night on tour recently). 2004's 'To Live' was heralded by many as his best since early Suicide.

MAX RICHTER-24 Postcards In Full Colour CD (Fat Cat-$11.99)
Following eighteen months after Edinburgh-based pianist / composer Max Richter's last album comes the release of the gorgeous, intriguingly framed '24 Postcards In Full Colour'. Richter's fourth album is a dazzling conceptual exercise of great beauty and emotional resonance. Certainly his most concise, '24 Postcards...'may also be Max's most coherent and compelling work to date. Beautifully played, richly textured and detailed, the album foregrounds Max's sheer class as a composer and producer.

STEINBECKS-Far From The Madding Crowd CD (Microindie-$11.99)
On 'Far From the Madding Crowd,' Steinbecks' songwriters, brothers Josh & Joel Meadows, team up with their cousin Tali White for the first time (Lucksmiths, Guild League) to craft one of the first shining pop gems of the post-Candle Melbourne pop scene. The world is in a mess, The Steinbecks seem to acknowledge, but faith, hope and love remain. 'Far From the Madding Crowd' exists within this reality and tries to tell the story of it through the only medium The Steinbecks know: the pop song.

SUN BLINDNESS-Like Pearly Clouds CD (Sensory Projects-$16.99)
Sun Blindness formed in late 2004 when singer/guitarist Tor Larsen met guitarist Duncan Eastey. Sharing a love and appreciation of psychedelic music and culture, they began to play together and write songs influenced primarily by the droning space rock of 1980's underground heroes Spacemen 3, a secret enthusiasm for The Doors and a treasure trove of strange psychedelic compilations spanning from the 60's to the 80's. What resulted was 'Like Pearly Clouds', an already acclaimed masterpiece of dreamy psychedelia and droning landscapes.

TEN KENS-Ten Kens CD (Fat Cat-$11.99)
Familiar yet idiosyncratic, with an already finely honed sensibility towards conveying their own volatile mix of bittersweet melody and spiked, lysergic alt-rock, Ten Kens traverse a wealth of emotional terrain. Lyrically oblique or cryptic, suggesting worlds of possibility, their album is by turns introspective and belligerent, shot through with a pensive air and a contrary swagger, relayed via cavernous reverb.

TWILIGHT SAD-Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters CD (Fat Cat-$11.99)
Epic in scope and equally as intense, the band are inspired by a diverse range of music from Van Dyke Parks to Phil Spector, Daniel Johnston, and beyond, although the band are as influenced by their immediate geography ('the sticks just outside Glasgow'), as they are any particular musical reference points. Recorded at Chem 19 and Ca Va studios, Glasgow, and mixed and produced by the band and Peter Katis (Interpol, Mercury Rev, Mice Parade) in Tarquin Studios, Connecticut, 'Fourteen Autumns...' is nevertheless liable to evoke a more familiar indie canon, from white-noise era Creation Records, to fellow Scots Arab Strap or Mogwai.

WHAT MADE MILWAUKEE FAMOUS-What Doesn't Kill Us CD (Barsuk-$11.99)
The follow-up to their debut, "Trying To Never Catch Up" is an album that, from start to finish, stands as a singular piece of art by a band hitting their stride. "Who's Next - 10 bands to look out for next year" - Magnet. "Positively exuberant, teeming with squiggly keys, extroverted hooks, and brightly anthemic guitar, all grounded by Michael Kingcaid's mellifluous croon" - Spin.

LP / 12" / 7" RECORDS

ALPS-III LP (Type-$18.99)
LP version. Although III might be the third album from San Francisco trio The Alps, it marks their first studio-based record and a fresh direction for the psychedelic supergroup. Made up of Tarentel mainman Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, ex-Tussle member Alexis Georgopoulos (better known as ARP), and ex-Troll member Scott Hewicker, there is a deft amount of skill on display as the three rip through eight tracks of sizzling spiritual bliss. Comparisons here are easy to bring up -- Popol Vuh, Ennio Morricone and Serge Gainsbourg spring to mind for starters, as the band toss and tangle through thick drum breaks and reverberating, sun-drenched guitar lines. III feels like a lost soundtrack to some crumbling Italian surrealist classic with its pounding bass lines and swirling synthesizers. This is visual music, inspired by the likes of Werner Herzog, Alejandro Jordorowsky and Michaelangelo Antonioni, but what results is far more than a pastiche. Rather, the trio have concocted a record whic
h, while being aware of its sprawling influences, is far more than the sum of its parts. The finest excesses of progressive rock and the leanest intricacies of the psychedelic folk scene have been splashed together with a distinct, dusty funk overlook to produce something which is totally out of time. Free from some half-baked scene or other, this is the result of three musicians doing exactly what they want. III has taken a plethora of sounds and crumbled them into something altogether beguiling. From the distant supernaturalism of "Trem Fantasma" to the Terry Riley-influenced bliss of "Pink Light," The Alps show us that there's more to psychedelia than meets the eye.

ARABIAN PRINCE-Innovative Life: The Anthology, 1984-1989 LP (Stones Throw-$18.99)
Arabian Prince is like the Pete Best of NWA. He was in there at the embryonic stage just long enough for Dre to deactivate his Jheri curl. They bounced him when Ice Cube re-entered the lineup and went gangsta, leaving Arabian Prince (Mik Lezan) to further his much less angry electro-hop sound. This retrospective covers his work from 1984 to 89, an era in California hip-hop when artists like Egyptian Lover and World Class Wreckin' Cru predominantly focused on party-rocking rather than Glock-busting – maybe because, like Arabian, most of these guys were club DJs. Vinyl comes with gatefold cover.

JOHN BAKER-The John Baker Tapes: BBC Radiophonics, Electro Ads... LP (Trunk-$15.99)
...Soundtracks, and Rare Home Recordings. Previously issued on CD by Trunk, this limited vinyl pressing brings together the finest tracks from the two John Baker CD retrospectives. By the early 1960s, John Baker had become permanent BBC Radiophonic Workshop staff, and one third of the holy trinity of composers (the other two being Delia Derbyshire and David Cain) working there throughout the golden 1960s and early 1970s. These tracks represent the pick of his extraordinary output and feature his Radiophonic work, his electro jingles, soundtrack work, exhibition commissions and rare home recordings. Highlights include the proto-techno opening for Dial M For Murder (like Carl Craig but 20 years earlier), the electro-jazz intensities of "Vendetta," the plugged-in bossa nova of "Au Printemps," and the revealing "Woman's Hour (Reading Your Letters)" archive interview, where Baker explains his surprising musical techniques. Most of these recordings have remained either lost or unis
sued until now -- a rare treat and a significant release for followers and fans of vintage British electronics, electro-acoustic work and for buffs of the Delaware Road output.

BANANAS-New Animals LP (Recess-$10.99)
My band was on tour with The Bananas once and at one show they were pushed to do a sound check. I was eating in another room downstairs when i heard them start. All of the sudden i caught myself wolfing down my food very fast like i was in a hot dog eating contest. The reason was cos it sounded like i was missing a huge fun party. When i finished i ran into the room they were playing and it was empty,like most sound checks are. Even from a faint thump street blocks away they have a spirit and energy that many other bands will never come close to even pretending to have. Their first 3 albums are mainstays in my stereo and never seem to lose charm or fail the test of time. Their 4th album, New Animals, promises even more longevity! Some of their best songs like 'Gentrification for Dummies,' 'Radioaction,' 'National Anthem,' and 'Roly Poly' call this record home. Damn I'm glad they exist!-Todd, Recess

BIRCHVILLE CAT MOTEL-Gunpowder Temple of Heaven CD (Pica Disk-$17.99)
Birchville Cat Motel is the project of New Zealander Campbell Kneale, who has from his base in Lower Hutt since the mid 90-ies established himself as the leading voice of this generation of NZ sound artists. Gunpowder Temple of Heaven is a new highlight in his extensive discography. A single 40 minute long-form piece that keeps building and unfolding; heaven for drone-noise enthusiasts. The CD comes with a booklet with a complete Birchville discography as well as liner-notes by Bruce Russell.

BOREDOMS-Voaltz | Rereler 12" (Rhythm Republic-$19.99)
Exclusive Japanese release. Tracks Include: A. voaltz (u-bus remix by altz / kabamix) B. rereler(di coswamp mix)

COTTON JONES BASKET RIDE-The River Strumming LP (St. Ives-$11.99)
Cotton Jones Basket Ride is the new band fronted by singer-songwriter Michael Nau (former frontman of Page France). The River Strumming is a delightful slab of fuzzed-out dream folk that thumps with a musical heartbeat in a manner not dissimilar to that of forward thinking modern-day shamen like Will Hart and Brightblack Morning Light. This album completed itself, so to speak, forming in pieces over a six month span while the band was working on its debut full-length Paranoid Cocoon (to be released in late 2008). Nau and company initially set out to make a cohesive record, and made just the opposite. Some songs were recorded on one machine in December, finished on another machine in March, destroyed in April, then attached to another song in May. Likewise, it fits so well with the sort of records that St. Ives is in love with releasing -- the three-legged dogs of the world, the records that don't quite fit elsewhere, barely even within an artist's own body of work. The River
Strumming is limited to 300 vinyl copies in hand-made packaging -- each LP hand-wrought (as all St. Ives releases are) by the band itself -- and is not expected to remain in stock long.

DANIELSON FAMILE-Fetch The Compass Kids LP (Secretly Canadian-$11.99)
The Danielson Famile's latest imaginarium of sound, FETCH THE COMPASS KIDS, is now accessible to the public ears from Secretly Canadian. FETCH is a collaboration between the Famile and uber-engineer Steve Albini, who slept on an air mattress in southern New Jersey for several nights just to complete the task. This unlikely meeting of the minds has produced a whirling dervish of an album, one that is both crisp and deep, with multi-colors and multi-Gospel-rhythms from the Smith family and friends on a gypsy-like parade.

DANIELSON FAMILE-Tell Another Joke At The Ol' Choppin' Block 2xLP (Secretly Canadian-$14.99)
Secretly Canadian is proud to announce the world-wide re-release of TELL ANOTHER JOKE AT THE OL' CHOPPIN' BLOCK. With their second record,TELL ANOTHER JOKE AT THE OL' CHOPPIN' BLOCK, Danielson Famile really established themselves as premier album-makers. Recorded partly in a funeral parlor in South Jersey by Shimmy Disc guru Kramer, the album stands as a potent and surreal testament to eldest brother and chief songwriter Daniel's revisionist take on the daily moral struggle we all wage. He does so with conviction and commitment, while still maintaining a sense of humor without falling into the trap of over-ironizing. "He worries about 'fleshly' matters, dreams of making babies, recalls his own birth and calls his mother 'Mommy,' and plays it all as a family pageant," said CMJ magazine. Vinyl reissue is expanded to a 2x12" LP format as opposed to the 2x10" format in which it debuted, and includes 4 bonus songs from a live WFMU session from 1996.

DANIELSON FAMILE-Tri-Danielson!!! 2xLP (Secretly Canadian-$14.99)
Secretly Canadian is proud to announce the world-wide re-release of TRI DANIELSON!! (Alpha/Omega) This re-issue has been partially remixed and fully remastered and makes its vinyl return dressed up in a brilliant new gate fold jacket along with a very special bonus track.

DR. BOOGIE-Shim Sham Shimmy LP (Sub Rosa-$14.99)
Limited edition vinyl version; CD version previously released by Sub Rosa. This is the third volume in Sub Rosa's collection devoted to rare and lost recordings from the '20s to the '60s. Shim Sham Shimmy has been assembled by Belgian radio personality, musicologist, and Canned Heat devotee, Walter De Paduwa aka Dr. Boogie. This collection pays tribute to about thirty artists, some of whom later became known, like "Master of the Telecaster" Albert Collins, boogie-woogie and blues pianist Champion Jack Dupree, slide guitar innovator Homesick James, harmonica and blues singer, Sammy Myers, "The Boogie Disease" author Doctor Ross, and one-man band wild-man, Joe Hill Louis. The music included here is part of the foundations of all the modern music that would take the world by storm up to our present time. Other artists include: Charles Sheffield, Ramblin Hi Harris, Bobo Jenkins, Clarence Lockley, B. Brown & McVouts, Wright Holmes, Gunter Lee Carr (aka Cecil Gant), Moses Williams,
Haskel Sadler, Larry Dale, Baby Boy Warren, Eddie Snow, Guitar Slim Green, Slim Gaillard, Blue Charlie Morris, Willie Egan, W. Harris, Jake Jackson, Morris Pejoe, Papa George Lightfoot, Pat Hare, Big John & The Dallas Playboys, Lonnie Johnson, and Bob Kelly.

FAUST | NURSE WITH WOUND-Disconnected 2xLP (Dirtier Productions-$42.99)
VINYL FORMAT. Previously released on CD by the Art-Errorist label, this is the vinyl edition of an almost mythical collaboration, joining two of the greatest studio bands in the history of audio recording. Legendary '70s German Krautrock band Faust today includes Werner "Zappi" Diermaier and bassist Jean-Herve Peron, the only original members, joined by Amaury Cambuzat from the band Ulan Bator. British experimental band Nurse With Wound was formed three decades ago by Steven Stapleton, now joined by Colin Potter. Since expectations are most certainly high for such a joint venture, Disconnected delivers in every way, and of course sounds, as you might expect, like both bands, but also stands on it own, as you might not expect. Faust had an early influence way back on a young NWW -- but as the years have passed, NWW have had a profound effect on the German legends. Disconnected opens new worlds of sound with audio collage, incantory drum beats, deconstructed sound samples, mesm
erizing feedback loops, and echoing electronics. New trails are forged by seasoned masters. For the first 1000 copies only, this vinyl edition has two sides of previously-unreleased material, one side pure Faust from the Disconnected sessions, the other a NWW track, unique to this set. The double LP is also pressed on clear yellow and clear orange vinyl for this limited edition.

GENGHIS TRON-Board Up the House Remixes Vol. 1 12" (Temporary Residence-$11.99)
The inaugural album in the ambitious Board Up The House Remixes series opens with Zombi s Steve Moore expanding the very beginning of Board Up The House into a sprawling European film noir soundtrack; Jesu s Justin K Broadrick takes the schizophrenic grind of Colony Collapse and transforms it into a dirty booty-bass track just screaming for a Missy Elliott hook; Rob Crow incidentally pioneers Mariachi-core by adding some Spanish guitar and festive vocals to Things Don t Look Good ; and Eluvium reimagines the 10-minute closer Ergot as an outer space funeral dirge for the 24th Century. Packaged in a jacket featuring remixed album art by Jon Beasley, this pressing is a limited edition of 1,000 copies on a special colored vinyl that corresponds to the artwork.

IT'S A MUSICAL-The Music Makes Me Sick 7" (A Number of Small Things-$6.99)
This is a double A-side release by It's A Musical, featuring songs off of their debut full-length The Music Makes Me Sick, on Morr Music. Two tracks of glorious keys, brass, and catchy vocal melody.

LILI Z-The Two Of Us LP (In The Red-$12.99)
After previous achievements with VOLT, THE SPLASH FOUR, THE NO-TALENTS, and her past collection of home tapes, LILI Z. comes back with fifteen new 8-track cassette living room recordings. Twisted into shapes that vaguely resemble seam-bursting garage punk, the songs' (thirteen originals and reworkings with Lili Z. lyrics of a Bela Bartok piece and an old Rondos chestnut) charm lies in their unpredictability. Sometimes it's a little late-'70s punk rock, sometimes it's catchy, metronome-like electropunk, sometimes it's pure guitar noise freakouts, and sometimes it's experimental tooling around. But most of all, it's pure Lili Z., recorded at home at her most intimate. A sort of musical diary, The Two of Us comes with a stunning, full-color gatefold sleeve of Lili's collages and meticulous illustrations for each song. This vinyl edition is limited to 1,000 and includes a bonus track not on the CD version.

MANIAC'S DREAM-Zanzibar LP (Arbor-$13.99)
"Finland is the epicenter of collective music-making. Under the name Maniac's Dream, members of a variety of Finnish bands such as Avarus, Fricara Pacchu, Kemialliset Ystävät, and more come together to create blown-out free rock (not your typical stoner guitar jams). Their unique/bizarre approach to music-making constantly questioning the construction/deconstruction of sound creates songs at times recalling the electro-acoustic clatter drone of Avarus crossed with tribal rhythms and intergalactic guitar zones. Total sonic freedom with a punk ethos directly influenced by a trip to Zanzibar prior to recording this record (which is a reissue of the long sold-out tape originally released on Lal Lal Lal in 2006). In an edition of 450 records on light blue vinyl with printed labels and full color pro-printed fold-over sleeves with art by Benjamin Bergman and an insert."

MARMOSET-Record In Red LP (Secretly Canadian-$12.99)
Originally released in 2001 on CD by Secretly Canadian, this epic and eerily-addictive album is revered as a dark pop classic of the Midwest underground. Record in Red is an album that has become a touchstone for damaged pop acolytes wanting to ferret out of one another just how twisted their fellow music lover's tastes are. It is Marmoset's finest moment and is now being released on vinyl for the very first time (with free digital download). The music of Record in Red sounds like it comes from a short, golden moment when the Seventies bled into the Eighties and from that place where melody and tone collude to seduce a truth from the dark side of the Midwestern urban experience. It is a hazy and brutal reality that evokes the strangest of nostalgia. The vocals and melodies are delicate, restrained, strange and somehow dissociative. The final effect is nothing short of a poignantly psychotropic Velvet Underground-esque journey on a seriously heavy dosage of painkillers. Bald,
minimally-structured percussion and moody vocals blend by the masterful hand of songwriter, Jorma Whittaker, giving the impression of being underwater - literally or chemically. Witness Marmoset's slow, syrupy, crackling sound as it builds relentlessly toward a final and impossible intensity that is known simply as Record in Red.

JIM O'ROURKE-Despite The Water Supply 7" (Type-$7.99)
American musician and producer Jim O'Rourke continues the Touch Sevens 7" vinyl-only limited edition series with an epic, two-part track recorded at Tokyo's Steamroom, May 2008. This series is a non-digital statement that cannot be applied to digital formats -- the sonic texture, the use of a locked groove, the A & the B. The label chose not to specify the RPM, encouraging listeners to experiment with playback options and personal preferences. Artwork and photography by Jon Wozencroft.

POPULOUS-Drawn In Basic LP (Morr Music-$15.99)
LP version. This is the third album from Italian producer, Andrea Mangia aka Populous on Morr Music, with assistance from MC Short Stories aka Michael McGuire. Whereas Queue For Love (2005) curiously broadened the abstract-electronic foundations of his debut Quipo (2002) with the coordinates jazz, folk and especially soul (as an attitude as well as a sound), Drawn In Basic keeps your ears going in every direction. Andrea Mangia is captain and stowaway, songwriter and sound-bricoleur, with tracks that are tricky, polyphonic, and seconds later, four to the floor. Mangia is the type of person who fell in love with the feedbacking guitars of My Bloody Valentine equally as much he fell in love with the peculiar sounds of synthesizer pioneer, Raymond Scott. There are some peculiar synthesizers assembled on Drawn In Basic as well, not as a cool end in itself, but for their warm sounds. "Man Overboard" is a shoegazing melody, somewhere between indie-pop and disco. "Only Hope" is a ch
arming hybrid of digital sounds and analog soul. "Days" piles up its walls of sound higher and higher. Finally, "Breathes The Best" remains 2007's sparkling event, released as a vinyl single on A Number Of Small Things, the little sister of Morr Music. This record is basic like the programming language of the same name, basic like the translation of analog pop music into a digital matrix, and basically beautiful.

VARIOUS ARTISTS-Oh, Run Into Me, But Don't Hurt Me LP (Sub Rosa-$14.99)
...Female Blues Singers - Rarities 1923-1930. LP version, previously issued on CD. The Sub Rosa label presents a collection of works from obscure and forgotten female blues singers. These voices have survived, through hardship and death, through the dark years of The Great Depression, when profoundly sincere and ferociously ironic blues were at their peak. However, this selection does not constitute a theme-based anthology: it is simply a few little-known female blues singers whose ambiguous leanings, double-entendres, and uncompromising crudeness had been censored by the propriety of their times ruled by sanctimonious prudishness and despicable segregation. These women were expressing a radically new form, or perhaps an ancient, primitive one that plumbs the depths of a universal heartache. Featuring Lucille Bogan, Virginia Liston, Lil Johnson, Margaret Johnson, Monette Moore, Margaret Carter, Jenny Pope, Lena Henry, Anna Jones, Rosa Henderson, Coletha Simpson, Martha Copela
nd, Ivy Smith and Memphis Minnie.

VIVIAN GIRLS-I Can't Stay 7" (In The Red-$4.99)
The latest release by Brooklyn's VIVIAN GIRLS has arrived in the form of this handsome two-song seven inch single featuring two incredible brand new songs exclusive to this release. By now their praises have been sung from Terminal Boredom to Pitchfork to the New York Times. This is one case where you can believe the hype--this is GREAT stuff.

YELLOW SWANS | EX-COCAINE-Split LP (Not Not Fun-$15.99)
Finely dressed in a full-color Maya Miller sleeve, this split release from Ex Cocaine and Yellow Swans captures two wildly differing bands on great form. Ex-Cocaine is the collaboration between guitarist and vocalist Brian Ramirez and percussionist Mike Casler, who fashion psych-heavy instrumental jams leading way out into oblivion, even having a go at a Meat Puppets cover on 'Sexy Music'. Yellow Swans meanwhile don't come nearly so close to that sort of song formatting, instead offering a single 16-minute noise dirge. The piece seems to shift from dark, low-end tones toward the more vicious, brass-like sounds that rear up out of the distortion towards the end. This is just the latest in a line of highly successful split LPs from Not Not Fun which bring together two very different artists under a single banner.

* Plus these titles as described in the CD section above, and exclusive re-stocks:

KARL BLAU-Nature's Got Away LP (K-$9.99)

DAVID GRUBBS-An Optimist Notes the Dusk LP (Drag City-$14.99)

HOWLING HEX-Earth Junk LP (Drag City-$14.99)

NAGISA NI TE-Tosuga LP (Jagjaguwar-$18.99)

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