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Band Title Label Price
Various Great Gatsby Soundtrack 2xLP Third Man$18.98
Various Boddie Recording Company: Cleveland, OH. 5xLP Numero$63.98
Various Guardians of the Galaxy 2xLP Hollywood$25.98
Various A World Apart Soundtrack LP RCA$11.98
Various Gridlock'd Soundtrack 2xLP 160g Death Row$8.98
Various A Distant Invitation LP Sublime Frequencies$22.98
Various Canibal Ferox LP One Way Static Records$25.98
Various Country Funk Vol. 2 2xLP Light in the Attic$25.98
Various Garden State Soundtrack 180g 2xLP Legacy$38.98
Various Young Turks 2014 LP Young Turks$16.98
Various Boston Creative Jazz Scene 1970-1983 2xLP Box Cultures of Soul$34.98
Various Ultra High Frequencies: The Chicago Party LP Numero$23.98
Various s From PlMichigan Meltdown Volume 2 Twelve More Non-Hits From Pleasant Peninsula Preternaturals...LP Coney Dog$18.98
Various Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof Soundtrack LP Warner Bros.$19.98
Various Saved and Sanctified: Songs of the Jade Label LP Numero$16.98
Various Bowling Balls From Hell LP Clone$12.98
Various Ten Little Records: The Woosh Collection CD Jigsaw$9.98
Various Hedwig And The Angry Inch LP Atlantic$19.98
Various Pieces Soundtrack LP We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want$27.98
Various Mississippi Blues 1927-1941 LP Yazoo$16.98
Various Harmonica Blues: Great Harmonica Performances Of The 1920s And '30s LP Yazoo$16.98
Various The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Absolute Treasures (The Complete Soundtrack From The Original Movie) 2xLP Ode$22.98
Various Rocksteady Taking Over Orange Street 1966-1968 LP Kingston Sounds$17.98
Various Back From The Grave Vol. 1 LP Crypt$20.98
Various Back From The Grave Vol. 2 LP Crypt$20.98
Various Back From The Grave Vol. 3 LP Crypt$20.98
Various Back From The Grave Vol. 4 LP Crypt$20.98
Various Back From The Grave Vol. 5 LP Crypt$20.98
Various Back From The Grave Vol. 7 LP Crypt$31.98
Various Back From The Grave Vol. 9 LP Crypt$22.98
Various Back From The Grave Vol. 10 LP Crypt$22.98
Various The Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 2 2xLP Stones Throw$23.98
Various Warfaring Strangers: Darkscorch Canticles 2xLP Numero$28.98
Various Ork Records, Newy York, New York 4xLP Box Set Numero$79.98
Various Excavated Shellac: Reeds LP Dust-To-Digital$22.98
Various Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds LP A Band Apart$18.98
Various The Big Lebowski Soundtrack LP Mercury$20.98
Various The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Soundrtrack LP Atlantic$19.98
Various Just Go Destroy Everything In Sight LP Dionysus$13.98
Various Eccentric Soul: The Dynamic Label 2xLP Numero$26.98
Various Buttons: From Champaign to Chicago 2xLP Numero$23.98
Various Ferris Bueller's Day Off 2xLP Not On Label$26.98
Various Not The Same Old Blues Crap II LP Fat Possum$13.98
Various Not The Same Old Blues Crap LP Fat Possum$13.98
Various Kill Bill Vol. 1 Soundtrack LP Maverick$19.98
Various Kill Bill Vol. 2 Soundtrack LP Maverick$18.98
Various Garden State 2xLP Legacy$37.98
Various High Fidelity Soundtrack 2xLP Hollywood$29.98
Various Transormers Soundtrack 30th Anniversary 2xLP Legacy$42.98
Various Love and Mercy: Official Soundtrack LP Capitol$19.98
Various Rushmore Original Soundtrack LP London$26.98
Various XL Chapter VI LP XL$29.98
Various Static Waves 4 3xCD Saint Marie$8.98
Various Wayfaring Strangers: Cosmic American Music 2xLP Numero Group$26.98
Various God Don't Never Change: The Songs Of Blind Willie Johnson LP Alligator$20.98
Various Disco & Boogie - 200 Breaks & Drum Loops, Volume 1 LP Love Injection Records$13.98
Various Disco & Boogie - 200 Breaks & Drum Loops, Volume 3 LP Love Injection Records$13.98
Various PUNK 45 : Chaos In The City Of Angels and Devils Hollywood From X To Zero & Hardcore On The Beaches 2xLP Soul Jazz$30.98
Various Jade Tree: Twenty Five Years LP Jade Tree$18.98
Various Fright Night: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP Night Fever$32.98
Various Reservoir Dogs LP Geffen$20.98
Various Monster A Go-Go LP Bamboo$34.98
Various Sixties Japanese Garage LP Bamboo$34.98
Various Thai? Dai! - The Heavier Side of the Luk Thung Underground LP Finders Keepers$28.98
Various International Breaks Volume 1 LP International Breaks Inc.$14.98
Various International Breaks Volume 2 LP International Breaks Inc.$14.98
Various International Breaks Volume 3 LP International Breaks Inc.$14.98
Various Super Duck Breaks ...The Saga Begins LP Stones Throw$14.98
Various Super Duper Duck Breaks LP Stones Throw$12.98
Various Rich Medina presents Jump N Funk LP Barely Breaking Even$31.98
Various A Tribute to Pet Sounds LP Reverberation Appreciation Society$30.98
Various Typical Girls LP Emotional Response$15.98
Various Morning Of The Earth LP Anthology$20.98
Various DJ Format's Psych Out - A Collection Of International Funky Fuzz Laiden Gems 2xLP BBE$27.98
Various The Roots of Chicha: Psychedelic Cumbias From Peru 2xLP Barbes$19.98
Various The Funky 16 Corners 2xLP Stones Throw$17.98
Various Eccentric Soul: Sitting In The Park LP Numero$17.98
Various Dancehall Kings LP Blunt$9.98
Various Diggin In A Colemine LP + CD Colemine$16.98
Various The Soul Side Of The Street (Hot Phoenix Soul Sides From The Vaults Of Hadley Murrell) 1964-1972 LP Dionysus$11.98
Various Detroit Electronic Quarterly Vol. 7 LP Detroit Electronic Quarterly$14.98
Various Eleven Into Fifteen: a 130701 Compilation 2xLP 130701$24.98
Various Las Vegas Grind Vol. 3 LP 180g Strip$20.98
Various Day Of The Dead 12" 4AD$14.98
Various Michigan Nuggets 2xLP Belvedere$28.98
Various O Brother, Where Art Thou? Soundtrack 2xLP Lost Highway$31.98
Various Rough Guide To Brazilian Jazz LP Rough Guides$19.98
Various Cologne Curiosities 2xLP Mental Experience$37.98
Various International Vicious Society Volume 1 LP University of Vice$24.98
Various Day of The Dead 10xLP - Box Set 4AD$165.98
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