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Band Title Label Price
3d5spd Fever in the Ice Age CD Two Sheds$0.99
Aberdeen The Boy Has Gone Away CD Tremolo Arm Users Club$1.99
Aceyalone Grand Imperial CD Decon$5.99
Aceyalone w/RJD2 Fire/Heaven/Impact 12" Decon$4.99
Aceyalone with RJD2 Magnificent City CD Decon$7.49
Adam McIntyre Nothing Means Anything CD Headphone Treats$0.99
Aero-Mic'd s/t CD Aero-Mic'd$5.99
Altromp3 Candore CD Love Boat$0.99
Always The Runner / Snowbeastmp3 Framed EP #1 CD Status Quo Audio$5.99
AM Francophiles and Skinny Ties CD American Laundromat$0.99
An Angle ...and take it with a grain of salt CD An Angle$0.99
Anal Mucus 1986-1997 CD Six Weeks$0.99
Andrew A Beautiful Story CD Vibro-phonic$0.99
Andrew Happily Ever After CDEP Vibro-phonic$0.99
Andrew Morgan Misadventures in Radiology CD Sonic Boom Recordings$11.99
Antennas You Are Always On My Mind CD Novoton$0.99
Antiseen Badwill Ambassadors CD TKO$0.99
Aqueduct Or Give Me Death CD Barsuk$6.49
Aqueduct Pistols at Dawn CD Barsuk$5.99
Arcade Fire Neon Bible JEWEL CASE CD Merge$11.99
Army of Trees Land of Promises CD Bad Oyster$0.99
Aspera Birds Fly CDEP Suicide Squeeze$4.99
Atropa Shimo and Hono 001 12" Consumer's Research and Development$6.99
Automato Walk Into the Light CD Dim Mak$2.99
Axolotl Way Blank CD Psych-o-Path$6.49
Bagheera Twelves CD Asian Man$0.99
Baxxter Russian Song 7" Bearos$0.99
Beep Beep Business Casual CD Saddle Creek$0.99
Belle and Sebastian / Various Artists Put The Book Back On The Shelf BOOK Image Comics$11.99
Ben Calvert The State of Travel 7" Bearos$0.99
Ben Calvert The Leafy Underground CD Bearos$9.99
Ben Watt Outspoken 12" Astralwerks$5.99
Benett Welcome to the Jungle CD March$9.99
Beulah A Good Band Is Easy To Kill DVD Further Down Films$9.99
Bevel Down the Puppet String, Marionettes CD Jagjaguwar$5.99
Big Eyes Big Eye Songs CD Pickled Egg$9.99
Big in Japan Who Really Needs a Heart Anyway CD Insubordination$0.99
Bilge Pumpmp3 Let Me Breathe CD Gringo$8.40
Binary Dollsmp3 Seesaw Sunday Nights CD Perilymph$0.99
Black Belt First Blood CD Novoton$0.99
Black Kids Partie Traumatic CD Columbia$6.99
Bright and Hollow Sky Gem State CD Pop Faction$6.99
Bronze The Presence of Greatness CDEP Bus Stop$3.99
Bunny Brains Squirrel Attack 10" Equation$14.99
Cadets s/t CD Science Project Records$0.99
Casino vs Japan / Freescha Split CD Wobblyhead$6.99
Chapter 13 The World From Heaven CD Drive-In / Saltwater$7.99
Church, The Forget Yourself CD spinART$7.99
Ciao Bella 1 CD March$9.99
Clinic Winchester Cathedral CD Domino$11.99
Cooper, Robert Fireworks at Noon 7" Library$1.99
Crazyface Brickwall CDEP Bearos$0.99
Crimson Curse Bloodthirsty Lust LP Coalition$4.99
Crush Kill Destroy Much Action Walking Distance CD Makoto$6.99
Crushstory A+ Electric LP Pop Kid$4.99
Cryan' Shames, The Sugar and Spice LP Columbia$5.99
David Bernabo Assembly CD Sort Of Records$4.99
David Bernabo Word Roses CDr Sort Of Records$4.99
DDM aka Dance Disaster Movement Snow on the TV LP Dim Mak$6.99
Dead Machines Dead End On Olson St. LP Ypsilanti$10.99
Dead Machines Human Brain Wasting Syndrome LP Ecstatic Peace$9.99
Dead Machines Live at Tzompantli LP Eclipse$10.99
Deathray Davies The Kick and the Snare CD Glurp$0.99
Decider Unshakeable 7" Topplers$3.99
Def Harmonic Travel Suggestions 12" / LP Wobblyhead$4.99
Def Harmonic Spaced Out 12" Wobblyhead$4.99
Defisis U Think You're Funny? 12"ep WIAIWYA$3.99
Denovo s/t 7" We Want Action$1.99
Dimples D Sucker DJs 12" Party Time$5.99
Diskaholics Live In Japan Volume 1 LP Load$8.99
DIW / Devil in the Woods Issue #19 MAG+7" Devil in the Woods$4.99
DJ Spooky / Dave Lombardo B-Side Wins Again Remake (feat. Chuck D) 12" Thirsty Ear$5.99
DM (Danger Mouse) & Jemini Twenty Six Inch 12" Lex$5.99
DMBQ Essential Sounds From the Far East LP Estrus$11.99
Dr. Octagon Instrumentalist 2xLP 45 Ark$13.99
Drop The Lime This Means Forever #1 12" Tigerbeat6$7.99
Dub Narcotic Sound System Fuck Me up 12" K$2.99
Dub Narcotic Sound System Blood Flow 12" K$2.99
El Perro Del Mar From The Valley To The Stars LP Control Group$13.99
Elf Power Walking with the Beggar Boys CD Orange Twin$5.99
Ester Drang Pleasure Themes and Get Rich Schemes LP Burnt Toast$5.99
Eternals Rawar Style LP Aesthetics$6.99
Eternals, The High Anxiety 12" Aesthetics$5.99
Evens s/t LP Dischord$9.99
Ex Models Chrome Panthers LP Troubleman$8.99
face to face s/t USED cd a&m$0.99
Faine Jade Introspection: A Faine Jade Recital CD Radioactive$9.99
Fernando Gelbard Didi LP What Music$8.99
Fischerspooner Odyssey LTD CD Capitol$9.99
Fischerspooner Odyssey CD Capitol$9.99
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