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Band Title Label Price
Urkuma Rebuilding Pantaleone's Tree CD Baskaru$10.99
Urusei Yatsura Fake Fur 7". Che$2.95
Urusei yatsura strategic hamlets USED cd che'$3.99
urusei yatsura the hated USED cd che'$3.99
US Maple Purple on Time CD Drag City$12.99
USA is a Monster Wohaw CD Load$12.99
Usaisamonster Tasheyana Compost CD Load$10.99
Used, The In Love And Death LP Reprise$10.98
Useless Eaters Daily Commute LP Tic Tac Totally$14.99
Utensils, The s/t 7" Drive-In / Moonscreen$3.25
Uton Whispers From The Woods 3xCD Last Visible Dog$17.99
Uton Mystery Revolution CD Digitalis$10.99
Uton Alitaju Ylimina LP Dekorder$18.99
Uton Straight Edge XXS LP Dekorder$18.99
Uton We're Only In It For The Spirit CD Digitalis$10.99
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