Date: September 5th 2007

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Hi folks,

Time for another tV ad - this time in one of our fave publications, The Big Takeover! The ad will be black & white, full-page, and featuring 10 releases. The breakdown:

What: a full page B&W Tonevendor ad
Publication: The Big Takeover
Issue: #61
Street Date: November 2007
Mag features: New Pornographers, Shins, Emma Pollock (ex-Delgados), Little Steven's Underground Garage, Don McGlashan (ex-Mutton Birds) pt. 2, Fields, Hazey Janes, Maximo Park, reunited Pointed Sticks (original
1979 Vancouver punkpop), and more.
Magazine Circulation: 19,000+
Cost: $65 per title
Ad Reservation Deadline: ASAP
Materials Deadline: October 1 but as always, please try to get materials to me well in advance if you can!

Materials needed:
- artist
- title
- label
- 300 dpi image of the album cover, measuring 3" square
- 20 words or less description to be featured under the title
- $65 payment

Payment accepted: Paypal is preferred (ask for details before sending), but credit card, check, money order, and cash are all just dandy too. If you are totally strapped, we might be able to work out a product trade for ad space too! Just ask.

You can check out info on the magazine at

Let me know if you have any questions!


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