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Band Title Label Price
Regina Spektor Far LP Sire$20.98
Regina Spektor Begin to Hope LP Sire$19.98
Regulars This is the Sound 7" bearos$0.99
Reign Ghost Reign Ghost LP Outsider$29.98
Reign Ghost Reign Ghost ft. Lynda Squires LP LP Outsider$29.98
Reigning Sound Too Much Guitar CD In The Red$12.99
Reigning Sound Too Much Guitar LP In the Red$18.98
Reigning Sound Time Bomb High School CD In the red$12.99
Reigning Sound Time Bomb High School LP In the red$15.98
Reigning Sound Break Up, Break Down CD SFTRI$12.99
Reigning Sound Live At Goner Records LP Goner$18.98
Reigning Sound Love and Curses CD In the Red$12.99
Reigning Sound Love and Curses LP In the Red$15.98
Reigning Sound Shattered LP Merge$18.98
Reigning Sound Live At Goner Records LP Goner$17.98
Reigns We Lowered a Microphone Into the Ground CD Jonson Family$10.99
Relatively Clean Rivers Relatively Clean Rivers LP Phoenix$25.98
Remember Fun Train Journeys CDEP Matinee$5.99
Remington Standard Why Less Desire to be Neat CD Music Fellowship$10.99
Remington Super 60 Pling 2001 CD Shado$13.99
Remora Some Past's Future CD Silber$10.50
Remora Enamored CD Silber$10.50
Remora/Rivulets/Pale Horse & Rider Alcohol EPS CD Silber$10.50
Remos Third Ear EP 7" Great Pop Supplement$6.99
Remote s/t CD Thirteenth Century$7.29
Remote Viewer Here I Go Again On My Own CD City Centre Offices$14.99
Remote Viewer You're Going to Love Our Defeatist Attitude CD City Centre Offices$14.99
Remote Viewer Let Your Heart Draw a Line CD City Centre Offices$14.99
renaissance heritage USED cd disky$6.99
Renato Rinaldi Hoarse Frenzy CD Last Visible Dog$11.99
Rene Hell Porcelain Opera CD Type$14.99
Repellent Issue #3 MAG Repellent$6.50
Replacements Let It Be CD Restless$16.99
Replacements Don't Tell A Soul 180g LP Original Recordings Group$22.99
Replacements Pleased to Meet Me LP Rhino$19.98
Replacements, The Don't Tell a Soul LP Rhino$19.98
Replacements, The Songs For Slim 12" New West Records$11.98
Replacements, The Stink 12" - Color Not On Label$24.98
Replacements, The Stink 12" Not On Label$20.98
Replacements, The The Twin Tone Years 4xLP Box Set Rhino$74.98
Replacements, The Let It Be 180g LP Rhino$19.98
Replacements, The Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash 180g LP Rhino$19.98
Replacements, The Stink 12" EP Rhino$16.98
Replacements, The The Sire Years 4xLP Box Set Rhino$74.98
Replicant Kuuki No Soko CD Radio Khartoum$11.99
Reptar Lurid Glow LP - Color Joyful Noise$14.98
reputation to force a fate USED cd lookout$6.99
REQ Car Paint Scheme CD Warp$16.99
reservoir s/t USED cd zero hour$6.99
Residents Meet the Residents LP Euroralph$20.98
Residents The King and Eye RMX CD Euroralph$14.99
Residents WB RMX CD Euroralph$14.99
Residents Third Reich N Roll CD Mute$18.99
Residents Residue of The Residents 2xLP Superior Viaduct$26.98
Residents, The Duck Stab LP Ralph$20.98
Residual Echoes Phoenician Flu & Ancient Ocean LP Holy Mountain$13.99
Residual Echoes California LP Holy Mountain$15.99
Resonance Issue #40 MAG Resonance$3.95
Resplendent In a Wilderness CDEP Mixx Tape$7.99
Retribution Gospel Choir Retribution Gospel Choir CD Caldo Verde$11.99
Retribution Gospel Choir 2 LP Sub Pop$15.98
Reuben Wilson Got to Get Your Own LP Blue Note$9.99
Reuben Wilson Love Bug LP Blue Note$13.98
Reuben Wilson A Groovy Situation LP Blue Note$11.98
Reuben Wilson Blue Mode LP Blue Note$13.98
reunion show kill your televison USED cd victory records$6.99
revenge welcome to the party USED cd narnack$6.99
Revenge Therapy S/T 7" Custom Made$3.99
Reverb Swirl CD Elephant Stone$11.99
Reverberation Blue Stereo Music CD Taang$11.99
Revolution 9 Now That Your Lover Has Gone CD Acuarela$8.99
Revolutionaries, The Clocktower Records Presents... Conquerors In Dub LP Clocktower$12.98
Revolutionary Hydra Swiss Admiral CDEP Burnt Out$6.99
Revolutionary Hydra The Peefs CD Skrocki$8.99
Rex 3 CD Southern$12.99
RF & Lili De La Mora Eleven Continents CD Rowing at Sea$12.99
Rhi Reverie LP Tru Thoughts$20.98
Rhodri Davies / Ingar Zach Ieirll LP Qbico$23.99
Rhye Woman LP Universal Republic$19.98
Rhye Blood LP Loma Vista$25.98
Rhys Chatham Harmonie Du Soir LP Northern Spy$19.98
Rhys Chatham Reve Parisien LP Primary Information$21.98
Rhythm & Sound With the Artists CD Asphodel$12.99
Rhythm & Sound w/The Artists LP BMLP$17.98
Rhythm King and Her Friends I Am Disco 2xLP Kitty-Yo$16.99
Rhythm King and Her Friends I Am Disco Remixed 12" Kitty-Yo$8.99
Rhythm of Black Lines Human Hand Animal Band CD GSL$11.50
rian murphy & will oldham all most heaven USED CD drag city$4.99
Ricardo Ray 3 Dimensions LP Andale!$16.98
Ricardo Ray Orchestra On The Scene With Ricardo Ray LP Andale!$16.98
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