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Band Title Label Price
Suki Ewers Kind of Hazy CD Mind Expansion$11.99
Sukpatch Singles club #3 7" Sub Pop$3.99
Sukpatch Honky Tonk Operation LP Slabco$3.99
Sukpatch Haulin' Grass and Smokin' Ass CD Slabco$10.75
Sukpatch Haulin Grass and Smokin Ass LP Slabco$8.99
Sukpatch Honky Tonk Operation CD Slabco$8.50
Sukpatch Tie Down That Shiny Wave CD Grand Royal$8.99
Sulk Graceless LP Deep Space Recordings$14.98
Sully I Have Much to Report CD (USED) Nettwerk$6.99
Sum 41 Does This Look Infected LP SRC Vinyl$26.98
Summer at Shatter Creek s/t CD Absolutely Kosher$12.99
Summer At Shatter Creek All The Answers CD Badman$12.99
Summer Cannibals Full Of It LP Kill Rock Stars$16.98
Summer Cats Songs for Tuesdays CD Slumberland$12.99
Summer Cats Songs for Tuesdays LP Slumberland$9.99
Summer Cats Your Timetable 7" Slumberland$3.99
summer hits 1000 moments of natural flotation USED 7" silver girl$79.99
Summer Hymns Voice Brother and Sister CD Misra$10.99
Summer Hymns Clemency CD Misra$11.99
Summer Hymns Value Series Vol 1: Fool's Gold CD Misra$7.99
Summer in Betweenmp3 s/t CDEP Kittridge$4.99
Summer Twins Summer Twins LP Burger$13.99
Sun I'll Be The Same CD Staubgold$14.99
Sun s/t 2xCD Staubgold$16.50
Sun s/t 2xLP Staubgold$15.99
Sun Araw The Inner Treaty LP Drag City$16.99
Sun Araw Boat Trip 12" Woodsit$14.99
Sun Barrow s/t USED CD Priapus$6.99
Sun Barrow s/t 7" Priapus$3.50
Sun City Girls Fruit of the Womb | Polite Deception 2xLP Eclipse$24.99
Sun City Girls Juggernaut: Original Soundtrack Recording CD Abduction$15.99
Sun City Girls Jacks Creek CD Abduction$15.99
Sun City Girls Dulce Original Soundtrack CD Abduction$15.99
Sun City Girls Folksongs of the Rich and Evil / Exotica on $5 a Day 2xLP Eclipse$49.99
Sun Glitters Scattered Into Light LP MHR$15.98
Sun in the Satellite The Way 7" mpls ltd$4.99
Sun Kil Moon April CD Caldo Verde$14.99
Sun Kil Moon Tiny Cities CD Caldo Verde$14.99
Sun Kil Moon Ghosts of the Great Highway 2xLP Rough Trade$24.98
Sun Kill Moon Common As Light And Love Are Red Valleys Of Blood 4xLP Caldo Verde Records$41.98
Sun Ra Singles: the Definitive 45s Collection Volume 1 1952-1964 2xLP Strut$34.98
Sun Ra The Space Age is Here 2xLP Modern Harmonic$37.98
Sun Ra Lady With the Golden Stockings 10" Modern Harmonic$15.98
Sun Ra Nuclear War Mono 10" Color Modern Harmonic$15.98
Sun Ra Thunder Of The Gods Mono LP-Clear Modern Harmonic$24.98
Sun Ra The Magic City LP Pan Am Records$18.98
Sun Ra Singles Volume 2: The Definitive 45s Collection 1962-1991 3xLP Strut$34.98
Sun Ra The Night of the Purple Moon 180g LP Saturn$14.98
Sun Ra Sleeping Beauty LP Art Yard$27.98
Sun Ra Of Abstract Dreams LP Art Yard / Strut$24.98
Sun Ra Discipline 27-11 180g LP Saturn$13.98
Sun Ra Lanquidity COLOR VINYL LP Saturn$14.98
Sun Ra Bad and Beautiful LP Saturn$9.98
Sun Ra The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra Volume 2 CD ESP$9.99
Sun Ra Art Forms Of Dimensions Tomorrow LP Saturn$10.99
Sun Ra My Brother The Wind Volume II LP Saturn$8.99
Sun Ra Super-Sonic Jazz LP Saturn$13.98
Sun Ra Angels and Demons At Play LP Saturn$11.98
Sun Ra Art Forms of Dimensions Tomorrow 180 Gram LP Saturn$11.99
Sun Ra Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy LP Saturn$11.98
Sun Ra Fate In A Pleasant Mood LP Saturn$11.98
Sun Ra Lanquidity 180 Gram LP Saturn$15.98
Sun Ra Monorails and Satellites LP Saturn$11.98
Sun Ra My Brother The Wind I 180 Gram LP Saturn$12.98
Sun Ra My Brother The Wind II 180 Gram LP Saturn$11.99
Sun Ra Sound Sun Pleasure LP Saturn$11.98
Sun Ra Super-Sonic Jazz 180 Gram LP Saturn$15.98
Sun Ra The Magic City LP Saturn$13.98
Sun Ra The Nubians of Plutonia 180 Gram LP Saturn$14.98
Sun Ra The Other Side of The Sun 180 Gram LP Sweet Earth$11.98
Sun Ra We Travel The Space Ways 180 Gram LP Saturn$11.99
Sun Ra When Sun Comes Out 180 Gram LP Saturn$15.98
Sun Ra Of Mythic Worlds LP Philly Jazz$11.98
Sun Ra The Solar Myth Approach Vol 1 COLORED VINYL LP BYG Actuel$12.98
Sun Ra Sun Song LP Delmark$13.99
Sun Ra Cry of Jazz DVD Atavistic$19.99
Sun Ra My Brother the Wind Volume 1 LP Saturn$8.99
Sun Ra Strange Strings LP Saturn$13.98
Sun Ra When Sun Comes Out LP Saturn$13.98
Sun Ra Continuation LP Saturn$11.98
Sun Ra Jazz In Silhouette 180g LP DOL$18.98
Sun Ra Angels & Demons At Play (180g) LP Satun$12.98
Sun Ra The Night Of The Purple Moon LP Satun$13.98
Sun Ra The Solar-Myth Approach Vol. 1 LP BYG Actuel$12.98
Sun Ra Visits Planet Earth 180g LP Satun$12.98
Sun Ra Other Side Of The Sun LP Swear$11.98
Sun Ra Universe In Blue LP Satun$11.98
Sun Ra Outer Spaceways Incorporated LP Org Music$24.98
Sun Ra The Nubians of Plutonia LP Saturn$13.98
Sun Ra On Jupiter LP Kindred Spirits & Art Yard$20.98
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