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Band Title Label Price
Portastatic Bright Ideas CD Merge$13.99
Portastatic Who Loves The Sun Original Film Score CD Merge$12.99
Portastatic Be Still Please CD Merge$12.99
Portastatic Some Small History 2xCD Merge$13.99
Porter Hall 10 Month Soundtrack CD Endearing$11.20
Porter Ray Watercolor 2xLP Sub Pop$21.98
Porter Ricks Anguilla Electrica 2xLP Tresor$28.98
Porter Robinson Worlds 2xLP Astralwerks$24.98
Portishead Dummy CD Go! Discs / London$16.99
Portishead Portishead 2xLP London / Go Beat$26.98
Portishead Third CD Mercury$15.99
Portishead Third 2xLP Mercury$26.98
Portishead The Rip 12" Island$7.98
Portishead PNYC: Live At The Roseland Theatre DVD Universal$21.99
Portishead PNYC: Live At The Roseland Theatre CD Go Beat$15.99
Portugal The Man Evil Friends 180g LP Atlantic$20.98
Portugal the Man Woodstock 180g LP Warner Bros$19.98
Portugal the Man Church Mouth LP Fearless$21.98
Portugal the Man Waiter: You Vultures! LP Fearless$21.98
Porya Hatami & Arovane Kaziwa LP n5MD$19.98
Posies Failure LP Omnivore$19.98
Positions Bliss! CD Lazyline$11.99
Positive Force Positive Force LP Sugar Hill$11.98
Possum Moods Possum and the Moods CD 555$11.99
Post Teens The Heat 7" No Idea$5.98
Post Teens Post Teens 7" Sound Study Recordings$5.98
Post Teens / Rose Cross Split 7" Dead Tank$5.98
Postal Blue s/t CD Drive-In$4.99
Postal Blue Weather Sensitive CDEP Shelflife$8.99
Postal Blue International Breeze CD Shelflife$12.99
Postal Blue Road To Happiness CD Humblebee$8.99
Postal Service Give Up CD Sub Pop$12.99
Postal Service Give Up: Deluxe 10th Anniversary Edition 3xLP Sub Pop$34.98
Postal Service Give Up Deluxe 10th Anniversary Edition 2xCD Sub Pop$13.99
Postal Service Give Up Cass Sub Pop$7.98
Postal Service, The Give Up LP Sub Pop$17.98
Power Of Zeus The Gospel According To Zeus LP Rare Eartgh$13.98
Pram Dark Island CD Merge$13.99
Pram The Moving Frontier LP Domino$15.98
Praxinoscope Praxinoscope PIC DISC LP A Silent Place$15.99
Prefects Amateur Wankers CD Acute$11.99
Prefuse 73 One Word Extinguisher CD Warp$15.99
Prefuse 73 Vocal Studies & Uprock Narratives CD Warp$11.99
Prefuse 73 Extinguished CD Warp$10.99
Prefuse 73 Surrounded By Silence CD Warp$15.99
Prefuse 73 Hideyaface (feat. Ghostface and El-P) 12" Warp$6.99
Prefuse 73 Reads the Books CD Warp$9.99
Prefuse 73 Security Screenings CD Warp$11.99
Prefuse 73 Security Screenings LP Warp$12.99
Prefuse 73 Preparations 2xCD Warp$15.99
Prefuse 73 Preparations LP Warp$17.99
Prefuse 73 Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian CD Warp$13.99
Prefuse 73 Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian 2xLP Warp$18.99
Prefuse 73 The Forest of Oversensitivity 12" Warp$9.99
Prefuse 73 Forsyth Gardens LP Temporary Residence$16.98
Prefuse 73 Rivington Nao Rio LP Temporary Residence$16.98
Prefuse 73 Every Color Of Darkness LP Temporary Residence$16.98
Premise Beach At Premise Beach CD Jigsaw$6.99
Preoccupations Preoccupations LP Jagjaguwar$16.98
Preoccupations Preoccupations Cass Jagjaguwar$6.98
Preoccupations New Material LP Jagjaguwar$16.98
Presents For Sally Colours & Changes CD Saint Marie$13.98
Preston School of Industry Monsoon CD Matador$12.99
pretenders the pretenders USED LP sire$2.99
Prettiots, The Funs Cool LP Rough Trade$19.98
Pretty & Nicemp3 Get Young CD Hardly Art$11.99
Pretty Boy Crossover Any Number can Play CD Clan Analogue$11.99
Pretty Bruises Issue #2 ZINE Pretty Bruises$1.99
Pretty Girls s/t CD Trap Door$9.99
Pretty Girls Make Graves s/t CD Dim Mak$7.99
Pretty Girls Make Graves Good Health CD Lookout$11.99
Pretty Girls Make Graves The New Romance CD Matador$9.99
Pretty Girls Make Graves This is Our Emergency 7" Matador$3.99
Pretty Girls Make Graves All Medicated Geniuses CD Matador$7.99
Pretty Girls Make Graves Elan Vital CD Matador$11.99
Pretty Purdie Stand By Me LP Flying Dutchman$8.99
Pretty Purdie Soul Drums 180g LP Date$16.98
Pretty Things Parachute 180g LP Rare Earth$14.98
Pretty Things S.F. Sorrow LP Rare Earth$13.98
Priests Bodies And Control And Money And Power 12" Don Giovanni$11.98
Priests Nothing Feels Natural LP Sister Polygon Records$17.98
Primal Scream Screamadelica CD Sire$11.99
Primal Scream Screamadelica 180g 2xLP Plain$24.98
Primal Scream Vanishing Point LP Plain$26.98
Primal Scream Chaosmosis LP First International$19.98
Primal Scream Screamadelica 2xLP - Color Plain$28.98
Primal Scream Give Out But Don't Give Up 2xLP 1972$27.98
Primal Scream Primal Scream LP 1972$24.98
Primal Scream Sonic Flower Groove LP 1972$24.98
Primal Scream / RTX Split 12" White Noise$14.99
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