Date: June 19th 2010

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CLAIRECORDS ARTIST THE BROTHER KITE TO RELEASE LONG-AWAITED THIRD ALBUM, ISOLATION, SEPT. 14 “Providence, Rhode Island's Brother Kite make music that floats, tethered to the ground by the thinnest of strings.” -- Joe Tangari, Pitchfork Clairecords is ecstatic to announce that The Brother Kite’s third studio full-length, Isolation, is set for release Sept. 14. The Providence fivesome’s last album, Waiting for the Time to be Right, received glowing media accolades and loads of airplay on college and community radio stations far and wide, and earned the band appearances at SXSW and CMJ, and gigs with the likes of Frightened Rabbit, the French Kicks and the Danielson Famile. Having two sonically distinct full-length records under their belt, The Brother Kite were determined to create something as ambitious as their previous efforts, yet completely unique from them. They returned in the spring of 2008 to Beaten Path in Mason and set to work on what would ultimately become their third full-length record, Isolation. After a year of recording, they enlisted engineer, producer and fan Thom Monahan (Pernice Bros, Matt Pond PA, J. Mascis and The Fog) to mix the album at The Hangar in Sacramento, CA. Where Waiting For The Time To Be Right was built on thick layers of Wurlitzer organ and droning guitars, warmly undercut by silky vocal harmonies sometimes heard, other times only hinted at, Isolation strips The Brother Kite’s sound down into individual elements, allowing each reverberated guitar pluck, tambourine clash and warbling synth line to stand on its own. It is surely one of the year’s most ambitious rock records, and one that deserves all the attention that The Brother Kite has so lovingly put into creating it. Visit the band at , and For music, interviews and booking inquiries, contact Susan Moll ( or Dan Sostrom ( ______________________________________________ CLAIRECORDS * Purveyors of Quality Noise

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