Date: November 18th 2010

File Under: Shoegaze, indie pop, dream pop

Anyone who’s ever been to, through or around Providence, R.I. are well-acquainted with its many offerings: doughboys, fishbowls, the Big Blue Bug, and of course, Family Guy. Thanks to The Brother Kite, there’s big noise emanating from our nation’s smallest state. The quintet released its third full-length album, “Isolation,” on Sept. 28. Mixed by Thom Monahan (Pernice Bros, Matt Pond PA, J. Mascis and The Fog), it expands upon The Brother Kite’s confident energy and penchant for sun-ripened Beach Boys harmonies and shoegazy guitars. It’s an auspicious progression from its predecessor, 2006’ “Waiting for the Time to be Right,” which earned a 7.6 Pitchfork rating, ample college/community radio airplay, and showcase appearances at SXSW and CMJ. The Moonlit Race EP emerged soon thereafter, adding yet another installment to the band’s growing catalog.

While touring in support of “Isolation,” The Brother Kite observed fans growing attached to a new track called "Aching Heart." Sensing a post-“Isolation” favorite in the making, they wasted no time giving it a proper waxing. Hence the Aching Heart, Clear Conscience 7-inch, limited to 500 copies and released on The Brother Kite’s own Light Fighter Records imprint. The 7-inch pairs “Aching Heart” with “Clear Conscience,” which finds the band paring down their sound to an acoustic mood reflective of Bob Dylan and Nick Drake. Make no mistake that, as the band intones, the scene is changing all around you.

DOWNLOAD your copy of Aching Heart, Clear Conscience today at :
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The Brother Kite has broken ground on an EP titled Eye to Eye, and plans to tour throughout the fall and winter months. Visit the band at .

11/19/10 New Bedford MA - New Wave Cafe
11/30/10 NYC, NY- Mercury Lounge
(w/ Autodrone)

For more information, interviews and booking inquiries, contact Susan Moll ( at Clairecords.

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