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Band Title Label Price
Veronica Falls Veronica Falls CD Slumberland$9.99
Veronica Falls Waiting for Something to Happen CD Slumberland$11.99
Veronica Falls Teenage 7" Slumberland$7.99
Veronica Lipgloss and The Evil Eyes Strip Mall Glass 12" GSL$5.99
veronica lipgloss and the evil eyes witch's dagger USED cd gsl$6.99
Versailles Folly LP. Gin & Catatonic$3.99
Versoma Life During Wartime CD Robotic Empire$6.99
Versoma Life During Wartime LP Robotic Empire$8.99
Versus The Stars are Insane CD Teenbeat$10.99
Versus Deep Red CD Teenbeat$6.99
Versus Deep Red LP Teenbeat$6.98
versus dead leaves USED CD teen beat$7.99
versus stars are insane USED CD teen beat$7.99
Vertonen Orchid Collider CD C.I.P.$10.99
Verve Storm in Heaven CD Vernon Yard$11.99
Verve This is Music: The Singles 92-98 CD Virgin$18.50
Verve, The Urban Hymns 2xLP Columbia$34.98
Verve, The A Northern Soul 2xLP Virgin$28.98
Vervein Vast Low Cities CD Vervein$8.49
Very Most, The Making the Case for Me CD Coming in Second$9.99
Very Most, The Congratulations Forever CD Coming in Second$10.99
Vessel Order of Noise 2xLP Tri Angle$22.99
Vessel Punish, Honey LP Tri Angle$19.98
Vetiver s/t CD DiCristina$13.99
Vetiver Vetiver LP Dicristina Stair Builders$14.98
Vetiver To Find Me Gone CD Dicristina Stair Builders$12.99
Vetiver Between CD DiCristina$7.99
Vetiver To Find Me Gone 2xLP Dicristina Stair Builders$16.98
Vetiver You May Be Blue 12" Gnomonsong$7.99
Vetiver Thing of the Past CD Gnomonsong$12.99
Vetiver More Of The Past CD Fat Cat$6.99
Vetiver Tight Knit CD Sub Pop$12.99
Vetiver Tight Knit LP Sub Pop$14.98
Vetiver Wishing Well 7" Sub Pop$6.99
Vetiver The Errant Charm CD Sub Pop$12.99
Vexers s/t CD Ace Fu$11.99
Vexers Gangland Ballads & the Death Sex Set CD Ace Fu$7.99
VHS Gift Of Life LP Suicide Squeeze$15.98
VHS Head Persistence of Vision 2xLP 180g Skam$30.98
VHS or Beta Night on Fire CD Astralwerks$10.19
VHS or BETA Le Funk CD Astralwerks$11.99
VHS Or Beta Le Funk LP Astralwerks$13.99
VHS or Beta Bring On The Comets CD Astralwerks$11.99
VHS or Beta Bring On The Comets 2xLP Astralwerks$17.99
Via Tania Under a Different Sky CD Chocolate Industries$12.99
Via Tania Boltanski CD Chocolate Industries$8.99
Via Tania Boltanski 12" Chocolate Industries$5.99
Via Tania Under a Different Sky LP Chocolate Industries$12.99
vibon cd comp. v/a USED cd tbtm0t0$7.99
Vibracathedral Orchestra Queen of Guess CD VHF$12.99
Vibracathedral Orchestra My Gate's Open Tremble By My Side CD Lexicon Devil$15.99
Vibracathedral Orchestra Tuning To The Rooster CD Important$12.99
Vibracathedral Orchestra Vibracathedral Orchestra LP+DVD VHF$20.99
Vibralux Hercules 7" Candy Floss$2.99
Vibrarians Red Light 7" K$4.99
Vibrators The Independent Punk Singles Collection CD Anagram$13.99
Vibrators Vibrators LP Cleopatra$11.98
Vibrators, The Fucking Punk '77 LP - Color Vinyl Anarchy Music$12.98
Vic Chesnutt North Star Deserter 2xLP Constellation$25.98
Vic Conrad & the First Third s/t CD Hidden Agenda$9.59
Vic Juris Horizon Drive LP Muse$11.98
Vice Guide To Travel Vice Guide To Travel DVD Vice$14.99
Vicious Vicious Blood and Clover CD Twentyseven$11.20
Victory at Sea Carousel CD Kimchee$10.25
Victory At Sea The Good Night CD Kimchee$10.99
Victory at Sea Memories Fade CD Gern Blandsten$10.99
Video New Immortals 7" Third Man$4.98
Video Age Pop Therapy LP Inflated Records$13.98
Videodrones Mondo Ferox LP El Paraiso$36.98
Viernes Sinister Devices CD Kanine$10.99
Viernes Sinister Devices LP Kanine$11.99
Viet Cong Viet Cong LP Jagjaguwar$14.98
Viet Cong Viet Cong Cass Jagjaguwar$6.98
Vietnam EP #1 12" The Social Registry$10.99
Vietnam EP #2 12" Social Registry$10.99
Vigil Musica Para Hacer la Digestion CD Siesta$17.99
Vigil China Soul CD Siesta$14.50
Viktor Sjoberg Breakfast in America LP St. Ives$9.99
Village of Savoonga Live CD Communion$12.99
Village of Savoonga s/t CD Communion$12.99
Village of Savoonga Score CD Communion$12.99
Village Soul Choir Soul Sesame Street LP Abbot$11.98
Village, The s/t CD Elefant$12.99
Village, The Father 7" Elefant$4.99
Villagers Becoming a Jackal LP Domino USA$19.99
Villagers Becoming a Jackal CD Domino USA$12.99
Villagers Darling Arithmetic LP Domino$20.98
Villagers Where Have You Been All My Life LP Domino$21.98
Ville Leinonen & Valumo Varpunen 7" Fonal$9.99
Vince Mole & His Calcium Orchestra S/T 7" HHBTM$4.99
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