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Band Title Label Price
Pedro the Lion Winners Never Quit CD Jade Tree$11.99
Pedro the Lion It's Hard to Find a Friend CD Jade Tree$10.99
Pedro the Lion The Only Reason I Feel Secure CDEP Jade Tree$8.99
Pedro the Lion It's Hard to Find a Friend LP Jade Tree$14.98
Pedro the Lion Progress CDEP Suicide Squeeze$6.99
Pedro the Lion Control CD Jade Tree$10.99
Pedro the Lion Control LP Jade Tree$14.98
Pedro the Lion Whole EP CD Tooth and Nail$9.99
Pedro the Lion Achilles Heel CD Jade Tree$10.99
Pedro the Lion Winners Never Quit LP Jade Tree$14.98
Pedro the Lion Tour EP '04 CDEP PTL$6.99
Pedro the Lion Achilles' Heel LP Jade Tree$13.99
Pedro the Lion The Only Reason I Feel Secure LP Jade Tree$14.98
Pee Wee Fist Flying CD Kimchee$10.50
Peechees Life CD Kill Rock Stars$11.99
Peechees Life LP Damaged Goods$11.99
Peechees Do The Math LP Kill Rock Stars$9.99
Peggy Honeywell Honey for Dinner CD Galaxia$9.99
Pele The Nudes CD Polyvinyl$11.99
Pele Enemies CD Polyvinyl$10.99
Pele The Elephant CD Polyvinyl$10.99
Pelican s/t CDEP Hydra Head$7.99
Pelican Australasia CD Hydra Head$12.99
Pelican The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw CD Hydra Head$12.99
Pelican March Into the Sea CD Hydra Head$5.99
Pelican The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw 2xLP Hydra Head$25.98
Pelican City of Echoes CD Hydra Head$12.99
Pelican Pink Mammoth 10" Hydra Head$14.99
Pelican Ephemeral LP Southern Lord$14.99
Pelican | These Arms Are Snakes Split 10" HydraHead$16.99
Pelle Carlberg In A Nutshell CD Labrador$15.99
Pelle Carlberg Everything Now! CD Twentyseven$11.99
Pelle Carlberg In A Nutshell CD Twentyseven$11.99
Pelt Brown Cyclopedia CD VHF$12.99
Pelt Pearls From the River CD VHF$12.99
Pelt Empty Bell Ringing in the Sky 2xLP VHF$39.99
Pelt Skullfuck / Bestio Tergum Degero CD VHF$12.99
Pelt Untitled CD VHF$12.99
Pelt Dauphin Elegies CD VHF$12.99
Pelvs Peninsula CD Midsummer Madness$9.99
Pelvs Members to Sunna CD midsummer madness$11.99
Pengo Toadstools and Tombstones LP Qbico$23.99
Penny Centurymp3 Between A Hundred Lies CD Letterbox$16.99
Penny Penny Shaka Bundu LP Awesome Tapes From Africa$18.98
Pennywise Straight Ahead LP Epitaph$15.98
Pennywise About Time COLOR LP Epitaph$19.98
Pennywise Unknown Road COLOR LP Epitaph$19.98
People Like Us | Ergo Phizmiz Withers In The Waking 7" Touch$7.99
People Press Play People Press Play CD Morr Music$14.99
pepe deluxe super sound USED cd emperor norton$7.99
pepe deluxe beatitude USED cd emporor norton$6.99
Pepito Everything Changes CD Static Discos$11.99
Peppermint s/t CD White Wabbit$12.99
Peppermints Jesus Chryst CD Paw Tracks$12.99
Peppermints Jesus Chryst LP Paw Tracks$9.99
Percee P Put It On the Line 12" Stones Throw$6.99
Percee P Perseverance CD Stones Throw$14.99
Percee P Perseverence 2xLP Stones Throw$16.99
Perceptionists Blo 12" Definitive Jux$6.99
Perceptionists Black Dialogue CD Definitive Jux$13.99
Perceptionists Black Dialogue 2xLP Definitive Jux$14.99
Perfect Pussy Say Yes To Love LP Captured Tracks$15.98
Perfume Genius Put Your Back N 2 It CD Matador$11.99
Perfume Genius Put Your Back N 2 It LP Matador$13.99
Perkins, Philip Drive Time LP Body Double$15.98
Permer Summerdays Attract the Pain CD Hidden Agenda$12.75
Permer Charlotte 7" Labrador$4.25
Permission April/May MAG Permission$3.95
Pernice Brothers Yours Mine and Ours CD Ashmont$14.99
Pernice Brothers Overcome by Happiness CD Sub Pop$12.99
Pernice Brothers Jimmy Coma 7" Sub Pop$3.99
Pernice Brothers Discover a Lovelier You CD Ashmont$14.99
Pernice Brothers Live A Little CD Ashmont$13.99
Pernice Brothers The World Won't End CD Ashmont$9.99
Perrey-Kingsley The In Sound From Way Out CD Vanguard$13.99
Persephone's Bees Notes From The Underworld LP Spoonful$10.99
Persuaders Thin Line Between Love and Hate LP Atco$10.98
Peru Across Blue Skies CD Jigsaw$9.99
Petal + Thorn Petal + Thorn CDr Petal + Thorn$7.99
Pete & Royce Suffering Of Tomorrow LP LBC$20.98
Pete Bettencourt of The Cuf s/t 7" Cufish$3.50
Pete Green Everything I Do Is Gonna Be Sparkly 7" Atomic Beat$6.99
Pete La Roca Basra LP Blue Note$10.98
Pete Rock Petestrumentals CD BBE$15.99
Pete Rock & CL Smooth Shine On Me / Climax 12" St. Nick$5.99
Pete Samples An Unsent Letter CD Vinyl Republik$11.99
Pete Shelley Sky Yen LP Drag City$14.99
pete townshend empty glass USED LP atco$0.99
pete townshend scoop USED 2xLP atco$2.99
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