Date: July 2nd 2011

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"Dolce farniente" - that’s what they say in Italy. It means "It's sweet to do nothing."
Over the last decade, Guitar’s Michael Lueckner has crafted six albums released on labels such as Morr Music and Onitor (Germany), Third-Ear and & Records (Japan), and Clairecords (USA).

Each album brought a unique twist to his marriage of electronics and more traditional instrumentation, and most with a certain refreshing twist on shoegazing. However, on It’s Sweet to Do Nothing, his seventh full-length, Michael purposefully takes a 180-degree turn by blending classical string arrangements (harp, piano, violin, contrabass, etc.) with drum programming and samples. He returns to his roots here, as his first love of music, his most collected and most listened-
to music is modern classic chamber music.

It’s Sweet To Do Nothing is intentionally impressionistic - the listener is requested (and inspired) to think about Monet, Sisley, Degas, Pisarro - landscapes, lakes, people in motion. The album’s impressionistic cover art was commissioned from artist Jonathan Armstrong, who was sent an early release of the album to absorb before painting the piece.

The sound and arrangement of the pieces are close to the ideas and techniques of Debussy and Ravel. Soprano vocals by Stina K. are provided on several tracks. The entire album was created over 5 years (2005-2010), and was designed to be evocative of relaxing in, and traveling to, “dolce farniente” places in Europe, Japan and North-America. Places like the Canary Islands, Okinawa or Catalina Island. And it could only be done with classical music instrumentation -- more specifically, with chamber music arrangements.

Upon initial listen, the album may seem far removed from Michael’s earlier work with symphonic walls of guitars, but ultimately the arrangements are similar -- minus the distortion this time.

track listing
01> in the morning
02> sweet subtropics
03> wild fennel
04> the girl with the freckles
that sounded like two bells
05> i dream the dusty
road over there
06> adam, eve and the
07> affirmation
08> reggae days
09> el tablado
10> sweet nothing
11> jose
12> in the evening

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