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Band Title Label Price
Shins Chutes Too Narrow CD Sub Pop$11.99
Shins Chutes Too Narrow LP Sub Pop$17.98
Shins, The Know Your Onion CDEP Sub Pop$6.99
Shins, The Wincing The Night Away LP Sub Pop$17.98
Shins, The Wincing The Night Away Cass Sub Pop$7.98
Shins, The Chutes Too Narrow Cass Sub Pop$7.98
Shins, The Oh Inverted World Cass Sub Pop$7.98
Shins, The Heartworms LP Columbia$26.98
Shintaro Sakamoto Let's Dance Raw LP Other Music$13.98
Shintaro Sakamoto How to Live With a Phantom LP Other Music Recording Co. / Fat Possum$13.98
Shiny Two Shiny When the Rain Stops LP Captured Tracks$15.98
Shipping News Flies the Fields LP Touch and Go$15.98
Shirelles, The Give a Twist Party LP Sundazed$24.98
Shirley Nanette Never Coming Back LP Truth & Soul$18.98
Shirley Scott Lean On Me LP Cadet$11.98
Shit Robot Where It's At 12" DFA$8.98
Shit Robot From The Cradle To The Rave 2xLP DFA$13.98
Shit Robot What Follows 2xLP DFA$23.98
Shiva's Headband Take Me to the Mountains LP Capitol$9.98
Shivas, The You Know What To Do LP K$15.98
Shivas, The Better off Dead LP K$15.98
Shocking Pinks Cutout / Dressed to Please 2x12" DFA$18.99
Shoes Bazooka LP Numero Group$15.99
Shoes Black Vinyl Shoes LP Numero Group$14.99
Shoes Present Tense CUTOUT LP Elektra$3.99
Shoes This High Straight To Hell LP Slitbreeze$18.98
Shogun Kunitoki Vinonaamakasio CD Fonal$16.99
Shonen Knife Burning Farm CD Oglio$11.99
Shonen Knife Pretty Little Baka Guy CD Oglio$11.99
Shoot Charlie Junior and Senior CD Plastilina$12.99
Shooting At Unarmed Men Yes Tinnitus CD Too Pure$9.99
Shop Assistants Shop Assistants 180g LP 4 Men With Beards$21.98
Shoplifting s/t CD Kill Rock Stars$8.50
Shoplifting s/t 12" Kill Rock Stars$8.50
shortstack S/T USED cd planaria$7.99
Shorty Long Here Comes the Judge LP Soul$10.99
Should A Folding Sieve CD Captured Tracks$11.99
Should A Folding Sieve LP Captured Tracks$15.98
Should Like A Fire Without Sound CD Words on Music$11.99
Should Feed Like Fishes CD Words on Music$11.99
Shout Out Louds Tonight I Have To Leave It CD Merge$4.99
Shout Out Louds Our Ill Wills CD Merge$12.99
Shove Soundtrack for Disaster CD Omnibus$11.99
Shove // Speedking split 7" Omnibus$3.99
Shovels & Rope Busted Jukebox: Volume 1 LP Dualtone$21.98
Shovels and Rope O' Be Joyful LP Dualtone Music$16.98
Shovels and Rope Shovels and Rope LP Dualtone$18.98
Shovels and Rope Swimmin' Time LP Dualtone$24.98
Showstar <.> CD Summerhouse$17.99
Shrinking Islands, The In The Black Carpet CD Sort Of Records$4.99
shudder to think get your goat USED cd dischord$7.99
Shuggie Otis In Session 2xLP Goldenlane$16.98
Shuggie Otis Freedom Flight 180G LP Epic$16.98
Shuggie Otis Here Comes Shuggie Otis 180G LP Epic$17.98
Shuggie Otis Inspiration Information 180g LP Epic$17.98
Shumai Tastes Like Summer CD Total Gaylord$9.99
Shuta Hasunuma OK Bamboo CD Western Vinyl$11.99
Shuta Hasunuma Pop Ooga 2xLP Western Vinyl$16.99
shy child one with the sun USED cd say hey$6.99
Sia Colour The Small One LP Astralwerks$21.98
Sia 1000 Forms of Fear LP RCA$18.98
Sian Alice Group Nightsong 7" The Social Registry$5.99
Sian Alice Group 59.59 2xLP Social Registry$14.99
Sian Alice Group Remix 12" The Social Registry$7.99
Sian Alice Group The Dusk Line EP 12" Social Registry$10.99
Sian Alice Group The Dusk Line EP CD Social Registry$7.99
SIANspheric Somnium 2xLP Sonic Unyon$29.98
SIANspheric Writing the Future In Letters of Fire 2xLP Sonic Unyon$29.98
Sibylle Baier Colour Green CD Orange Twin$11.99
Sic Alps U.S. EZ CD Siltbreeze$12.99
Sic Alps United 7" Important$6.99
Sic Alps A Long Way Around To A Shortcut 2xLP Drag City$18.99
sick lipstick sting sting sting USED cd tigerbeat 6$7.99
sick lipstick sting sting sting USED CD tigerstyle$7.99
Sick of it All Relentless CD Bridge Nine$3.99
Sick Of It All Call To Arms LP Fat Wreck$12.98
Sickoakes Seawards CD Type$14.99
Siddeleys Slum Clearance USED CD Matinee$40.00
Sidewaytownmp3 Years In The Wall CD Sidewaytown$11.99
Sightings Michigan Haters CD Psycho-Path$10.50
Sightings s/t CD Load$10.99
Sightings Absolutes CD Load$10.50
Sightings Amusers And Puzzlers LP Dais$20.98
Sightings Castle Moat / Invisible Coats 7" Fusetron$4.99
Sightings Arrived in Gold CD Load$9.99
Sightings & Tom Smith Gardens of War CD Smack Shire$13.99
Sightings / Hrvatski Divorce Series #3 7" Ache$5.99
Signaldrift Set Design CD Consumers Research and Development$12.99
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