Date: November 2nd 2010

CLAIRECORDS NEWSLETTER ROCKTOBER 2010 Welcome to the 53rd edition of the Clairecords newsletter, brought to you by tricks, treats, jack-o-lanterns, and just a little bit of isolation. Hey, Clairecords is on Twitter now! Keep apprised of our many exciting activities at . On to the happs: AUTODRONE Autodrone just flew back from Iceland and boy, are their arms tired! In all seriousness, the band was a smashing success at the Iceland Airwaves Festival in frosty Reykjavik, where they joined peeps like Robyn, Basia Bulat and Dan Deacon in bringing the rock to the frozen throngs. Autodrone returned home in time to turn in a fantastic CMJ set, and they’re hard at work on new material, too. GUITAR Achtung, baby! Exciting news for you lovers of sounds made for nocturnal chill-outs: Guitar mainman Michael Lueckner has delivered another set of what he dubs “classic chamber music” called It's Sweet To Do Nothing, to our excited hands. It came to fruition after “five years of hard work and sweat,” and we promise it’ll be worth every bit of the wait. We expect to bring it to you next spring, and will have pre-order information for you as soon as is humanly possible. SECRET SHINE Our favorite band of Bristolians is putting the finishing touches on their next album, The Beginning and the End. Scheduled for a December release, it’ll make an ideal Yuletide gift for pretty much everyone on your shopping list. The tentative tracklisting is as follows: In Between Perfect Life Run around Destiny Every Thought No More Inside Harry Hole in the Heart Windmill Hill It’s Killing Me Water’s Edge Touching Nothing Trying to Catch the End Check Secret Shine’s Web site for pre-order info and 2011 tour dates! SILVER SCREEN Cris Miller has finished recording and mastering the next Silver Screen album, and we’re in the process of deciding upon a release date. Stay tuned for more exciting details! TEARS RUN RINGS The best Portland-by way of San Francisco by-Los Angeles foursome, like, ever have made a welcome return with Distance, their second long-player. Selections from the album have surfaced on the playlists of fine radio broadcasters like KEXP-FM (Seattle, WA; #30), WPRK-FM (Winter Park, FL), WKDU-FM (Philly, PA), SCAD Radio (Atlanta, GA); and WXDU-FM (Durham, NC ; #68). We’ve even tracked airplay from locations as far-flung as Portugal and Australia. If you’ve yet to hear Distance on the station nearest you, why not do the right thing and request it? THE BROTHER KITE There’s much excitement bubbling over at the Brother Kite camp: Isolation made its long-awaited arrival on Sept. 28, and there’s a copy waiting for you at if you haven’t acquired one yet. KCRW-FM (LA, CA), WKDU-FM (Philly, PA), WLUW-FM (Chicago, IL) and WMBR-FM (Cambridge, MA) are among the fabtabulous stations devoting generous airplay to Isolation, so keep your ears open for a song or two on the college/community broadcaster near you. Radio adds mean extra goodies in the Halloween bag! Tour dates are in the works for the northeastern U.S., so be sure to drop us a line if you’d like them to pay your burg a visit. * * * WHAT ALL THE IMPORTANT PEOPLE ARE SAYING * * * THE BROTHER KITE The Brother Kite have long excelled at creating damn fine atmospheric fare, dating back to their 2004 self-titled debut album. TBK's new full-length Isolation (Clairecords) just shot their sunny harmonies and creative arrangements through the stratosphere.” – Chris Conti, Providence Phoenix * * * CLAIRECORDS LIVE AND IN YO’ FACE * * * SECRET SHINE 02/25/11 Munchen, DE- Lunaland THE BROTHER KITE 11/12/10 Somerville, MA- Rosebud’s Back Room 11/13/10 Providence, RI- AS220 Questions? Comments? Need an advance copy of something? Want to book one of our bands? Or license a song or two for your film or TV project? Contact Susan Moll ( or Dan Sostrom ( Your call will be answered in the order in which it was received. ______________________________________________ CLAIRECORDS * Still Hazy After All These Years

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