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Band Title Label Price
Aaron Cometbus Mixed Reviews BOOK Cometbus$3.99
Aaron Cometbus Double Duce BOOK Last Gasp$7.99
Afterhours Issue #21: Guidebook To The World Of Songs BOOK+CD Afterhours$20.99
Bandoppler Spring 04 MAG Bandoppler$4.95
Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds Of Science BOOK+2xCD Powerhouse Books$18.99
Believer Issue #26 MAG Believer$7.99
Believer Issue #35: 2006 Music Issue MAG+CD McSweeney's$10.99
Belle and Sebastian / Various Artists Put The Book Back On The Shelf BOOK Image Comics$11.99
Big Takeover Issue #55 MAG Big Takeover$4.95
Big Takeover Issue #60 MAG Big Takeover$5.99
Bucketfull of Brains Issue #63 MAG Bucketfull of Brains$6.99
Bucketfull of Brains Issue #62 MAG Bucketfull of Brains$6.99
Bucketfull of Brains Issue #64 MAG Bucketfull of Brains$6.99
Byrds Notorious Byrd Brothers 33 1/3 BOOK Continuum$9.95
Caustic Truths Issue #89 MAG Caustic Truths$3.95
Caustic Truths #90 MAG Caustic Truths$3.95
CMJ New Music Magazine April 2003 MAG+CD CMJ$5.98
Comes With a Smile Issue #13 MAG+CD CWAS$11.50
Comes With a Smile Issue #19 MAG+CD CWAS$13.50
Cometbus Issue #49 MAG Cometbus$1.99
Cometbus Issue #51 MAG Cometbus$2.99
Cometbus Issue #52 - The Spirit of St. Louis MAG Cometbus$2.99
Cool Beans Issue #13: The SF Eviction Issue MAG+CD Cool Beans$5.95
Copper Press Issue #14 MAG+CD Copper Press$5.00
Copper Press Issue #17 MAG+CD Copper Press$5.00
Countdown to Putsch Handbook for Planetary Progress CD Mountain Collective$9.50
Creation, The Action Painting 2xLP+Book Numero Group$25.98
Devil in the Woods (DIW) Issue 4.1 MAG DIW$3.00
DIW (Devil in the Woods) Fall 2000 (Issue 2.3) MAG DIW$2.99
DIW / Devil in the Woods Issue #19 MAG+7" Devil in the Woods$4.99
DIW Devil in the Woods Issue #20 MAG Devil in the Woods$3.00
Dream Magainze Issue #8 MAG+CD Dream Magazine$7.99
Dream Magazine Issue #5 MAG+CD Dream$9.50
Fader Sept/Oct 2003 MAG Fader$5.95
Found Magazine Issue #3 MAG Found$4.99
Galactic Zoo Dossier Issue #8 MAG+CD Drag City$16.98
Galactic Zoo Dossier Issue #10 MAG+CASS Galactic Zoo Dossier$22.98
Grey Tapes Debut CD+BOOK 555$14.99
Grooves Issue #14 MAG Grooves$4.95
Hill William/Holler Boys Hill William/Holler Boys 7"+Book Fat Possum$24.98
Improvised Music From Japan Improvised Music From Japan 2005 BOOK+2xCD Improvised Music From Japan$29.99
Interzona Issue #14: Nov 2007 MAG+2xCD Interzona$5.99
Irwin Chusid SONGS IN THE KEY OF Z: The Curious Universe of Outsider Music BOOK Cherry Red$22.99
Joy Division Unknown Pleasures BOOK 33 1/3$9.95
Kelp Issue #10 Kelp$6.00
Law of Inertia Issue #23 MAG+CD Law of Inertia$5.99
Lee Ranaldo / Leah Singer Drift DVD+BOOK Plexifilm$28.99
Losing Today Issue No. 5 MAG+CD Losing Today$5.99
Magnet April/May 2000 (Issue #44) MAG Magnet$3.50
Magnet Issue #49 MAG Magnet$3.50
Mass Appeal Issue #31 MAG Mass Appeal$4.99
Mass Transfer Issue #6 MAG+CD Mass Transfer$7.99
MK Ultra Vol 2, Issue 3 MAG MK Ultra$5.00
Mum | Hey | Metaphrog Louis: Dreams Never Die COMIC BOOK+7" Fat Cat$11.99
Nervy Girl May 2003 MAG Nervy Girl$4.00
Nervy Girl April 2003 MAG Nervy Girl$4.00
Nick Butcher Complicated Bicycle BOOK+CD Placetapes$15.99
One Ring Zero As Smart as We Are CD+BOOK Urban Geek$14.99
Other Issue #1 MAG Other$6.00
Patrick Elkins & Arland Nicewandermp3 Ink on Dreams Of Transient Architecture BOOK+CD Francis of Prussia / Kandapop$11.99
Permission April/May MAG Permission$3.95
Polly Marshall The God Of Hellfire: The Crazy Life And Times Of Arthur Brown Book $9.98
Pretty Bruises Issue #2 ZINE Pretty Bruises$1.99
Punk Planet Issue #64: November/December 2004 MAG Punk Planet$4.95
QRD Issue #19 ZINE QRD$2.00
QRD Issue #18 ZINE QRD$2.00
Quiet Feather, The Issue #5 MAG The Quiet Feather$5.50
Re:Up Manual 004 MAG Re:Up$5.95
Repellent Issue #3 MAG Repellent$6.50
Resonance Issue #40 MAG Resonance$3.95
Rich Cohen Machers And Rockers: Chess Records And The Business Of Rock & Roll Book $9.98
Richard Evans The Art of the Album Cover Book $9.99
Rockrgrl Issue #45 MAG Rockrgrl$4.50
Sean O'Hagan | Jean Pierre Muller The Musical Paintings Vol. 1 BOOK+CD Drag City$16.99
Sentimentalist Winter 2003 Issue MAG Sentimentalist$4.95
Sentimentalist Spring 2003 MAG Sentimentalist$4.95
Sigur Ros Med sud eyrum vid spilum endalaust BOOK+CD+DVD Sigur Ros$79.99
Six Organs of Admittance & Joseph Mattson Empty the Sun LP+BOOK A Barnacle Book / Drag City$20.99
Skyscraper Issue #15 Winter 2004 Skyscraper$4.99
Specialten Issue #7 DVD+MAG Specialten$12.99
Specialten Issue #8 MAG+DVD Specialten$12.99
Steven Williams Fight For Your Frequency: Collected Poems November 2001 - October 2004 BOOK iUniverse$12.99
Stop Smiling / Concretes Issue #19 MAG+7" Stop Smiling$8.99
Tape Op Issue #34: March / April 2003 MAG Tape Op$8.00
Tape Op Issue #17: May / June 2000 MAG Tape Op$20.00
Tape Op Issue #36: July / August 2003 MAG Tape Op$8.00
Tape Op Issue #39: January / February 2004 MAG Tape Op$5.00
Tape Op Issue #41: May / June 2004 MAG Tape Op$5.00
Tape Op Issue #43: September / October 2004 MAG Tape Op$5.00
Tape Op Issue #45: January / February 2005 MAG Tape Op$5.00
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