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Band Title Label Price
Syd Barrett The Madcap Laughs 180g LP Vinilisssimo$29.98
Syd Barrett Barrett 180g LP Rhino$24.98
Syd Barrett Barrett +7 CD Harvest/EMI$12.99
Syd Barrett Opel +6 CD EMI$11.99
Syd Barrett and the Pink Floyd Demos and Outtakes(Poster Sleeve) LP Swing Shift Records UK$15.98
Syl Johnson My Gift LP Numero Group$13.98
Syl Johnson Do You Know What Soul Is LP Numero$13.98
Syl Johnson Uptown Shakedown LP Fat Possum Records$13.98
Syl Johnson Complete Twinight Singles 2xLP Numero Group$23.98
Syl Johnson Dresses Too Short LP Numero Group$19.98
Syl Johnson Is It Because I'm Black LP Numero Group$19.98
Syl Johnson Total Explosion LP Fat Possum / Hi Records$13.98
Syl Johnson Back For A Taste Of Your Love LP Fat Possum$13.98
Sylvain Chauveau S. 10" Type$9.99
Sylvain Chauveau S.CD Type$12.99
Sylvain Chauveau Nuage CD Type$14.99
Sylvain Chauveau Singular Forms Sometimes Repeated LP Type$18.99
Sylvain Chauveau Singular Forms Sometimes Repeated CD Type$14.99
Sylvan Esso Sylvan Esso LP PTKF$16.98
Sylvan Esso What Now LP Loma Vista Recordings$21.98
Sylvan Esso H.S.K.T. LP Partisan$12.98
Sylvie Simmons Sylvie LP Light In The Attic$9.98
Symmetry Themes For An Imaginary Film 3xLP Italians Do It Better$39.98
Syndrone Salmataxia CD Merck$10.99
synthemes imightaswell USED LP aim$3.99
Syringe On the Other Side 7" Little Mafia$3.50
System ----- CD Scape$15.99
Systems Officer s/t CD Ace Fu$7.99
SZA Ctrl 2xLP RCA$25.98
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