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Band Title Label Price
Ten Kensmp3 Ten Kens CD Fat Cat$11.99
Tender Trapmp3 6 Billion People CD Matinee$11.99
The Charademp3 Keeping Up Appearances CD Skipping Stones$9.99
Thee More Shallowsmp3 Monkey Vs. Shark CD Turn$6.99
These Arms Are Snakesmp3 Tail Swallower And Dove CD Suicide Squeeze$12.99
Thisquietarmymp3 Unconquered CD Foreshadow Music$15.99
Tom's Club / Monobongomp3 Mpls Ltd Super Split Single #5 7" mpls ltd$4.99
Tramplinimp3 Hallo, Mazie! EP CD Klausule$6.99
Uglysuit, Themp3 The Uglysuit CD Quarterstick$12.99
Uglysuit, Themp3 The Uglysuit LP Quarterstick$14.99
Une Mangue Orphelinemp3 s/t CDr Nowaki$10.99
Various Artistsmp3 Harcourt CD Pehr$7.99
Various Artistsmp3 Matinee 50 CD Matinee$9.99
Various Artistsmp3 Homemade Hits Vol. 1 CD Kittridge$9.60
Various Artistsmp3 Auralgasms: The Beat of Discontent CD Auralgasms$12.99
Various Artistsmp3 Sonido Uzumaki CD Music Related$9.99
Various Artistsmp3 Test Tones Volume 3 CD Clairecords/Tonevendor$4.00
Various Artistsmp3 Homemade Hits Vol. 2 CD Kittridge$9.99
Various Artistsmp3 Kohalik ja Kohatu: Compilation of Estonian Independent Music CD Seksound$15.99
Various Artistsmp3 Never Lose That Feeling Volume One CD Club AC30$13.99
Various Artistsmp3 Test Tones Volume 5 CD Tonevendor / Clairecords$4.00
Various Artistsmp3 Je T'aime CD Where Are My Records$6.99
Various Artistsmp3 Weird Terrain CD Goodbye Better$8.99
Various Artistsmp3 Little Things CD Flau$14.99
Various Artistsmp3 Gainesville Pop Mayhem 2008 7" Self-Released$4.99
Various Artistsmp3 Series One Remixes CDr Distant Noise$11.99
Various Artistsmp3 MPLS LTD Hearts You 7" mpls ltd$0.01
Various Artistsmp3 Static Waves 2xCD Saint Marie$7.98
Velvet Underwear / Mercurial ragemp3 Mpls Ltd Super Split Single #3 7" mpls ltd$4.99
Vera Violetsmp3 Dirty Rainbow CD Safranin Sound$7.99
Vera Violetsmp3 In Between Fires CD Vera Violets$12.99
Virga & Luntmp3 Baxendall CD Unique$9.99
Vivian Girlsmp3 Vivian Girls CD In The Red$12.99
Voxtrotmp3 Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Wives CDEP Cult Hero$6.50
Warm Morningmp3 Silver Rain CD+7" Shelflife$14.99
Watoo Watoomp3 La Fuite CD Letterbox$16.99
Waxed Applemp3 s/t CDEP Mpls Ltd$4.99
We Are Childhood Equalsmp3 This is What You Asked For CD Pop Faction$3.99
Whirlawaymp3 Pompano CD whirlawaymusic$7.99
Wild Sweet Orangemp3 The Whale EP CD Nervous Blood$3.99
Windows '78mp3 The Window Seat CD Submerged$12.99
Wovenhandmp3 Ten Stones CD Sounds Familyre$11.99
Wovenhandmp3 Ten Stones LP Sounds Familyre$11.99
Wussom*Pow!mp3 Deep Blue Hearts and Solid Hands CD Omnibus$11.99
Year Zero, Themp3 Oceania, I Will Return CD Skipping Stones$11.99
Yellow Roommp3 It Matters Most When It's Family | Philadelphia CD Del-Tones$3.99
Young Widowsmp3 Old Wounds CD Temporary Residence$11.99
Young Widowsmp3 Old Wounds LP Temporary Residence$11.99
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