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Band Title Label Price
Piranhas Erotic Grit Movies CD In the Red$12.99
piranhas erotic grit movies USED cd in the red$7.99
Pisces A Lovely Sight LP+7" Numero Group$20.98
Pissed Jeans Hope For Men CD Sub Pop$12.99
Pissed Jeans Hope For Men LP Sub Pop$14.98
Pissed Jeans Honeys LP Sub Pop$14.98
Pissed Jeans King Of Jeans LP Sub Pop$14.98
Pissed Jeans Shallow LP - Color + 7" Sub Pop$17.98
Pissed Jeans Why Love Now Sub Pop$19.98
Pit er Pat Babies Single 12" Born &$7.99
Pit Er Pat Shakey CD Thrill Jockey$13.99
Pit Er Pat 3D Message CD Thrill Jockey$6.99
Pit Er Pat Pyramids CD Thrill Jockey$13.99
Pita Get Off CD Hapna$15.99
Pita Get Out CD Editions Mego$16.99
pitch black this is the modern sound USED cd revelation$5.99
Pitchblend Words Phrased From Nothing CD Sugarshack$6.99
pitchblende au jus USED cd matador$6.99
Pity Sex Feast of Love LP Run For Cover$14.98
Pity Sex Dark World 12" Run for Cover$12.98
Pity Sex Feast of Love Cass Run For Cover$7.98
Pity Sex White Hot Moon LP Run For Cover Records$19.98
Pivot Oscillator 7" eating blur$3.99
Pixies Surfer Rosa CD 4AD$9.99
Pixies s/t CD spinART$11.99
Pixies Trompe le Monde CD 4AD$9.99
Pixies Bossanova CD 4AD$9.99
Pixies Complete B Sides CD 4AD$9.99
Pixies Live at the BBC CD 4AD$9.99
Pixies Come On Pilgrim CD 4AD$7.99
Pixies Pixies DVD 4AD$15.99
Pixies Wave of Mutilation: The Best of the Pixies 2xLP 4AD$23.98
Pixies Surfer Rosa 180g LP 4AD$19.98
Pixies Doolittle 180g LP 4AD$19.98
Pixies Come On Pilgrim 180g LP 4AD$16.98
pixies come on pilgrim USED cd 4ad$7.99
Pixies LoudQuietLoud DVD Stick$16.99
Pixies Trompe Le Monde 180g LP 4AD$19.98
Pixies Bossanova 180g LP 4AD$19.98
Pixies Surfer Rosa Ltd. Edition Reissue 180g LP Mobile Fidelity$31.98
Pixies Doolittle (Numbered Ltd Edition 180g) LP LMF$33.98
Pixies Into The White: BBC Sessions LP Not On Label$15.98
Pixies Doolittle 25 3xLP 4AD$39.98
Pixies Into the White: BBC Sessions LP - Color Not On Label$19.98
Pixies, The Head Carrier LP Pixies Music$26.98
Pixx Fall In 12" 4AD$12.98
Pizzicato Five the Fifth Release From Matador CD Matador$12.99
PJ Harvey Uh Huh Her CD Island$14.99
PJ Harvey Rid of Me CD Island$10.50
pj harvey stories from the city, stories from the sea USED CD island$7.99
PJ Harvey Let England Shake LP Vagrant$20.98
Placebo Without You I'm Nothing 180g LP Elevator Lady Limited$36.98
Places The Autopilot Knows You Best CD Absolutely Kosher$11.99
Places, The Call It Sleep CD Hush$12.99
Plains Into Tone CD Scarcelight$9.99
Planar Goodbye Atmosphere, Goodbye Traffic CD Lujo$12.99
Planar Goodbye Atmosphere, Goodbye Traffic CD Lujo$10.99
Plane Hello More CD Dirigeable$13.99
Planes Mistaken for Stars Fuck With Fire LP No Idea$12.98
Planes Mistaken For Stars Mercy LP Deathwish Inc.$18.98
Planes Mistaken For Stars Prey LP Deathwish, Inc.$16.98
Planet The, The Physical Angel CD 54 40 or Fight$12.99
Planetarium Music Traditional Psychedlic Electronic Music (Planet 2) CD Strange Attractors Audio house$11.99
Planivaar The Yellow Square CD Split Femur$15.99
Planivaar The Green Boat CD Make Mine Music$11.99
Plantains Nu Wave Girl 12" Maison du chic$3.99
Plants The Mind Is A Bird In The Hand CD Audio Dregs$12.99
Plants Photosynthesis CD Strange Attractors$12.99
Plastic Bubble Treble Treasure Chest CD Jigsaw Records$9.99
Plastic Crimewave Black Rust Loops CDr Galactic Zoo Disk$6.99
Plastic Crimewave & The Fake Live at the Hideout CDr Galactic Zoo Disk$6.99
Plastic Crimewave & The Fake Rising Anger EP CDr Galactic Zoo Disk$6.99
Plastic Crimewave and Heady Friends Collapserations CDr Galactic Zoo Disk$6.99
Plastic Crimewave and Heady Friends Collapserations II CDr Galactic Zoo Disk$6.99
Plastic Crimewave Solo Burning Phoenix Rise!: Live At The Trunk Space, Phoenix AZ CDr Galactic Zoo Disk$6.99
Plastic Crimewave Sound No Wonderland CD Prophase$14.99
Plastic Crimewave with Cotton Casino and Aska Temple Live in Osaka CDr Galactic Zoo Disk$6.99
Plastic D'Amour Nicolas CD Siesta$17.99
Plastic D-Amour Olivia CD Siesta$17.99
Plastic Mastery Before the Fall CD Twenty Seven$9.99
Plastic Mastery In the Fall of Unearthly Angels CD Magic Marker$12.99
Plastic Mastery Sverige CD 555$5.99
Plastic Palace People From The Host Of Late-Comers LP Streamline$20.98
Plasticland Make Yourself A Happening Machine: A Collection Of Plasticland CD Ryko$12.99
Plastikman EX (Performed Live At The Guggenheim) LP Mute$28.98
Plastikman Ex Club Mixes 2x12" Mute$19.98
Platitudesmp3 The Platitudes CD Del-Tones$3.99
Playdoh Fragments CD Houston Party$16.99
Player Hater Picking You Up Just to Put You Down CD Kessel Run$9.99
Pleasant Grove Art of Leaving CD Badman$12.99
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