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Band Title Label Price
W.W. Lowman Plain Songs CD Arbouse$13.99
Waajeed Shango EP 12" Dirt Tech Reck$11.98
Waawe Timestorm was the Signal CD Minority$11.99
Wailing Wailers, The The Wailing Wailers LP Studio One$22.98
Waiting List Two Sides of... 7" Meller Welle$3.99
Wake, The Assembly CD LTM$17.99
Wake, The Here Comes Everybody + Singles 2xLP Captured Tracks$26.98
Wakusei Noise CD Arrivederci Baby$12.99
Waldos Rent Party LP Sympathy For the Record Industry$16.98
Walker Kong There Goes the Sun CD Magic Marker$12.99
Walker Kong Transparent Life CD Magic Marker$9.99
Walker Kong Transparent Life LP Magic Marker$11.99
Walking Bicycles Disconnected 180g LP Highwheel Records$12.99
Walkmen Everyone Who Pretended to like Me is Gone CD Startime$13.99
Walkmen Bows and Arrows CD Record Collection$12.99
Walkmen Bows and Arrows LP Warner Bros$18.98
Walkmen A Hundred Miles Off CD Record Collection$13.99
Walkmen Pussycats Starring The Walkmen CD+DVD Record Collection$13.99
Walkmen You & Me CD Gigantic$6.99
Walkmen Lisbon LP Fat Possum$13.98
Walkmen You & Me LP Fat Possum$13.98
Walkmen Heaven LP Fat Possum$13.98
Walkmen Dance With Your Partner 7" Fat Possum$6.98
Walkmen / Calla Split CD Troubleman Unlimited$10.99
Wallflower Filled with Flowers CD Fastcut Records$14.99
Wallflower Dreamy Days 7" Fastcut$9.99
Wallows Spring EP 12" Atlantic$16.98
Wallpaper On The Chewing Gum Ground CD K$11.99
Wallpaper On The Chewing Gum Ground LP K$9.99
Walls / Oram Sound Houses LP Ecstatic$25.98
Walnut Dash Tidbits CD Vinyl Japan$13.99
Walt Dickerson Vibes in Motion LP Audio Fidelity$8.99
Walt Dickerson This Is Walt Dickerson LP New Jazz$11.98
Walt Dickerson Unity LP Chiaroscuro Records$11.98
Walt Dickerson To my Queen LP New Jazz$11.98
Walt Wagner Reworks LP Sub Pop$17.98
Walter Bishop Jr. Soul Village LP Muse$11.98
Walter Schreifels An Open Letter To The Scene LP+7" - Color Run for Cover$19.98
Walter TV Appetite LP Sinderlyn$17.98
walter wanderley rain forest USED LP verve$3.99
Waltones, The You've Got To Hand It To Them: The Very Best of The Waltones LP+7" Optic Nerve$27.99
Waltz for Debbie He Loves Anna CDEP Labrador$4.99
Wan Light Carmaline CD Labrador$16.99
Wan Light That Grim Reality CD Labrador$9.99
Wanda de Sah Softly 180-gram LP Capitol$13.98
Wanda de Sah Softly CD Rev-ola$15.99
Wanda De Sah Softly LP Capitol$13.98
Wanda de Sah with Brasil '65 Brasil '65 is Here! LP Capitol$11.98
Wanda Jackson The Party Ain't Over LP Third Man$16.98
Wanda Jackson I Remember Elvis LP Cleopatra$11.98
Wanda Jackson Heart Trouble LP Sympathy For The Record Industry$14.98
Wandering Lucy Leap Year CD K$11.99
Wannadies, The Before & After CD Hidden Agenda$12.99
Want On a Plane 7" MykeDroner$4.50
War Against Sleep Messages CD Fire$16.99
War on Drugs Wagonwheel Blues LP Secretly Canadian$14.98
War on Drugs Slave Ambient 2xLP Secretly Canadian$16.98
War on Drugs A Deeper Understanding 2xLP Atlantic$25.98
War On Drugs, The Lost In The Dream 2xLP Secretly Canadian$17.98
War On Drugs, The Future Weather LP Secretly Canadian$13.98
War On Drugs, The Thinking Of A Place 12" EP Atlantic$9.98
Ward Sesquipedalian Origins 7" Static Caravan$5.99
Warlocks s/t CD Bomp$9.99
Warm Morningmp3 Silver Rain CD+7" Shelflife$14.99
Warm Morning Edition 59: Volume 28 3" CD Vollwert$9.99
Warm Soda Young Reckless Hearts LP Castle Face$18.98
Warmers wanted:more cd dischord$7.99
Warn Defever WD (s/t) CD-R Time Stereo$11.99
Warn Defever I Want You to Live a Hundred Years CD Lo$16.99
Warpaint The Fool LP Rough Trade$23.98
Warpaint Warpaint 2xLP Rough Trade$26.98
Warpaint Warpaint CD Rough Trade$13.98
Warpaint Keep It Healthy b/w Disco//very 12" Rough Trade$10.98
Warpaint Undertow 12" - Color Rough Trade$9.98
Warpaint New Song 7" Rough Trade$7.98
Warpaint Heads Up 2xLP Rough Trade$26.98
Warsaw Warsaw CD MPG$16.99
Warsaw Warsaw Plus Bonus Tracks LP Vinyl Passion$16.98
Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra WŽndelu LP Ubiquity$19.98
Washed Out Within and Without CD Sub Pop$12.99
Washed Out Within and Without LP Sub Pop$16.98
Washed Out Life of Leisure 12" Mexican Summer$17.98
Washed Out Paracosm LP Sub Pop$17.98
Washed Out Mister Mellow LP Stones Throw$20.98
Washington Phillips What Are They Doing In Heaven Today LP Mississippi$15.98
Washington Social Club Catching Looks CD Badman$12.99
Water Liars Wyoming LP Big Legal Mess / Fat Possum$13.98
Water Liars Wyoming CD Big Legal Mess$11.99
Watery Graves Portland LP+CD Marriage$13.99
Watery Graves of Portland Watery Graves of Portland CD Marriage$13.99
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