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Band Title Label Price
A Faulty Chromosomemp3 As An Ex-Anorexic's Six Sicks Exit CD Self-Released$6.99
A Hundred Times Belovedmp3 Antarctic Sunrise CD Alison$14.99
A Hundred Times Belovedmp3 A Hundred Times Beloved EP CD Alison$6.99
Aaron Schroedermp3 Southern Heart In Western Skin CD Letterbox$16.99
Acetate Zeromp3 Softcore Paradise CD Drumkid$10.99
Acetate Zeromp3 Somehow About Perfection LIMITED BLACK VINYL 180g 12" Claire's Echo$9.99
Acetate Zeromp3 Somehow About Perfection GREY VINYL 180g 12" Claire's Echo$11.99
Acid House Kingsmp3 Sing Along With Acid House Kings CD Twenty Seven Records$11.99
Air Formationmp3 Ends In Light CD Drive-In$8.99
Aislers Setmp3 How I Learned to Write Backwards CD Suicide Squeeze$10.99
Alan Sparhawkmp3 Solo Guitar CD Silber$10.99
Alcian Bluemp3 Years Too Late EP CDr Safranin$5.99
Almost Charliemp3 The Plural of Yes CD Words On Music$10.99
Altromp3 Candore CD Love Boat$0.99
Always The Runner / Snowbeastmp3 Framed EP #1 CD Status Quo Audio$5.99
Amatuersmp3 Hongu Kongu CD Letterbox$16.99
Anathallomp3 Canopy Glow CD Anticon$14.99
Aniloremp3 Still Awake CDr Anilore$9.99
Annie Barkermp3 ...for a better place CD Beautiful Revolution$6.99
Antiquesmp3 Awake CD Safranin Sound$11.99
Apillowmp3 Leaves Winter Alone EP CDr Thisquietarmy$8.99
Apple Orchardmp3 Half-Steps Toward Bright Skies CD Haymarket$10.99
Arrogantsmp3 You've Always Known When Best To Say Goodbye CD+DVD Letterbox$16.99
Aspen Woodsmp3 New World Disorder CD Razorblade$13.99
Astralmp3 Sleepwalker CD Vibraphone$9.99
Auburn Lullmp3 Cast From the Platform CD Darla$12.99
Auburn Lullmp3 Regions Less Parallel: Early Works and Rarities 1996-2004 CD Darla$12.99
ausmp3 After All CD Flau$14.99
Autodronemp3 Strike A Match CD Clairecords$12.00
Averkioump3 Throwing Sparks CD Clairecords$12.00
Averkioump3 Throwing Sparks LP Barracuda Sound$10.99
Avoidance Theorymp3 Promise to the Refrigerator CD Shmat$4.99
Avoidance Theorymp3 The Shape of Trees CD Shmat$7.99
Bad Handmp3 Swamp Hop 7" Prankster Dice$3.99
Ballboymp3 I Worked On The Ships CD Pony Proof$15.99
Basement Apartmentmp3 Transistor! CD mpls ltd$9.99
Basement Apartmentmp3 Pine Tree Hill CD mpls ltd$9.99
Bearsmp3 Bears CD Bears$10.99
Bearsmp3 Shortest Day Of The Year CD Bears Pop$5.99
Bearsmp3 Simple Machinery CD Self-Released$9.99
Belle And Sebastianmp3 The BBC Sessions CD Matador$11.99
Belle And Sebastianmp3 The BBC Sessions 180G 2xLP Matador$25.98
Below The Seamp3 Blame It On The Past CD Where Are My Records$14.99
Below The Seamp3 Blame It On The Past 2xLP Where Are My Records$19.99
Besnard Lakesmp3 Volume 1 CD Jagjaguwar / Breakglass$11.99
Bilge Pumpmp3 Let Me Breathe CD Gringo$8.40
Binary Dollsmp3 Seesaw Sunday Nights CD Perilymph$0.99
Black Moth Super Rainbowmp3 Start a People CD 70s Gymnastics / Graveface$10.99
Black Nite Crashmp3 Array LP+CD Custom Made$10.99
Blake/e/e/emp3 Border Radio CD Freefolk$12.99
Blitzen Trappermp3 Furr CD Sub Pop$12.99
Bloody Knivesmp3 Blood CD Saint Marie$12.99
Blue Ribbonmp3 Another Time CD Blue Bell$11.99
Bobbi Boylemp3 A Day in The Life CD mpls ltd$12.99
Bolmonganimp3 Bolmongani CD Beyonder$9.99
Botticellismp3 Old Home Movies 12" Rocinante$12.99
Brasiliamp3 A Life Desired LP Unovis / Obscurist Press$7.99
Bridges and Powerlinesmp3 Ghost Types CD City Bird$7.99
Bright Channelmp3 Self-Propelled CD Flight Approved$11.99
Brittle Starsmp3 Occasional Appearance CD Fastcut Records$16.99
broaddaylightmp3 Anniversaries: Reunions CD Saint Marie$12.99
Brother Kitemp3 Isolation CD Clairecords$12.00
Brother Kitemp3 Aching Heart, Clear Conscience 7" Light Fighter$4.99
Brother Kitemp3 Moonlit Race EP CD Clairecords$8.00
Brother Kite / Daydream Nation / Heliconiamp3 Club AC30 #7 CDr Club AC30$4.99
Brother Kite, Themp3 thebrotherkite CD Clairecords$11.00
Brother Kite, Themp3 Waiting For The Time To be Right CD Clairecords$15.00
Bubblegum Lemonademp3 Susan's In The Sky CDEP Matinee$6.99
Buildings Breedingmp3 Buildings Breeding CD Mushpot$12.99
Calexicomp3 Carried To Dust CD Quarterstick$13.99
Calexicomp3 Carried To Dust LP Quarterstick$14.99
California Snow Storymp3 Close to the Ocean CD Letterbox$16.99
Callersmp3 Fortune CD Western Vinyl$11.99
Caribbeanmp3 History's First Know It All CD Endearing$10.99
Casinomp3 s/t CDEP midsummer madness$7.99
Cats On Firemp3 Draw In The Reins CD Fraction Discs$7.99
Cavilmp3 Mares' Tails CD Radio Khartoum$12.99
Cavilmp3 Mare's Tails LP Radio Khartoum$12.99
Champagne Riotmp3 Paris And I CD+7" Shelflife$14.99
Cheermp3 Red Walk CDr Drifting Falling$9.99
Children Of The Sixth Root Racemp3 Songs From The Source LP Drag City$14.99
Cinemascopemp3 Soundimension CD Airline$14.99
Clambakemp3 Gator in the Pool CD Gringo$11.20
Club 8mp3 Saturday Night Engine CD Hidden Agenda / Labrador$8.99
Club 8mp3 Strangely Beautiful CD Hidden Agenda$12.99
Con Doloremp3 Sailor's Warning CD Clairecords$11.00
Conor Oberstmp3 Conor Obsert CD Merge$13.99
Conor Oberstmp3 Conor Oberst 180g LP Merge$17.98
Creep Sleepmp3 Interviews CD Del-Tones$3.99
Crybabymp3 No Means Yes CDEP Two Sheds$7.99
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