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Band Title Label Price
Melt Banana Scratch or Stitch CD Skin Graft$13.99
Melt Banana 13 Hedgehogs (mxbx Singles 1994-1999) CD Azap$12.99
Melt Banana Bambi's Dilemma CD Azap$12.99
Melt Banana Bambi's Dilemma LP Azap$18.98
Melt Banana Charlie LP A-Zap$18.98
Melt Banana Fetch LP A-Zap$18.98
Melt Banana / Chung Quick Quick Slow Death 10" Sounds of Subterranea$32.99
Melt-Banana Fetch LP A-Zap$16.98
Melt-Banana Cell-scape LP Azap$17.98
Melting Eskimos Paranoia 7" Meller Welle$3.99
Melvin Jackson Funky Skull CD Dusty Groove$11.99
Melvins Ozma / Gluey Porch Treatments CD Boner$12.99
Melvins Bullhead CD Boner$12.99
Melvins Gluey Porch Treatments CD Ipecac$13.50
Melvins hold It In LP Ipecac$16.98
Melvins Houdini LP Third Man$19.98
Melvins Stoner Witch LP Third Man$19.98
Melvins Stag 2xLP Third Man$23.98
Melvins Dale Crover LP Boner Records$17.98
Melvins Joe Preston LP Boner Records$17.98
Melvins King Buzzo LP Boner Records$17.98
Melvins / MC5 Rocket Reducer: Side by Side Mystery Title RSD 7" Elektra / Atlantic$7.98
Melvins, The Eggnog / Lice All 2xLP Boner$27.98
Melvins, The Tanx 7" Not on Label$11.98
Melvins, The Stag 2xLP Third Man$23.98
Melvins, The Basses Loaded LP Ipecac$20.98
Melvyn & Smartys Play Songs EP 7" Little Teddy$4.99
Memories of Underdevelopment Throat of a Black Kitten CD Menlo Park$10.99
Memory Map The Sky As Well As Space LP Joyful Noise$13.98
Memory Tapes Grace/Confusion LP Carpark$13.99
Memoryhouse Slideshow Effect CD Sub Pop$12.99
Memphis A Good Day Sailing CDEP Le Grand Magistery$9.60
Memphis Jug Band Memphis Jug Band 2 180g LP Yazoo$26.98
Memphis Jug Band American Epic: The Best Of Memphis Jug Band LP Third Man Records$15.98
Memphis Slim Memphis Slim LP DOL$18.98
Memphis Slim The Real Folk Blues LP DOL$18.98
Memphis Slim And Willie Dixon Blues Every Which Way LP DOL$18.98
Men's Recovery Project Very Best Of LP Load$14.99
Men, The Open Your Heart LP Sacred Bones$13.99
Men, The Leave Home LP Sacred Bones$13.99
Men, The New Moon LP Sacred Bones$14.99
Men, The Tomorrow's Hits LP Sacred Bones$15.98
Men, The Devil Music LP We Are The Men Records$16.98
Men, The Open Your Heart LP-Color Sacred Bones$16.98
Men, The Leave Home LP-Color Sacred Bones$16.98
Menahan Street Band Make The Road By Walking LP Daptone$18.98
Menahan Street Band The Crossing LP Daptone$16.98
Menahan Street Band The Crossing 7" Daptone$5.98
Mendoza Line We're All in This Alone CD Misra / Bar None$16.50
Mendoza Line If They Knew This Was the End CD Bar/None$16.99
Mendoza Line Fortune CD Bar/none$9.99
Mendoza Line Full Of Light And Full Of Fire CD Misra$11.99
Meneguar The In Hour LP Woodsist$14.99
Menzingers On The Impossible Past LP Epitaph$19.98
Menzingers After the Party LP Epitaph$19.98
Menzingers, The Rented World Lp Epitaph$19.98
Meow Meow Snow, Gas, Bones CD Devil in the Woods$10.50
Merch This Betrayal Will Be Our End Cassette Sassafras$6.50
Merch This Betrayal Will Be Our End LP Sassafras$14.98
Merch Amour Bohemian LP Sassafras$19.98
Merchandise After the End LP 4AD$18.98
Merchandise (Strange Songs) In the Dark LP Katorga Works$14.98
Merchandise / Destruction / Milk Music USA '13 LP 540 Records$21.98
Mercurial Ragemp3 Mercurial Rage CD mpls ltd$6.99
Mercury Program All The Suits Begin to Fall Off CDEP Tiger Style$9.99
Mercury Program New Myths LP Lovitt$15.98
Mercury Rev Secret Migration CD V2$13.99
Mercury Rev Secret Migration 2xCD V2$20.99
Mercyful Fate In The Shadows LP Metal Blade Records$26.98
Mere Glowing Embers Goldblood EP CDr Galactic Zoo Disk$6.99
Meridian 1520 Sonorous Envelope/Hypercube 7". Brentwood estates$3.25
Merry Clayton Gimme Shelter LP-Color Real Gone Music$24.98
Merry-Go-Round Listen, Listen: The Definitive Collection CD Rev-ola$13.99
Merzbow Rattus Rattus CD Scarcelight$10.99
Merzbow Minazo Vol 1 CD Important$12.99
Merzbow Eucalypse CD Soleilmoon$26.99
Merzbow & John Weiss Multiplication CD Misanthropic Agenda$11.99
Merzbow / Carlos Giffoni / Jim O'Rourke Electric Dress CD No Fun$12.99
Mesma s/t 10" Static Caravan$11.99
Messages Destination 7" Social Registry$5.99
Metabolismus The Social Club No. 7 7" Social Registry$5.99
Metal Mountains Golden Trees LP Amish$19.99
Metallica Master of Puppets LP Blackened$19.98
Metallica Metallica 2xLP Blackened$24.98
Metallica Garage Inc. 3xLP Elektra$49.98
Metallica Kill Em All LP Blackened$19.98
Metallica Ride the Lightning LP Blackened$19.98
Metallica ...And Justice For All 2xLP Blackened$24.98
Metallica Kill 'Em All 4xLP Box Set Blackened$149.98
Metallica Ride The Lightning 4xLP Box Set Blackened$149.98
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