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Band Title Label Price
patti smith horses USED CD arista$6.99
paul haig electronik audience USED CD rhythm of life$7.99
paul newman re-issue! re-package USED cd my pal god$6.99
paws across america tiger beat6 USED cd tigerbeat6$7.99
pearl bailey echoes of an era USED 2xLP roulette$2.99
pepe deluxe super sound USED cd emperor norton$7.99
pepe deluxe beatitude USED cd emporor norton$6.99
pete townshend empty glass USED LP atco$0.99
pete townshend scoop USED 2xLP atco$2.99
Petrol home of the famous USED cd glitter bullitts$4.99
philip catherine guitars USED LP atlantic$7.99
phonophobie halt!still! USED cd gema$7.99
phony good times. silent place USED cd firestation tower$3.99
photek risc vs reward USED cd virgin$6.99
pias american sampler USED cd pias$7.99
pig destroyer terrifyer USED cd relapse$7.99
pink and brown shame fantasy 2 USED cd load$7.99
piranhas erotic grit movies USED cd in the red$7.99
pitch black this is the modern sound USED cd revelation$5.99
pitchblende au jus USED cd matador$6.99
pixies come on pilgrim USED cd 4ad$7.99
pj harvey stories from the city, stories from the sea USED CD island$7.99
pleasuse forever S/T USED cd Sub Pop$6.99
plot to blow up the eiffel tower love in the fascist brothel USED cd revelation$6.99
pogues streams of wiskey USEd cd castle records$9.99
pogues waiting for herb USED cd warner$6.99
point line plane smoke signals USED cd skin graft$6.99
polyphonic spree beginning stages of... USED cd hollywood/good$7.99
pony stable 24 hours in a day 24 beers in a case USED cd cornerstore$6.99
poole the late engagement USED cd spinart$6.99
porcupine fate in absentia USED cd lava$6.99
pretenders the pretenders USED LP sire$2.99
primavera sound 2003 sampler USED cd efa$7.99
Primitives Pure CD (USED) BMG$6.99
prince musicology USED cd columbia$6.99
prince paul politics of the business USED cd razor & tie$3.99
project 86 truthless heros USED cd atlanic$2.99
projekt 100 the early years USED cd projekt$6.99
projekt sampler within this infinte ocean USED cd projekt$6.99
prom, the under the same stars USED CD barsuk$2.99
prototracks prototracks 2 v/a USED cd proto tracks$5.99
pulp we love life used cd rough trade$7.99
punks, the thank you for the alternative rock USED CD 5rc$2.99
push kings feel no fade USED cd le grand magistery$3.99
q and not u power USED CD dischord$5.99
q tape sampler face b v/a USED cd q tape$7.99
qb finest nas and ill will present USED cd sony$7.99
quails, the the song is love USED CD mr. lady$2.99
quantice never crashed USED CD death scene$3.99
quiet riot metal health USED LP pasha$2.99
r.a. the rugged man die, rugged man, die USED cd nature sounds$7.99
r.e.m reveal reveal reveal USED cd warner$4.99
rally boy i got dumped USED 7" jealous butcher$1.99
rasco escape from alcatraz USED CD coup d'etat$1.99
ray bryant trio ray bryant trio USED LP epic$79.99
reaching quiet in the shadow of the living room USED CD mush$6.99
real tuesday weld i, luicifer USED cd six degrees$6.99
rebuilthangertheroy rivial of the cold USED cd brentwood estates$1.99
recoys rekoys USED cd troublemanunlimited$5.99
red light sting rub em down rub em out USED cd sound virus$0.99
red monkey make the moment USED cd troublemanunlimited$3.99
red tiger church free energy USED cd alive records$6.99
renaissance heritage USED cd disky$6.99
reputation to force a fate USED cd lookout$6.99
reservoir s/t USED cd zero hour$6.99
reunion show kill your televison USED cd victory records$6.99
revenge welcome to the party USED cd narnack$6.99
rian murphy & will oldham all most heaven USED CD drag city$4.99
ride twisterella USEd cd sire$4.99
robot ate me good world USED CD 5rc$6.99
robyn hitchcock spooked USED cd yep roc$6.99
rocket science contact high USED cd eat sleep$6.99
roots manuva run come save me USED CD big dada$7.99
rotton sound murderworks USED cd deathvomit$7.99
s. s. sonic six j ward USED 12" broadway jungle$1.99
s.a. smash smashy trashy USED cd definitive jux$6.99
Safety Scissors vs. Kit Clayton Ping Pong USED EP carpark$4.99
sally s/t USED cd paribus records$7.99
sand on stars songs from silt USED cd twist top records$6.99
sarah dougher day one USED cd k records$6.99
satisfact s/t USED cd k records$7.99
Saturnhead Introducing Arizona's Thin Mistake CD (USED) Resolution$6.99
saturnhead introducing...arizonas thin mistake USED cd resolution$6.99
scaries souvenir USED cd law of inertia records$5.99
sea tiger cyberporpoise ep USED 12" troubleman$2.99
seconds y USED cd 5rc$6.99
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