Date: February 26th 2008

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Hey all,

I'm checking in to see if you can help us out: one of our (Clairecords) bands - IFWHEN - is doing a small tour of the east coast on their way down from NYC to see us here in Gainesville. We are looking for help booking shows, and also for help with letting the band crash at your pad (or maybe your friend's pad, your mom's couch, whatever you got!). The band ain't fussy, and is up for house shows, VFW shows, clubs, private parties, bar mitzvahs... send us your ideas!

The proposed (and somewhat-flexible) itinerary of some sample cities is as follows:

M 5/5 Somewhere not too far from NYC
Tu 5/6 Norfolk, VA
W 5/7 Mt Pleasant SC/elsewhere in SC
Th 5/8 Gainesville FL
Fr 5/9 Atlanta/Athens GA
Sa 5/10 Chapel Hill/Raleigh/Durham/Greensboro NC
Su 5/11 Anywhere between NC and NYC

Can you help us out?


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