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Band Title Label Price
Parsonage This Ain't No Lovey Dovey 12" Oscarr / Optimo Singles Club$11.99
Part Chimp Chart Pimp CD Monitor$11.99
Part Chimp I Am Come CD Monitor$11.99
Part Chimp Cup CD Monitor$11.99
Part Timer Part Timer CD Moteer$14.99
Part Timermp3 Blue CD Flau$14.99
Partnerships Double Love Suicide CD Blackbean$10.25
Parts & Labor Stay Afraid LP Jagjaguwar$10.99
Parts & Labor Mapmaker LP Jagjaguwar$10.99
Parts & Labor / Tyondai Braxton Rise, Rise, Rise CD Narnack$11.99
Parts And Labor Receivers LP Jagjaguwar$11.99
Party Fun Action Committee Let's Get Serious CD Def Jux$11.99
Party of Helicopters Please Believe It CD Velocette$10.99
Pas De Printemps Pour Marniemp3 Soon CDEP Plastic Pancake$8.99
Pas/cal The Handbag Memoirs CD Le Grand Magistery$9.99
Pas/cal Oh Honey We're Ridiculous CD Le Grand Magistery$9.99
Pas/cal Dear Sir CD Le Grand Magistery$9.99
Pas/Cal / Asobi Seksu Seasons Greetings 12" Romantic Air Recording Company$29.99
Pascal Pinon Pascal Pinon CD Morr Music$15.99
Passafire Longshire LP Easy Star Records$20.98
Passafire Vines LP Easy Star$15.98
Passage Creature in the Classroom 12" Anticon$6.99
Passage Forcefield Kids CD Anticon$13.99
Passage Forcefield Kids 2xLP Anticon$13.99
Passenger All the Little Lights LP Nettwerk$22.98
Passion Pit Kindred LP Columbia$21.98
Passionistas God's Boat CD New and Used$12.99
Pastel Vespa L'Anarchie CD Siesta$16.99
Pastel Vespa Takin the Back Roads CD Siesta$17.99
Pastels Mobile Safari CD Up$11.99
Pastels Illuminati CD Up$12.99
Pastels Up For A Bit With The Pastels 180g LP Fire$19.98
Pastels / Tenniscoats Two Sunsets LP Domino$18.99
Pastels, The The Hits Hurt CDEP Domino$6.99
Pastelshot Hush Little Baby CD abcdefg*record$10.99
Paten Locke Clean Plate Club CASS Full Plate$11.98
Patience Please Parallel Plots EP CD Jigsaw$6.99
Patience Please Parallel Plots EP 12" Jigsaw$9.99
Patrice Rushen Prelusion LP Prestige$11.98
Patricia Autotomy 12" Sleeperhold$19.98
Patricia Several Shades of the Same Color Part 1 12" Spectral Sound$22.98
Patrick Elkins & Arland Nicewandermp3 Ink on Dreams Of Transient Architecture BOOK+CD Francis of Prussia / Kandapop$11.99
Patrick Phelan Cost CD Jagjaguwar$11.99
Patrick Porter Reverb Saved My Life CD Camera Obscura$13.99
Patrick Porter Lisha Kill CD Camera Obscura$14.99
Patrick Porter Skylan MO CDr Asaurus$4.99
Patrick Wolf Lycanthropy CD Tomlab$12.99
Patrick Wolf Magic Position CD Low Altitude$11.99
Patron Saints Fohhoh Bohob LP+7" Time-Lag$29.99
Patron Saints Fohhoh Bohob CD Time-Lag$18.99
patten ESTOILE NAIANT LP Warp$22.98
patti smith horses USED CD arista$6.99
Patti Smith Horses Remaster LP Arista/Legacy$22.98
Patti Smith Horses Live At Electric Lady Studios LP Electric Lady Studios$43.98
Patti Smith & Kevin Shields The Coral Sea CD Pask$17.99
Patton Oswalt Werewolves and Lollipops CD+DVD Sub Pop$13.99
Paul & Lara Action 7" Kittridge$3.50
Paul Adolphus The Dawn Wind LP Shadoks$44.99
Paul B Davis Enter the Mystical Faggot 7" Frank Wobbly and Sons$4.99
Paul Banks Banks LP Matador$14.99
Paul Banks Julian Plenti Lives... 10" EP Matador$11.98
Paul De jong IF LP - Trans Amber Temporary Residence$18.98
Paul Duncan To an Ambient Hollywood CD Hometapes$9.99
Paul Duncan Be Careful What You Call Home CD Hometapes$10.99
Paul Duncan Above The Trees CD Hometapes$10.99
Paul Flaherty Whirl of Nothingness CD Family Vineyard$11.99
Paul Flaherty Aria Nativa LP Family Vineyard$12.99
Paul Flaherty & Chris Corsano Beloved Music CD Family Vineyard$11.99
Paul Flaherty and Randall Colbourne Bridge Out! CD Family Vineyard$11.99
Paul Haig Cinematique CD Les Temps Modernes$16.99
Paul Haig The Warp of Pure Fun CD LTM$16.99
Paul Haig Cinematique 3 CD Rhythm of Life$15.99
Paul Haig Coincidence vs. Fate CD LTM$16.99
Paul Haig Reason 7" Rhythm of Life$7.99
paul haig electronik audience USED CD rhythm of life$7.99
Paul Johnson Bump Talkin' 180g 2x12" Peacefrog$27.98
Paul LaBrecque & Valerie Webb Trees, Chants & Hollers LP Eclipse$14.99
Paul McCartney New 180g LP Hear Music$27.98
Paul Metzger Deliverance CD Locust$12.99
Paul Metzger Deliverance 180g LP Locust$17.99
Paul Metzger Gedanken Splitter LP Roaratorio$12.99
Paul Metzger Canticle of Ignat / All Glass CD Archive$15.99
Paul Metzger Anamnestic Tincture LP Roaratorio$17.99
Paul Metzger / Ben Chasny / Chris Corsano Split LP Roaratorio$19.99
Paul Nelson Vortex LP Medical Records$20.98
Paul Newman This Is How It Is Lost CD Emperor Jones$12.99
paul newman re-issue! re-package USED cd my pal god$6.99
Paul Simon Graceland: 25th Anniversary 180g LP Legacy$21.98
Paul Tanner, Andre Montero And His Orchestra Music For Heavenly Bodies Modern Harmonic$25.98
Paul Westerberg Eventually LP Plain$21.98
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