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Band Title Label Price
Shabazz Palaces Lese Majesty 2xLP Sub Pop$25.98
Shabazz Palaces Of Light 12" EP Templar$23.98
Shabazz Palaces Shabazz Palaces 12" EP Templar$23.98
Shacks, The Audrey / Fly Fishing 7" Big Crown$10.98
Shacks, The This Strange Effect 7" Big Crown$10.98
Shades of Brown S.O.B. CD Dusty Groove$11.99
Shades, The Santa Claus Is Coming to Town 7" Numero$6.98
Shadow Sweet Sweet Dreams LP Analog Africa$26.98
Shadow Huntaz Valley of the Shadow CD Skam$14.99
Shadow Huntaz Valley Of The Shadow 2xLP Skam$16.99
Shadow Huntaz Corrupt Data CD Skam$14.99
shady world USED cd beggers banquet$6.99
Shady Bard From the Ground Up CD Static Caravan$16.99
Shaggs Philosophy of the World LP Light in the Attic$24.98
Shaggs Wink CD Radioactive$16.99
Shai Hulud That Within Blood Ill-Tempered LP Revelation$14.98
Shakey Graves And the War Came LP Dualtone$21.98
Shakey Graves And The Horse He Rode In On 2x12" Clear Dualtone$24.98
Shalabi Effect Pink Abyss CD Alien8$13.99
Shallow Cuts Empty Beach Town LP No Idea$12.98
Shamir Northtown EP 12" XL$12.98
Shamir Ratchet LP XL$19.98
Shandy Wildtyme Luminous CD Summerhouse$13.99
Shane Whitbreadmp3 Tomorrow Fades Away CDr thisquietarmy$8.99
Shangri-Las I Can Never Go Home Anymore LP Redbird$11.98
Shangri-Las Leader of the Pack LP Red Bird$11.98
Shangri-Las Shangri-Las - 65 LP Redbird$11.98
Shannon & The Clams/Guantanamo Baywatch Mama 7" Suicide Squeeze$5.98
Shannon and the Clams Dreams In the Rat House LP Hardly Art$14.98
Shannon and the Clams I Wanna Go Home LP 1-2-3-4 Go!$12.98
Shannon And The Clams Gone By The Dawn LP Hardly Art$15.98
Shannon and the Clams Onion LP Nonesuch$19.98
Shapiros / Pencil Tin split 7" Library$3.99
Shark Move Chede Chokra's 180g LP Shadoks$42.99
Sharon Jones Matter of Time / When I Saw Your Face 7" Daptone$7.98
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings Got a Thing On My Mind 7" Daptone$6.98
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings Soul of a Woman LP Daptone$19.98
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings Miss Sharon Jones 2xLP Daptone$23.98
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings How Do I Let A Good Man Down 7" Daptone$6.98
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings Genuine Part 2 7" Daptone$7.98
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings 100 Days, 100 Nights LP Daptone$18.98
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings What If We All Stopped Paying Taxes 7" Daptone$6.98
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings I'm Not Gonna Cry 7" Daptone$7.98
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings Dap Dippin' LP Daptone$15.98
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings Naturally LP Daptone$15.98
Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings How Long Do I Have To Wait For You 7" Daptone$5.98
Sharon Jones & The Dap- Kings It's A Holiday Soul Party LP Daptone Records$12.02
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings I Learned the Hard Way LP Daptone$16.98
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings Soul Time! LP Daptone$16.98
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings Soul Time! CD Daptone$15.99
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings 100 Days, 100 Nights 7" Daptone$6.98
Sharon Jones / Corey Harris / Peter McGennis Bubble Girl (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 12" Galora$29.98
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings Naturally CD Daptone$14.99
Sharon Jones And The Dap-Kings Better Things 7" Daptone$7.98
Sharon Jones And The Dap-Kings Just Another Christmas Song 7" Daptone$7.98
Sharon Jones And The Dap-Kings Ain't No Chimneys In The Projects 7" Daptone$6.98
Sharon Jones And The Dap-Kings Give The People What They Want LP Daptone$18.98
Sharon Van Etten Tramp LP Jagjaguwar$15.98
Sharon Van Etten Are We There LP Jagjaguwar$16.98
Sharon Van Etten Epic LP Ba Da Bing$14.98
Sharon Van Etten Because I Was In Love LP Language Of Stone$17.98
Sharon Van Etten I Don't Want To Let You Down 12" EP Jagjaguwar$13.98
Sharron Kraus Fox's Wedding CD Durtro/Jnana$13.99
Sharron Kraus & Friends Right Wantonly A-Mumming: Seasonal Songs and Celebrations CD Bo Weavil$16.99
Shaved Christ Bad Mind 7" Bakery Outlet$5.99
Shawn David McMillen Catfish CD Tompkins Square$12.99
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra Techstar: Original Score LP Silver Fox$18.98
She & Him Christmas Party LP Columbia$33.98
She & Him A Very She & Him Christmas 180g LP Merge$19.98
She & Him Volume 3 LP Merge$19.98
She & Him Classics LP Columbia$25.98
She & Him Volume One CD Merge$13.99
She & Him Volume Two CD Merge$14.99
She & Him Volume Two 180g LP Merge$18.98
She & Him Volume One 180g LP Merge$17.98
She Sir Rival Island LP Shelflife$19.98
She Sir Who Can't Say Yes LP Shelflife$19.98
She Sir Go Guitars CD Shelflife$13.98
She Sir Who Can't Say Yes CD She Sir$7.98
She Sir Yens 7" Not on Label$5.98
She-Devils She-Devils LP Secretly Canadian$15.98
Shea Birney The Curtain Is Drawn Self Released$10.00
Shearwater Animal Joy LP Sub Pop$15.99
Shearwater Rooks / The Rainbow 7" Matador$4.99
Shearwater Animal Joy CD Sub Pop$12.99
Shearwater Thieves CD Misra$7.99
Shearwater Jet Plane and Oxbow 2xLP Sub Pop$23.98
Shearwater Palo Santo EXPANDED EDITION 2xCD Matador$11.99
Shearwater Palo Santo EXPANDED EDITION 180g 2xLP Matador$23.99
Shearwater Fellow Travelers LP Sub Pop$17.98
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