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Band Title Label Price
Rangda False Flag LP Drag City$14.99
Ranie Burnette Ranie Burnette's Hill Country Blues LP Fat Possum$13.98
Rapeman Two Nuns and a Pack Mule LP Touch and Go$20.98
Rapeman Budd 12" Touch and Go$11.98
Raphael Saadiq Stone Rollin LP Columbia$19.98
Rapider Than Horsepower Stage Fright & This is My Big Night 2xLP Level Plane$10.50
Rappin' Duke Rappin' Duke 12" JWP$4.98
Rapture Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks CD Sub Pop$8.99
Rapture Echos CD Universal$10.50
Rapture House of Jealous Lovers Disc Two CD Universal$9.99
Rapture / Juan Maclean Give Me Every Little Thing 12" DFA$6.50
Rapture, The Mirror CD Gravity$10.99
Rapture, The Sister Saviour CD Vertigo$7.50
rasco escape from alcatraz USED CD coup d'etat$1.99
Ratatat Ratatat LP XL$19.98
Ratatat Classics LP XL$19.98
Ratatat Shiller 7" XL$3.99
Ratatat LP3 LP XL$19.98
Ratatat Mirando 12" XL$7.98
Ratatat LP4 CD XL$11.99
Ratatat LP4 LP XL$19.98
Ratatat Magnifique LP XL$19.98
Ratking Wiki93 LP XL$15.98
Ratking So It Goes LP XL$19.98
Rauhan Orkesteri & Lauhkeat Lampaat Sylissain Oot CD Ache$14.99
Raveonettes Pretty In Black CD Columbia$12.99
Raveonettes Chain Gang of Love CD Columbia$12.99
Raveonettes Lust Lust Lust CD Vice$12.99
Raveonettes Lust Lust Lust LP Vice$16.98
Raveonettes In and Out of Control LP Vice$15.98
Raveonettes Raven In the Grave LP Vice$16.98
Raveonettes Into the Night EP CD Raveonettes$5.99
Raveonettes Into the Night EP 2x7" Raveonettes$8.99
Raveonettes Observator CD Vice$10.99
Raveonettes Observator LP Vice$14.98
Raveonettes, The Pe'ahi LP Raveonettes$15.98
Ravi Shankar The Sounds Of India LP Columbia$8.99
Raw Soul Express Raw Soul Express LP CAT$11.98
Ray and His Court Ray and His Court LP Sound Triangle$11.98
Ray Barretto Senor 007 LP West Side Latino$11.98
Ray Barretto Acid LP Fania$13.98
Ray Barretto Barretto - Power LP Fania$11.98
Ray Barretto Hard Hands LP 180g Fania$13.98
Ray Barretto Acid 180g LP Fania$13.98
Ray Barretto Hard Hands LP Fania$11.98
Ray Brown / Moonstone Mad House LP Blank Recording Co$23.98
ray bryant trio ray bryant trio USED LP epic$79.99
Ray LaMontagne Trouble LP RCA$28.98
Ray LaMontagne Supernova LP RCA$18.98
Ray Terrace Home of Boogaloo LP Tower$11.98
Ray Warleigh Ray Warleigh's First Album CD Sunbeam$15.99
Raymond Scott Manhatten Research Inc. 2xCD Basta$28.99
Raymond Scott Woolsonmp3 Accidental Grace Notes CD Raymond Scott Woolson$6.99
Raymond Scott Woolsonmp3 The View From Boggins Heights CD Raymond Scott Woolson$6.99
Razorblade Smile Razorblade Smile CD Jigsaw$9.99
Razorcutsmp3 A is for Alphabet CDEP Matinee$5.99
Re: Alms CD Constellation$14.99
Re:Up Manual 004 MAG Re:Up$5.95
Reaching Quiet In the Shadow of the Living Room CD Mush$13.99
reaching quiet in the shadow of the living room USED CD mush$6.99
Reagan Youth A Collection of Pop Classics Volume One LP New Red Archives$17.98
Reagan Youth Volume 2 LP New Red Archives$17.98
Real Estate Days CD Domino$12.99
Real Estate Reality 12" Mexican Summer$14.99
Real Estate Days 180g LP Domino$19.98
Real Estate Atlas CD Domino$13.98
Real Estate Atlas LP Domino$19.98
Real Estate Talking Backwards 7" Domino$6.98
Real Estate In Mind LP Domino$20.98
Real Kids Better Be Good CD Norton$12.99
Real Lulu We Love Nick CD Big Beef$12.99
real tuesday weld i, luicifer USED cd six degrees$6.99
Really Red Volume 1: Teaching You The Fear LP Alternative Tentacles$17.98
Reatards Grown Up Fucked Up LP Goner$17.98
Rebecca Gates Ruby Series CD Badman$13.99
Rebel Powers Not One Star Will Stand the Night CD Strange Attractors$12.99
Rebelution Falling Into PLace LP 87 Music$20.98
Rebuilthangartheory Rival of the Cold CD Brentwood Estates$8.99
rebuilthangertheroy rivial of the cold USED cd brentwood estates$1.99
Receptionists The Last Letter CD Ba Da Bing$11.99
Reclinerland The Ideal Home Music Library CD Hush$11.60
Reclinerland s/t CD Hush$11.60
Recondite Hinterland Ghostly International$19.98
Recondite Corvus LP Ghostly International$10.98
Recoys The Recoys CD Troubleman$10.99
recoys rekoys USED cd troublemanunlimited$5.99
Rectangle Bunker CD Stereoriffic$10.50
Red Channels The Red Channels CD Silver Girl$12.99
Red Channels Cling to None, Cut Your Tongue 7" Red Channels$3.00
Red Channels Lonely Melting Iceberg CD Ten Dollar recording Co$12.99
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