Date: August 4th 2006

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Hey all!

Just a reminder that THE BROTHER KITE begin their northeast tour tomorrow!! They'll be playing tracks from their forthcoming album "Waiting For The time To Be Right", which is release September 12 -- be the first on your block to hear the tunes, and maybe you'll even be able to pick up their new album a month early! Go see them!! Here's tour dates again:

Aug 5 2006 9:00P The Century Lounge Providence, RI
Aug 6 2006 9:00P Great Scott Allston, MA
Aug 8 2006 9:00P Sin-e New York, NY
Aug 10 2006 9:00P Pianos New York, NY

Meanwhile, we are rocking out ourselves to all kinds of excellent new tunes - that new SIANspheric 7" is kiiiiiiillllllllerrrr!!!! Read on and bust out the ole credit card!

Lastly, as if there wasn't enough technology to keep up with, now there's this thing:

We just discovered it today, so don't make fun yet if you are some kind of Mog pro...



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A NORTHERN CHORUS-Before We All Go To Pieces REISSUE CD (Black Mountain Music-$11.99)
Those of you who are real, true die-hard hardcore Tonevendor customers should remember this one. Let's reminisce, shall we? Remember waaaaay back, 5 years ago, when nobody knew who the heck A Northern Chorus was? And Tonevendor had their excellent debut album in stock, and it was so good that we sold a veritable ton of them on our good word alone? Well, please welcome it back - complete with a gorgeous artwork rehaul, a full remastering job, and two new bonus tracks!
A Northern Chorus’ first release, Before We All Go To Pieces was originally released on Black Mountain Music in 2001, and quickly cemented the band a position as one of the leaders of the Canadian ‘space rock’ scene; it should be pointed out that the band never actually considered themselves a space rock band, preferring to be called ‘orchestral rock’ or ‘space country pop’. During its initial release, the album garnered great reviews across the country and eventually sold out of its initial run of 1000 copies within the first year. Since that time, A Northern Chorus has continued to grow and expand musical horizons, releasing two albums on the Sonic Unyon label, while touring Canada countless times (well, 8 to be exact) and the United States on 5 separate occasions. Throughout all of this, fans have pestered the band for copies of their debut album and now, 5 years later, it is finally back. This re-release features two songs recorded for but not included on the original al
bum, Until These Seams Are Sown Again and These Days, and was remastered by Sean Pearson. On top of this, the album features beautiful new artwork done by up and coming Halifax design team, Yo! Rodeo.

SIANSPHERIC-I Wouldn't Expect You To Understand 7" (Black Mountain Music-$4.99)
W-H-A-T---T-H-E---F-L-I-P---?-!-?-! The first SIANspheric release EVER and it is limited to just 300 copies?!?! On white vinyl? And all three tracks are brand new?! Helllloooo!!! Get your clicking finger ready to tap that buy button pronto!!
Hamilton space rock legends SIANspheric are back with their first release in 3 years and their first vinyl release ever. 'I Wouldn't Expect You To Understand' features three new SIAN tracks- the A side is a blistering, feedback driven song that will transport the listener back to hazy days of '93, while the B side, 'Knowing Where You Are' is a simple, beautiful and fragile acoustic song. Limited to 300 copies on white vinyl with provocative hand-screened sleeves by Yo! Rodeo, this is a must have for SIANspheric fans and anyone who spent some time gazing at their shoes.

SIBYLLE BAIER-Colour Green LP (Isota-$13.99)
NOW AVAILABLE ON SUPERIOR-FORMAT VINYL! One of our top records of the year!
During a particularly dark and moody period of her young life in Germany, a friend of Sibylle Baier’s dragged her out from under the bed and took her on a road trip, ending up across the Alps in Genoa. Upon returning from this trip, Baier felt her sprits renewed. Grateful to be alive, she set out to write her first song,“Remember the Day.” Baier’s music is simply amazing in its intimacy and closeness. Recorded in the late seventies on a reel-to-reel recording device, the songs on Colour Green are dear portraits of life’s sad and fragile beauty. It is a gem of an album, and it will blow your mind. Isota Records is proud to be releasing this album on vinyl for the first time.

VARIOUS ARTISTS-Tiny Idols Volume 2 CD (Snowglobe-$9.99)
Tiny Idols, Vol.2 is here!! For those who don't know, Tiny Idols is a collection of obscure and out-of-print gems from the fertile '90s indie rock scene. Sort of like the classic "Nuggets" collections, but for indie fans. These songs all deserve to be heard by a wider audience, and one of the goals of the project is to give these great, yet forgotten tunes new life.
TRACKLIST: 1. LMP / "Beautiful Noise " / 1996 2. The Multiple Cat/ "Little Pieces " / 1996 3. Lenola / "Jet Row " /1998 4. Mazarin / "Wheats" / 1999 5. Sukpatch / "Bucked Hide " / 1996 6. The Triggers/ "Bomb Shelter " / 1999 / 7. Guppyboy / "Holiday" / 1997 8. Suede Chain/ "Departure and Arrival " / 1995 9. Chantigs / "Three Times a Day " / 1998 10. Hula Hoop/ "The Last Part " / 1996 11. Casper and the Cookies/ "Country Girl " / 1996 12. Fashioncolt / "Transmit Her " / 1999 13. Red Dye #5/ "Hope" / 1995 14. Ponyride / "Hazel" / 1995 15. Sugarboom / "Rock Star " / 1996 16. Pennies / "Neptune Drive " / 1999 17. Galaga / "Arilang" / 1997 18. John T. Baker/ "My Pet Smiles " / 1996 19. Madison Electric/ "Heavy Petal" / 1996 20. Teach Me Tiger/ "Won't U Come Around " / 1997

TAPE OP-Issue #11: Winter 1998/99 MAG ($12.00)
Oh my!! A warehouse find!! This old rarity now available in limited supply. Butch Vig, DJ Shadow, Royal Trux, Ray Carmen in the cassette corner, Neutral Milk Hotel, Abbey Road pictorial (a week with Elliott Smith in London), Knitting Factory Studio, Recording 1960's Avante-Garde Jazz in Chicago, and an intro to analog tape splicing and editing. Relive the glory days with Issue #11 while you can!


BE YOUR OWN PET-s/t CD (Ecstatic Peace-$10.99)
BE YOUR OWN PET like: caffeine, sugar, candy, spicy food, vinyl records, XTC, Television, T Rex, tar pits, sea creatures - octopi, giant squid, sea horses, submarines, bicycles, climbing trees, skateboarding, asthma inhalers, fungi, making stuff up, making kids dance, Waffle House...
BE YOUR OWN PET facts: Average song length 2:20; Average live set length 15-30 minutes; Formed 2004 and have played close to a hundred shows. Toured with The Kills, Le Tigre, and Electrelane. All four bandmembers have asthma. All four members draw their singles covers with crayons. They make their t-shirts in the kitchen with a silk screen (and once started a fire drying freshly painted shirts in the oven) and then personalize them with magic markers. Jonas and Jamin doubled up classes to graduate high school a year early. Jemina dropped out. Nathan is taking senior English on the internet. The band argued with their UK label over what the first single off the album would be - and the band picked the frenzied 58 second “Let’s Get Sandy.”

BE YOUR OWN PET-Summer Sensation CD (Ecstatic Peace-$5.99)
Teenage punk band Be Your Own Pet formed in early 2004 playing their first gigs in their hometown at a pizza joint called Guido’s. The band played their 10th show ever at the CMJ festival that year after which London-based label XL offered to put out a single "Damn Damn Leash". BBC Radio One and MTV2 started playing the single and by SXSW 2005, kids from both sides of the Atlantic were freaking over Be Your Own Pet. Since then the band has conquered Glastonbury Festival, Summersonic Festival in Japan, Reading and Leeds Festival, Village Voice Siren Festival, done extensive touring with Le Tigre and The Kills, released their second single “Fire Department” on Rough Trade Records UK and recorded lots more songs. This EP combines the Rough Trade single tracks(never before released in the US) + 2 tracks from a session recorded with Steve McDonald (The Donnas, Red Kross). The band is touring extensively this spring and summer in support of their debut full length released on Ecsta
tic Peace/ Universal on 6/6/6.

BOAT-Songs You Might Not Like CD (Magic Marker-$12.99)
"Imagine a sea odyssey (and oddity) that merges lo-fi Shins/early Kinks undertows, crests of cascading reverb, and a hefty dose of ahoy-matey DIY spirit. The as-yet relatively unknown Seattle quartet Boat also make their live shows adventure-worthy; past performances have included audience participation sessions with children's instruments and Jell-O pudding cups for all."--Dana Bos--Seattle Weekly. "The local band's keyboard- and melodica-tinged pop would work well being sung while waiting for rescue in the middle of the sea—a little sad but still hopeful and quite romantic in sound. Organic melodies reminiscent of Neutral Milk Hotel meet easy, flowing harmonies that take the edge off the lo-fi recording. Fans of Quasi and the Shins, take note, as you'll surely be pleased."MEGAN SELING--The Stranger. "Get into them, and they'll live at your house for a week ortwo. Their lo-fi-ness sometimes gets in the way like a great book written in comic sans.Get a little clearer recordin
g, Boat, and Wes Anderson might consider you for the nextmovie".---Said the Gramophone---Jordan Himelfarb. I was recently asked to write about my favorite band, BOAT. I will keep it short or at least try. Their sound is indeed unique and because of that I have coined the phrase sloppy pop to describe their sound. From here on out please credit me H. Fozzelberry with the invention/coinage of this new genre of pop music. From what I understand, BOAT began as a basement dream of one D. Crane when he moved back to Seattle from a miserable stint in Chicago. Initially armed with good friends/cheap guitars/cheap microphones/a half broken Wurlitzer/a squeaky drumset/a few melodicas/pizza/burritos/fragile egos/and diet soda. It has since blossomed into a reality of good friends/a brother in law/better guitars/morecheap microphones/calzone and pizza/burritos/a half fixed Wurlitzer/a half broken theremin/a non squeaking drumset/still relatively fragile egos/a few cheap keyboards/and ridiculous amounts of diet soda and hand claps. This dream began taking shape with the release of a handmade album and EP "Life is a Shipwreck," and "After All." After several trips to the Paper Zone and Kinkos the band found themselves selling out of their homemade hand crafted albums and EPs as they began playing shows from Vancouver to San Francisco. Be it a house show or a biker bar the band is known for never playing the same show twice and never leaving the stage without sweat soaked shirts. BOAT's current lineup is the epitome of sloppy/poppy three piece rock. It features J. Goodman playing maniacal drum fills/tasteful tambourines/shakers and bells/and keyboards/all this while shouting backup vocals and la las/M. McKenzie playing McCarteney-esque bass and guitar as well as having the most silky smooth backup vocals in all of music/ and D. Crane playing guitars and keyboards and shouting and singing lyrics about lanterns, rainbow shoelaces, his hatred of Chicago, and ninjas. The touring lineup of BOAT features Ian Bone of Sacramento, CA as the utility man. They have put together a 17 song collection of their finest recorded moments entitled "Songs That You Might Not Like." The album features newly recorded versions of songs from their first two homemade releases as well as several new unreleased songs. Recorded in basements/living rooms and one very structurally questionable warehouse in Seattle, "Songs That You Might Not Like" has something for everyone. It has clapping/snapping/whistling/guitar solos/saxophone sounding accordians/bleeping keyboards/distorted piano/oohs/la la's/shouting/singing/even some broken theremin sounds. These songs are guaranteed to get stuck in your head and make you feel cooler than you really are. --H. Fozzelberry

DIANE CLUCK-Monarcana CD (Very Friendly-$12.99)
"These songs were recorded at home from 2001-2004. Spontaneous songs, not like those worked on/ recreated for live shows. For me they are direct communication. I have no idea what, if anything they might mean to other people. It feels good to offer them that way. Sometimes I'm asked why or it's assumed i intend to make "lo-fi" recordings - it's really just that when the baby's coming you don't always have time to sterilize the rags. When i hear a recorded song the music rises up & out from any tape hiss, digital clicking, etc... In my experience it doesn't interfere with what's happening / being conveyed. What is happening? An attempt to share & to connect thwarts & acceptances" - Diane Cluck “Just a voice, a guitar, and some of the most spellbinding words you’ll hear anywhere.” – Mojo “My favorite singer/songwriter in all of New York City. I’m so happy to be alive at the same time she is because I get to see her perform. It’s her and guitar, or her and piano, or her and harm
onium. Her lyrics are so good; when I play this for people they stop doing everything and are quiet for hours after.” – Devendra Banhart.

COMETS ON FIRE-Avatar CD (Sub Pop-$12.99)
After 2004's critically acclaimed Blue Cathedral, one might have expected Comets on Fire to blast off into the cosmos in an infinite flurry of lysergic spasmodicism. Surprising, then, that they should turn in an earthy, more accessible and downright beautiful album as their follow-up. Then again, it is a completely logical progression, but in reverse, sort of. On Avatar their astonishing new album, Comets display development in every direction: as musicians, as songwriters, as arrangers and as singers (?!), without sacrificing one ounce of the intensity that is expected from our heroes. As on Blue Cathedral, the diversity of the material is staggering. Avatar veers from swinging, bluesy explorations to piano-laced, progressive power balladry, to pure tribalism, evoking everyone from the Allmans, to Quicksilver, to Procol Harum, to some insane Fela/Sun Ra/Crazy Horse hybrid, yet remains wholly Comets on Fire. Though they play cleaner and clearer, their firepower is evident and
abundant. They have shifted gears and opened themselves up completely. You should do the same.

THE DEAD C-Vain, Erudite And Stupid: Selected Works 1987-2005 CD (Ba Da Bing-$9.99)
There’s no “correct” way to respond to The Dead C’s music. With a catalogue that oscillates between subverting traditional song structures and stomping out and obliterating the very notion, New Zealand’s Michael Morley, Bruce Russell and Robbie Yeats have continually made the most crushing, expansive and intelligent rock noise ever to be heard. The number of their peers who are also fans -- Yo La Tengo, Sonic Youth, Comets On Fire, Black Dice -- shows the league in which they play.
The Dead C have been creating the greatest of squalls for twenty years now, and to mark the anniversary, Ba Da Bing is proud to present this double CD retrospective, with tracks hand-picked by the band members themselves, collecting old and new faves and out-of-print rarities. All this at a price so nice, you’d think you were picking up a ten-song Supertramp greatest hits package.
This release serves long-time fans and the curious alike, as chances are few people have heard everything on these discs. The band chose critical highlights as well as material they felt deserved wider exposure. While classics like “Constellation,” “Power,” and “Bitcher” are present, so are obscurities like “Mighty” from their Forced Exposure 7-inch, “All Channels Open” from the limited, double-disc DC record and “3 Years” from the Xpressway Pile-Up compilation. The real thrill is listening to the band’s development over time, from the deconstructed skeletal rock of their early output to the eventual, cosmic marriage of reason and squalor that is as crushing as it is indescribable. There’s no “correct” way to respond to The Dead C’s music. With a catalogue that oscillates between subverting traditional song structures and stomping out and obliterating the very notion, New Zealand’s Michael Morley, Bruce Russell and Robbie Yeats have continually made the most crushing, expans
ive and intelligent rock noise ever to be heard. The number of their peers who are also fans -- Yo La Tengo, Sonic Youth, Comets On Fire, Black Dice -- shows the league in which they play.
The Dead C have been creating the greatest of squalls for twenty years now, and to mark the anniversary, Ba Da Bing is proud to present this double CD retrospective, with tracks hand-picked by the band members themselves, collecting old and new faves and out-of-print rarities. All this at a price so nice, you’d think you were picking up a ten-song Supertramp greatest hits package.
This release serves long-time fans and the curious alike, as chances are few people have heard everything on these discs. The band chose critical highlights as well as material they felt deserved wider exposure. While classics like “Constellation,” “Power,” and “Bitcher” are present, so are obscurities like “Mighty” from their Forced Exposure 7-inch, “All Channels Open” from the limited, double-disc DC record and “3 Years” from the Xpressway Pile-Up compilation. The real thrill is listening to the band’s development over time, from the deconstructed skeletal rock of their early output to the eventual, cosmic marriage of reason and squalor that is as crushing as it is indescribable.

ECHO IS YOUR LOVE-Humansize CD (Stickfigure-$13.99)
After eight years, three albums and several tours around Europe, Finland's Echo Is Your Love are back with their finest album. Humansize is a tight and unique mix of no-wave guitar madness, dreamy indiepop melodies, hardcore aggression and danceable post-punk rhythms. Haunting female vocals, sometimes angry, sometimes heavenly, wash over shards of guitar noise and shuddering drums, like if the girls from the B-52s were invited to sing with the one band that wants to save the world with its noise.

ROBIN GUTHRIE-Everlasting CDEP (Darla-$7.99)
A companion piece to Robin's Continental CD. A four new, lush tracks from THE COCTEAU TWINS producer/guitarist. “Coming only moments after Guthrie’s second full length solo album, Everlasting is a simply lovely four track EP of totally exclusive material brand new to this release. The ex-Cocteau Twin has managed across these four tracks to accomplish something he’s been hinting at for quite some time now : to write perfect ‘dream pop’. ‘Bordertown’ which opens the EP reflects this perfectly, with a shimmering post-Cocteaus pop lilt that is simply impossible to resist, and shortly after we’re treated to ‘A Sigh Across the Ocean’ which wouldn’t sound out of place on the heartstopping ‘Victorialand’ album. Ending on the glacial beauty of ‘Everlasting’, this EP is evidence not only of Guthrie’s unsurpassable talents, but also of his waves of influence across the music scene – first with shoegazer music and then with the post shoegazers such as Ulrich Schnauss and Manual. Guthrie’
s work sounds more contemporary than ever thanks to these revivalists, and hopefully they will help introduce him to a fresh audience. Highly recommended.” --Boomkat Track list 1. Bordertown, 2. A Sigh Across the Ocean, 3. Fountain, 4. Everlasting.

HOTELS-Thank You For Choosing... CD (Pralaya-$9.99)
No pussyfooting. No buildup without delivery. No chin stroking or watch glancing because Hotels is not your friend’s band. Hotels makes hook heavy Sci-fi film soundtrack synth rock that goes for the jugular, both sonically and melodically. Picture the bastard children of DEVO and Joy Division, pushed down the street in a stroller by Claude Debussy, tucked in at night by Cocteau Twins, read bedtime stories by Kraftwerk, and baby-sat by your sister’s cooler older friends Stereolab and The Pixies, while they tore out the blood and guts of old synths in the garage. The result is the most relentlessly paced, hauntingly melodic, damn catchy pop music you’ve never heard, each song an end credit for the weary traveller or the romantic dancer; a tune you can listen to just before you die.

LARVAE-Dead Weight CD (Ad Noiseam-$14.99)
With their second album, Larvae strip their music out of the genres they had been associated with, and focus on a sincere reflection on their musical roots, their position as a band, and their place in the musical landscape. Integrating guitars on most tracks and vocals (by Jessica Bailiff, Shadowhuntaz, Hope For Agoldensummer and Scalper), Larvae give here birth to a very soulful and wonderfully produced album which can not be overlooked, a work of great substance and talent. "Dead Weight" is an album Larvae can be very proud of, and one which will leave its mark.

THE LEGENDS-Public Radio 2xCD (Recordhead-$12.99)
In 2003 and 2004 The Legends received recognition around the world with their debut release Up Against The Legends. Public Radio is bound to generate worldwide hype all over again. Echoing the sounds of '80s indie-pop and upbeat Motown productions, Public Radio has a familiar feel yet sounds futuristic at the same time. The band mixes influences like New Order, Felt, The Feelies and The Cure with their own pop aesthetics to create something utterly wonderful and new.
Up until now, The Legends masqueraded as a nine-piece pop orchestra. That was the official story, anyway. The truth is that both Up Against The Legends and Public Radio were recorded, written, played and produced by arranger, studio wizard and one-man band Johann Angergard (Acid House Kings / Club 8), who explains, “When I start recording an album I have a very clear idea of what I want to do, and by doing everything myself the album comes out exactly the way I want it to. Involving other people might only blur the vision.”
Recordhead has packaged this North American version of Public Radio with a bonus disc featuring eight remixes and B-sides, many exclusive to this release.

THE LEGENDS-Lucky Star CD (Labrador-$8.99)
The most eclectic single from The Legends so far. They’ve borrowed bits from every corner of the musical history and turned it into a 2 minute pop smash. Contains two non album tracks; a splendid remix by Jimahl and the almost Sarah nostalgic, jangly pop gem "This heart's not made of stone". Just back from their successful US tour with Acid House Kings, The Legends are right now putting the finishing touch to their 3rd album ”Facts and figures”. It will come as no surprise to fans that they’ve, once again, changed musical direction. So, what will it sound like? ”Lucky star” might give you some ideas. It’s playful, poppy, dancey and totally brilliant! Download MP3 at A selection of musical influences in chronological order (1983 and on) The Exploited, Depeche Mode, Fad Gadget, Fancy, Pet Shop Boys, The Cure, Lloyd Cole,The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Smiths, Go-Betweens, Television Personalities, Felt, McCarthy, Field Mice, Orchids, My Bloody Valentine, Shop Assi
stants, Would be goods, The King of Luxemburg, Spacemen 3, Shoestrings, Softies, Halo Benders, Sukpatch, Kahimi Karie, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Denim, Astrud Gilberto, Brigitte Bardot, Leonard Cohen, Stina Nordenstam, Avalanches, Bonnie ’Prince’ Billy, Múm, Comet Gain, Kraftwerk, The Russian Futurists, Hot Chip, DAF.

THE LESSER BIRDS OF PARADISE-Space Between CD (Contraphonic-$12.99)
Since 1998, The Lesser Birds of Paradise have evolved from charming folk-pop to a more ambitious, textured craft. Over the last few years, their sound has been refined to its most organic elements, and their appeal has developed beyond the Chicago indie rock scene. Space Between, the trio’s third album, is their strongest and most focused work yet.
The Lesser Birds’ subtle experiments and arrangements, which acted as flourishes on previous releases, developed into integral muscle on the mesmeric Space Between.With emphasis on every detail, Space Between opens up secret passageways of sound in which melodies aren’t so much played as naturally grown; where single notes, pump organs, xylophones, muted drums, and echoing voices layer in a warm, seductive embrace. Coupled with tapestries of American Gothic narratives, sly humor, animal characters, and Robert Creeley-cum- Charles Olson poetics, The Lesser Birds of Paradise have created a record of lasting impression and importance, and emerge as one of the more original bands today.

MONOCLE-Lounge Act CDEP (Pralaya-$4.99)
Monocle fuses droning, hypnotic sounds, catchy melodies and subtle shifts in harmony with thoughtful composition. Lounge Act, Monocle's debut EP, showcases the songwriting and arranging talents of Rich Bennett. Influenced by a jazz education and the experience of years of playing with the avant-rock group FRIENDLY BEARS, Bennett drops his guitar for a synthesizer and a new pop sound.

MY CAT IS AN ALIEN / CHRISTRINA CARTER / ANDREW MACGREGOR-From The Earth To The Spheres Vol. 4 CD (Very Friendly-$14.99)
Space brothers MAURIZIO and ROBERTO OPALIO split the fifth release of their ongoing series with CHRISTINA CARTER (CHARALAMBIDES, SCORCES), whose "We Know When We Are Thinking About Each Other" is a previously unreleased duet with ANDREW MACGREGOR (GOWN, AMARILLO STARS), recorded in Canada late in 2004. The side-long track meanders through very low-key guitar clang with meowing vocals drifting alongside. MCIAA's "The Circle of Life & Death" delivers more of the slippery dream-caught drones studded with coughed-up noise-tumors that have made the Italian brothers more desirable than vodka gelato.

VINCENT OLIVER-s/t 3" CD (Loaf-$12.99)
VINCENT OLIVER is a name you can hear a lot `round the Loaf offices. The label thinks he is just a terrific bloke. Oliver seems to have it all, a talented visual artist and a highly accomplished self taught musician who has kindly offered his debut release (check out Vincent's remix of Nathan Fake's remix 12”). A lovely mix of beautifully orchestrated folktronica. Pressed on 3-inch CDs packaged on 12-inch card sleeves with artwork by IVAN ZOURAVLIOV (UNCLE VANNA). Hand-numbered edition of 400.

PATIENCE PLEASE-Parallel Plots CDEP (Jigsaw-$6.99)
Patience Please are a pop band from Seattle, Washington. They are highly influenced by -- or wish they could sound like -- Elvis Costello and the Attractions, Superchunk, the Magnetic Fields, and the Weakerthans. Recorded during National Panda Month, the "Parallel Plots" EP, was guided by the immeasurable producing talents of Jackson Long (Racetrack) and realized at Hear Me Shimmer in Bellingham.

PRINTED CIRCUIT-The Sound Of The Wonderful Technique CD (Catmobile-$14.99)
Enhanced CD. Claire a.k.a. Printed Circuit returns with her second album, after taking time off for a slew of live shows - including a world tour. Her colourful take on electro-pop has developed even further into pure pop, with lead track 'Movements' set to hit indie and electro clubs in the UK and overseas. CD includes full length 80s-esque video for 'Movements'.

THE STEVENSON RANCH DAVIDIANS-Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs CD ($12.99)
The Stevenson Ranch Davidians are a band from Los Angeles, and are inspired by, amongst other things, Psychedelia, Shoegaze, Manchester, Spacerock, The Beat Generation, Greenwich Village, The British Invasion, Los Angeles in the mid to late 60's, etc... As one Myspacer succinctly put it, the band owes "as much to Love as to the SP* bands (vintage Spacemen 3, Spectrum, Spiritualized)..."
“The Stevenson Ranch Davidians is a trip to outer space with stops at the moon and the afterlife. Songs lackadaisically swirl about and envelope your stereo as they lift you skywards into the heavens.” --Paul Zimmerman, First Coast News
“This record is absolutely stunning, The Stevenson Ranch Davidians make beautiful laid back trippy indie rock. They’re from Los Angeles but have a very English sound that is instantly likeable. This band could very easily come out of Manchester which they actually list as one of their influences, at the same time they have a very distinctive sound that is their own.” --Dr. Nick, Britian’s Music Press

THANKSGIVING-Bitches Is Lord CD (Marriage-$13.99)
Thanksgiving’s eleventh release, Bitches Is Lord is a revelation of the highest order as Adrian Orange sets out to capture the energy, presence, and full-bodied force of a Thanksgiving live performance. Features more of the meaningful songs that Orange does so well, but this time around things just sound fierce. Hints of Johnny Cash and Crazy Horse-era Neil Young are touchstones. Minimal dirges and cloaked political blues butt up against triumphantly colorful anthems. Bitches Is Lord lyrically drafts propositions for a new era of humanity while exploring the painful beauty of what it is to be human.This is, notably, the first Thanksgiving album completely performed, recorded, mixed, and produced by Adrian Orange himself. Drums smack with raw intensity, and guitars curl and bounce around Orange’s deep, older-than-his-age voice, sounding out cries, laments, and triumphs unto the dawn of this troubled world.

TRIOSK-Headlight Serenade CD (Leaf-$13.99)
This apparently harmless phrase masking something altogether darker could also describe Australian trio Triosk's second full-length release The Headlight Serenade. The album's crystal clarity sounds like it's floating on air and yet there's a looming undertow that threatens to pull you under if you let it.
This balance of light and dark is the key to The Headlight Serenade's heady attractions. The title was inspired by the transitory play of headlights as they pass across objects in the night, creating moments frozen in time. Each piece on the album also captures a glimpse of a particular moment, memory or feeling, be it a past-life romance or the sensation of lying in a boat, looking at the stars.
On Triosk's first release, 2004's Moment Returns, the band improvised over pre-recorded loops. On The Headlight Serenade they take the concept a step further, often basing pieces on recordings of their own improvised performances. They morph musical forms usually associated with jazz and present them in entirely new ways.
"We spent a lot longer in the studio for The Headlight Serenade," explains drummer Laurence Pike, "And certainly our intent was to enhance the recorded sound of the band and explore other ways for electronics to be a part of the music, rather than just static layers."
Triosk's inventiveness and enthusiasm for rethinking musical boundaries make The Headlight Serenade a striking, living work. Rarely is such cerebral music so engaging.

LP/12"/10" RECORDS

BIRCHVILLE CAT MOTEL-Cranes Are Sleeping LP (Ecstatic Peace-$15.99)
BCM is one dude from New Zealand Campbell Kneale who's married, teaches school and makes incredible sonorific noise scape records on his own Celebrate Psi Phenomenon label , has been since well into the 90s. Beautiful droning pyche-wind free swoop.

BLACK DICE-Manoman 12" (DFA-$9.99)
The latest release from New York avant-garde leaders Black Dice features three brand new tracks that further refine the industrial, beat-driven direction of their last album, Broken Ear. Coinciding with the release of this 12-inch single (which includes a full-color poster designed by Bjorn Copeland), Black Dice team up with longtime friend and photographer Jason Frank Rothenberg on a collection of found images, photographs, and collages. Entitled Gore, this flexi-bound, full-color book (sold separately) documents both the making of the aforementioned album and the cut-and-paste, psychedelic aesthetic that has influenced a whole new generation of artists and musicians.

CHRIS BROWN-Branches LP (Ecstatic Peace-$13.99)
Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chris Brown (1953) combines ancient instruments and modern electronics in his compositions. A pianist educated at the western classical music, and a student of Gordon Mumma and David Rosenboom, he performs pieces which mix home-made electronic instruments and ethnic (Indonesian, Indian, African, Cuban) instruments, and employs the kind of improvisation typical of free-jazz. Brown was a member of Room (with percussionist William Winant, saxophonist Larry Ochs, electronic sound sculptor Scott Gresham-Lancaster), that released Room (Sound Aspects, 1989) and Hall of Mirrors (Music and Arts, 1992), and of the Glenn Spearman Double Trio, that released Mystery Project (Black Saint, 1993), Smokehouse (Black Saint, 1994) and Blues for Falasha (Tzadik, 1999) Branches (2002) contains two pieces for live electroacoustic instruments and improvisors: Branches (2001) for piano, percussion, DJ and computer generated grooves ; and Alternating Currents (198
3), a triple concerto for home-made electronic percussion instruments, trombone and percussion.

THE COACHMEN-10 Compositions: New Frontiers In Free Rock LP (Ecstatic Peace-$15.99)
"Guitarist JD King, the sole remaining original member of the Coachmen (1978-80), is joined by Valerie Boyd (Farfisa organ), Dave Wain (bass guitar) and Simon Quick (drums) for a deft and transcendental blending of Cageian principles, free jazz and psychedelia. it's music that's truly liberating, a sunny avenue of escape from the muck and mire of the illness commonly referred to as 'the music industry'. The LP comes wrapped in neo-Japanese sleeves w/a book of poetry by the beat/avant legend Arthur Childs."

DARA-s/t LP (Ecstatic Peace-$13.99)
Detroit/NYC guitarist, singer, songwriter, photographer, filmmaker, artist Dara was a member of His Name Is Alive for a few years. She was part of upstate NY based multi media 'performance art' group Brown Cuts Neighbors doing films, playing drums, guitar, bass, vocals, keyboards, and guerilla street performance. She collaborated through the mail with Warren Defever on a project called Nu Grape. They have a CD available though Time Stereo. She had a group with Ron Asheton called Creature79. She worked w/ artist Steve Cerio on a project called Lettuce Little featuring members of the Residents. She now performs with husband Nick in a duo they call Laudanum. Her influences/interests range from Japanese 'noise' bands/performers such as Masonna and Melt Bananna, jazz of Albert Ayler, Cecil Taylor, Sun Ra, Coltrane. The Stooges, Neil Young, 80's hardcore bands, New wave, Harry Partch, artwork of Jackson Pollack. Hammer horror flicks. Film Noir. Spooky stuff. William Blake, William
S Burroughs, Bukowski, Nietzche, Kathy Acker, Nick Cave, Lydia Lunch, Slayer. The Ecstatic Peace record: All of it is Dara playing vintage Farfisa keyboards, Casio keyboards, guitar, radio. Recorded in Dara's kitchen in 1997 on 4 trk. All artwork/photography by Dara. Album was heavily influenced by love of 80's synth pop and heartbreak. Like OMD, Depeche Mode and John Hughes films which she loved as an 80's teenager.

THE FINCHES-Six Songs +1 LP (Dulc-i-tone / Ulrike - $13.99)
Now on vinyl, with a bonus track not on CD!! San Francisco Bay Area acoustic duo THE FINCHES (CAROLYN PENNYPACKER RIGGS and AARON MORGAN) have been wowing local audiences with their endearing songs of fantasy architecture, filial love, and travel anxiety. Six Songs will disarm even the toughest of souls, as Pennypacker effortlessly charms any crowd within miles of her deceptively coy approach to musical storytelling. Unabashedly influenced by Leonard Cohen and Francois Hardy (“The House with Two Front Doors” borrows a melody from Hardy’s “La Maison Où J'ai Grandi”), the band brilliantly tread that fine line between pop and folk. On this their first release, Pennypacker already threatens to join that rare club of songwriters, from Vashti Bunyan to Tracy Thorn (Marine Girls) to Mirah, who manage to stay both sweet and poetically mature, warmly innocent but never crossing the line into sugary tweeness.

Plus these titles, as described above, or on our website on CD (now in on vinyl for the first time!):

ARAB ON RADAR-Soak The Saddle LP (Skin Graft-$13.99)
COMETS ON FIRE-Avatar CD (Sub Pop-$12.99)
LARVAE-Dead Weight 2xLP (Ad Noiseam-$18.99)
PATIENCE PLEASE-Parallel Plots 12" (Jigsaw-$9.99)


YOSHIMI-Speaker / Tuna Power 7" (Ecstatic Peace-$4.99)
Yoshimi, as you should know, is the drummer/trumpet player supreme of Japan's most amazing outfits, the Boredoms and UFO Or Die. Yoshimi plays guitar, drums, trumpet and sings like she invented the goddamn planet. She also drew the full color sleeve. Kim Gordon and Julie Cafritz appear as guests.

YOSHIMI-Two 7" (Ecstatic Peace-$4.99)
2nd solo single by this immortal improvising angel. Two sides, no song titles, and an amazing one-person sound spectacle of vocals, trumpet, percussion, detuned stringed instrument, etc.


APPLE ORCHARD-Last Wednesday CASS (Popgun-$1.99)
these suave sounds will make you think of gentle warm breezes and perfect weekends. ryan and dale bring us six wonderful tracks of pacific rim pop!

CASINO ASHTRAYS-Long After The Commercials Have Ended CASS (Popgun-$1.99)
a bit of spring cleaning at Popgun HQ yields this three-song collection. it features a couple of unreleased songs, including an upbeat cover of a cat’s miaow song. one part bossa nova, one part wistful pop, it’s a little bit of everything you’ve come to expect from casino ashtrays!

THE LIL' KICKERS-A Little Teaser CASS (Popgun-$1.50)
rachel sings and picks her way through a couple of old-timey tunes while raoul embellishes with a few trumpet licks. a little bit country, a little bit bluesy, a little bit jazzy, but a whole lotta loveable.

PAINT YOUR WAGON RED-An Afternoon With Your Libraness CASS (Popgun-$1.99)
a long-distance collaboration between canadian teresa and californian raoul. seven lovelorn tunes including beat happening and rose melberg covers!

TEST PILOT-From Fall To Fall CASS (Popgun-$1.99)
raoul and an acoustic guitar punch out seven songs about love, death, eternal youth, and covers the velvet underground and tina turner to boot!

THE THRIFT SHOP-Nothing Says LOVE Like Karaoke CASS (Popgun-$1.99)
neal (the skywriters/the snow fairies) sings three heartfelt songs about love then has the audacity to record them on a broken karaoke machine. get some lo-fi love right here...

WINNEBAGO-Brass Knuckle Beach! CASS (Popgun-$1.50)
three of the more punkier songs culled from the cuz we're winnebago cassette originally released on the ((tape-tape)) label. totally bratty and totally fun to shout along too. uh huh!

WINNEBAGO-Girl On Girl CASS (Popgun-$1.50)
two songs - one, a rambunctious rendition of the tom petty classic, “american girl”, and the other, an original song called “scope girl” which has a little bit to do with tom petty. more shambling, irreverent fun from Shannon and Raoul!

VARIOUS ARTISTS-It's A Yoko Ono House Party! CASS (Popgun-$1.99)
a compilation of six instrumentals that have nothing to do with yoko ono at all. or maybe this is an imaginary soundtrack to an imaginary art exhibit featuring her artwork? this comp features tunes from my music atlas, imitation game, the love letter band, the escargo-go’s, winnebago, and cat and dog dialogue.

VARIOUS ARTISTS-Zip-Locked + Loaded Vol. 4 CASS (Popgun-$1.99)
six more tunes in the ever growing comp series, featuring the camera casanovas, automat, kim++, the fresas, craig + teresa, and the diskettes.

VARIOUS ARTISTS-Zip-Locked + Loaded Vol. 5 CASS (Popgun-$1.99)
the fifth installment in the acclaimed comp series featuring this american wilderness, photobooth, me low, the easy outs, andrew spitser, and sugar cookie. spice up your next mixtape with these wonderful songs!



Plus lots more restocks on the website! Check out the "just in" section!


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